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A school is a home for teachers, professors, students, and office administration. Careers involve nursery managers, special education needs teacher, nutrition specialist, and many more. For more information, please read...

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Jaylen M. Jan 22 83 views

Would you recommend people to go into college or pursue something else in life?

School ain’t really for me so is there something else that’s equally as good to get into?...


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Devon S. Jan 22 31 views

What are helpful ways to manage my time with school and sports going on at the same time?

I have a busy schedule everyday with school and basketball going on so it is hard to have time for other things at the en of the day. #school...


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Dallas D. Jan 22 12 views

How hard is it to climb into a higher position in a bigger company/how long does it take?

I’m in the 11th grade and I like to play baseball and am very interested in pursuing something business related after school. #school...


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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 52 views

What is a good school to go to if I want to be a hairdresser?

Hello! I'm Ms. Smith at the International Community School. My 5th grader has a question and I'd like to share your advice with her. Thanks in advance! #beautician...


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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 14 views

How old do you have to be to become a fashion designer and how many years of fashion school do you need?

Hi! I'm Ms. Lambert at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance! #fashion...


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Lee P. Jan 06 58 views

What can I do after I graduate with English literatire and History

I am a good listener,compassionate,communicative and energetic. I also have computer skills,sociological skills and writing skills. With that comes my punctuality and love for art. #school #computer...


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Tay W. Dec 28, 2020 57 views

Nursing school while playing minor hockey?

I am going to start nursing school in September 2021 and want to continue playing minor hockey (I am young enough still to play minor hockey for 2 years). It’s not overly competitive but I love the sport more than life. I’m worried about balancing it with the demands of nursing school...

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Ashlynn W. Dec 21, 2020 54 views

Which colleges should I apply to if I am wanting to be a veterinarian?

Which colleges have good schooling for future veterinarians? My uncle went to Utah State University and then went to a vet school in Colorado. He is a veterinarian now and that is what I want to be. Which colleges should I apply to in order to get a good education to become a veterinarian?...

#veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #school #animal-health

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Ashlynn W. Dec 21, 2020 61 views

What jobs should I apply for in high school to be better prepared to become a veterinarian in the future?

I am in 10th grade and want to become a small animal veterinarian. I want to be prepared to do this and have some good jobs to put on my resume and am wondering which jobs I should apply for to be better prepared to become a veterinarian. #veterinarian #veterinary...


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Kendyl H. Dec 21, 2020 82 views

What are good schools for a veterinary degree?

What schools offer the best training and education for a veterinary career? What schools are accredited that also aren’t difficult to be accepted to? #career #college #veterinarian #school #work #choice #medicine #medical #working...

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Krystal W. Dec 21, 2020 64 views

Is there any jobs available for me to work part time?

I am 16 years old in grade 11 and looking for a part time job my hobbies include cooking, art and sports I am outgoing but shy but I can hold a good conversation...


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Lerato T. Dec 17, 2020 37 views

With my subjects what can i study with the subjects, English,Afrikaans,Physical Sciences,Life Sciences and Hospitality studies ?

#school #college-applications. I am a high school learner with the subjects, English,Afrikaans,Physical Sciences,Life Sciences and Hospitality...

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Mary J. Dec 16, 2020 171 views

What advice do you have for someone like me? What steps should I take for a better future?

Hi, my name is Mary J, and I am a freshman at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I am in the process of completing my Associate's Degree before attempting a four-year degree. Being the first college student in my family and coming from a different country. I have found it difficult to...

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Crystal M. Dec 10, 2020 73 views

What is the hardest part of being a School Principal?

I currently work as an E.L. Specialist....


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Emily S. Dec 09, 2020 83 views

With wanting to major in veterinarian sciences, what classes do you believe I should focus on the most when attending college and will those classes determine where I can go for med school?

Hello! A little back ground information about me! My name is Emily Salazar and I am currently a high school senior. My dream career is wanting become a veterinarian someday in the future also possibly owning my own clinic! With my love for animals since I was young, I have had this dream since...

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Diana D. Dec 04, 2020 137 views

what should i do? i hate my major, i dont want to be a teacher

Im 22 years old girl and im in my third year of Preschool Education (it takes 5 years) , im gonna be a teacher and i hate t i dont know why did i choose that major, i hate to see myself in the mirror, and i hate to think in my future because im gonna become the person i always fear i fear to...

#lost #major #college #school

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Weixuan W. Nov 28, 2020 40 views
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Maria E. Nov 25, 2020 88 views

Physical therapist vs Dermatologist?

I think PT is a great job but the debt after school is BIG! I think Dermatology sounds like fun and like you'll never be bored. What are some of the differences? #fun #schooling #college #school #physical-therapist #therapists...


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Alex B. Nov 19, 2020 115 views

How do you begin the graduate school search as a physics major?

I am a current junior in college planning to graduate next year, and am looking for advice on how to begin the search for schools. #career-path #physics #graduateschool #gradschool #application #school #college #astronomy...


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Paulina Vanessa B. Nov 18, 2020 102 views

What does teacher hiring look like for December graduates?

I am studying an undergraduate degree in Education, specializing in Middle School English, Language Arts & Reading with an ESL teacher certification. I will finish my degree on the Fall semester and would love to get a teaching job immediately after graduation. However, I know that there...

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Alliyah P. Nov 13, 2020 66 views

How many years do we have to spend in collage to be an lawyer?

i wanna be a lawyer because they make good money#money #law #school...


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Tatiyana R. Nov 13, 2020 60 views

How long will I work on weekdays while still in school?

I am a sophomore and only 15 years old.This will be my first time working and wants to know how many hours would I work on weekdays.I will be working at McDonalds and still have to go to school.I feel that I need to work from 4-10 or 11 because I don't get out of school till 3:30.I know that...

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N Q. Nov 13, 2020 148 views

How do I earn points?

I am a high school senior that is a member of the Ten 80 Racing Royals team at my school. Due to Covid-19, my school is participating in the iNSL iRacing Innovation Challenge. We have never participated in this program before. I need help understanding how my team is going to earn points...

#covid-19 #computer-science #competition #virtual #technology #high-school #school