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Career Questions tagged School

A school is a home for teachers, professors, students, and office administration. Careers involve nursery managers, special education needs teacher, nutrition specialist, and many more. For more information, please read...

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Shamma 2 days ago 80 views

How to deal with being overwhelmed and procrastination in University ?

Hi, I'm a university student, currently taking foundation courses. All my coursework are assignments and essays based. I find that when I think of an assignment that I have to do, I think that the assignment is too difficult and that it will take hours for me to complete it. When I finally get...

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christian Mar 27 60 views

whats your favorite thing to do in school.

Whats your favorite thing to do in school.

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chayce Mar 23 86 views

when's the best time to prepare for college?

what are some ways to prepare for college?

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Dennis Mar 23 33 views

yearly income to be stable in California?

senior in high school

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Patrick Mar 22 141 views

What is some good advice before going to college?

I am a Senior in high school

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Patrick Mar 22 73 views

Is having a good High School transcript important for college?

I am a Senior in high school

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Boshra Mar 22 69 views

What things should I do as a junior be have a good transcript or university application?

I am a 10th student right now, but I will go to the 11th-grade school year, next year. However I want to plan my junior year, I think it's the most important year in high school.

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Patrick Mar 21 82 views

Is going to college stressful?

I am a Senior in high school.

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danissa Mar 20 47 views

what is the best collage for agriculture ?

best collages, reasonable fees

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Sofia Mar 20 29 views

What is the annual salary of a just graduated student of cinema ?

I know the film industry is very competitive and it takes time to grow and get a nice paying job, but what is the average salary to someone who just graduated film college?

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Yera Mar 17 96 views

What school job positions is good to apply?

I’m debating on getting my teacher credential but first I’m thinking of working on a school. However, I’m not sure what school job positions to start to get a head start.

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cristian Mar 14 193 views

whats the best career to make lot's of money 🤑🤑🤑?

pls tell me i ant to be rich

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Ella Mar 13 21 views

What is the best school for beauty school ? #CV23

Im looking at school and need to start looking. I just dont know what would be a good school. I heard this site is good.

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Israel Mar 09 188 views

What are some motivational tips to stay in school?

I've been contemplating lately whether should I do it or maybe hold a little longer to give up school.

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Hailey Mar 09 49 views

nursing questions?

how long does it take to become a nurse? what is the best school to become a nurse? when can i start to study for nursing? why is a nurse a good job? how much money do nurses make on hourly in pheonix?

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Emily Mar 06 48 views

What is it like to be a theology teacher?

What is it like to be a Catholic Highschool Theology Teacher? I am thinking about going into theology but i am not sure what is the best way to reach that goal.

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Ella Mar 06 97 views

Is medical school very vigorous learning?

I've been thinking about going into medical school to become a doctor, and I was wondering just how tough the classes will be. How much homework do you usually get as a medical student? How many classes should I take daily? I am currently a Sophomore in high school, so I still have time to...

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Cera Mar 06 149 views

Should I take classes that I enjoy or ones that will help me in the future?

At my school, we can take special classes out of the school, like nursing prep, horticulture, culinary, etc. that I'm interested in. I'm torn between multiple though, Culinary, Horticulture, Agriculture, and Educational Careers. Would it be smarter to take the class that will be more beneficial...

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Elise Mar 05 63 views

How much does GPA actually factor into college selections if you plan to major in Hardware engineering?

I am currently a junior in the second semester of high school so I feel as if I it is too late to raise my gpa, I am currently in band and have officer positions in two clubs.

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Lillian Mar 05 55 views

How can I advance in biology outside of school?

For me I can't even take an actual biology class till next school year and im not quite sure what to do because I still want to be able to advance in it because im very interested in it and love doing work outside of school.

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Jaylin Mar 04 162 views

What is some advice for preparing to pay and go to collage?

I am applying to scholarships with a few websites and and doing community server and I would like to do anything I can to pay and go to collage! I specifically would like to go to school to study in psychology and become a therapist!

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Kayla Mar 03 43 views

What electives should I take in 11th grade?

My school is getting ready for the next year and I honestly don't know what I should take for electives.

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Kaylie Mar 01 85 views

Would it be possible to balance med school and reptiles?

I have 2 reptiles as of right now, but I’m not sure if i can keep them and balance med school.

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Dennis Feb 22 284 views

what are tips after high school?

I'm currently a senior in high school

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seema Feb 20 142 views

how does being in a relationship affect your studies?

Will getting in a relationship disturb my studies?

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Emma Feb 17 312 views

Are there a lot of baking jobs open in the US?

I want to be a baker but don't know if the industry will support me in life.

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Samira Feb 17 291 views

Astrophysics or medicine?

Hey, I am currently debating between doing astrophysics as a career or medicine. Both equally fascinate me. What responsibilities would an astrophysicist have and how flexible are both careers? #CV23

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Alex Feb 16 219 views

What are the best options for after high school for those unsure on if college is their best option?

Currently debating if college is the best option, as deciding on a major has not been the easier process.

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Jesus Feb 14 99 views

3. What is your favorite part of your job that you like as a nurse practitioner?

I want to know what is your favorite of doing your job for it is very fun because I could collaborate with people and have good relationships with patients and the people that I work with.

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Jesus Feb 14 110 views

2. How long does it take to be a nurse practitioner?

I want to know how long it could take to be a nurse practitioner. Sometimes it could be long for others which will make take long because there is a lot of learning and exams.