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For people who work a sports psychologist. How many athletes do you treat in a week?

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2 answers

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James’s Answer

I see that no one has answered your question. I do not have any experience in this field so I can only give you a suggestion.
Why don't you find someone in this field, yellow pages, local college/sports team, etc, and ask them. You might find out that they may be more than happy to share their experiences (good and bad) as well as give you guidance as to what you should study. They can also give you advance as to what to avoid and not make the mistakes they made. Since it is a medical field, there might also be opportunities to volunteer and truly find out if that is the field for you. Good luck.
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Brandon M.’s Answer


I am currently finishing my doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Several peers are in a program for a master’s degree in sports psychology. They typically maintain a full case load of 15-20 weekly clients , dependent on the field. College sports, professional, high school, etc. I would consider looking into programs that are sports specific in psychology if that’s the route you want.

Brandon M. recommends the following next steps:

Read about Sport Psychology
Look at online programs
Ask peers and others about their experience
Ask to shadow someone