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Career Questions tagged School

A school is a home for teachers, professors, students, and office administration. Careers involve nursery managers, special education needs teacher, nutrition specialist, and many more. For more information, please read...

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Chloe yesterday 17 views

How hard will schooling for a real estate agent be?

I want to follow my family business but I need accounting knowledge and real estate and market knowledge. I also need money to start up my career. I know the types of jobs I can do within the field it’s just getting started that is scary.

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Jim Sep 28 61 views

How was your day today?

My day today was good and I can improve it by meditating and learn new things and also get out of my comfort zone and that is what really can improve a persons mindset physically and mentally.

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Ashley Sep 26 86 views

?How long till i become rich.

How Many years till i become rich off of being a welder?

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Brianna Aug 26 87 views

how much schooling is required to become a school nurse

Being a school nurse is something i might be interested in but im not for sure about it yet i was wondering what degrees,how much schooling and some good colleges to attend.

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Tristan Aug 26 109 views

What is one of the best schools for diesel mechanics in Iowa?

I want to become a diesel mechanic

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Kinslee Aug 23 107 views

How many years does cosmetology school take?

What is the daily schedule like for cosmetology

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Charity Aug 17 159 views

What are some good colleges in California to start a career in teaching?

I am very interested in becoming a teacher and would like to know a good college to start with.

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reabetswe Aug 15 92 views

where you would like to see yourself in 5 years time

grade 12,leaving school in 2022,want to study law at univarsity of Pretoria,univarsity of Johannesburg ,witswatersand univarsity and rhodes univarsity.My favourite class is English,Debate and Sesotho.

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jul 20 186 views

Helpful advice on money?

Any advice on how much money I would need saved so I can do med school full time with no jobs?

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Morgan Jul 11 327 views

All learners have different learning preferences, how do you create accommodations that are accessible for all learners?

I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in early childhood education. I know that differentiated instruction is essential, how do you accommodate students of different learning preferences?

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victoria Jul 08 182 views

questions for medical assistants

how did you manage to not give up while going through thee schooling for your degrees ?any main tips on studying and how to stay focused in school and not get distracted ?
is it harder or easier then it looks being a medical assistant ?

Alessia’s Avatar
Alessia Jun 09 208 views

how to keep going

what's the best way to keep going and working while fighting depression and anxiety?

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Mahir Jun 01 216 views

Getting into my Dream College

Is there even a chance for me to get into Colombia university with a major in Computer Science as an 11th grade? Is there any way too boost my chances or make myself stand out besides SAT and GPA? Any advice?

Myranda’s Avatar
Myranda May 21 279 views

I want to become a teacher, early childhood education. How long is the process? I know everyone has their own path, timing but how long did it take you to become a teacher? Is it also a good paying salary career?(NYC DOE)

I've always been interested in teaching and learning from kids. Please be honest and thank you for taking your time to read along with answering if you do. Have a good day!!!!!!!

dylan’s Avatar
dylan May 13 224 views

I like to use computers and i would like to learn how to animate digitally how schools might be good for me

I would like to better learn how to animate or 2d or 3d digitally what might be some good schools

thomas’s Avatar
thomas Apr 28 138 views


How will I be able to keep a level head with all my assignments

Jamarquai’s Avatar
Jamarquai Apr 27 117 views

What are the stress levels?

What are the stress levels that you deal with in your career and how do you handle it?

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Mathias Apr 19 149 views

How many extracurriculars should I have?

How many extracurriculars / clubs should I be in? (Junior in high school)

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Apr 15 294 views

Are there benefits to doing extra curricular activities in college?

I know that doing extracurricular activities in high school help with getting into a better college but once I'm in college is there any real benefits that they give me other than personal things?

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Anita Apr 08 240 views

How do I establish self-discipline?

I tend to procrastinate a lot and be very lazy. I want to peruse medical school but have currently hit a wall. What do I do?

destiney’s Avatar
destiney Apr 07 181 views

How did you become a medical assistant?

I am going to trade school.

R’s Avatar
R Apr 06 244 views

How important are extra-curricular activities and like student clubs, volunteering etc to getting into med school? I'm a bit worried because in my first year of university I just focused on school and didn't join any clubs yet.

Yeah like the title says, I feel a bit behind the curve because although I have a good GPA from my first year, my resume and professional life are kind of lacking in regards to some of my peers. I do plan on volunteering and trying to get coop jobs this summer and of course later on in...

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Violet Feb 25 163 views

Do I have to know what I want to do with my life yet? Do I really have to care all that much?

I'm not very educational and I have no idea what I want to do with my life <3 #school

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kelvin Feb 14 280 views

describe a difficult writing task in school and what you did to complete the task

#writing #task #problem #difficult #essay #article #school #class #college # #writer #author

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Jillian Feb 03 184 views

What is a good way to organize my time when working?

#time-management #education #school

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Erkhes Feb 03 213 views

How do I keep myself motivated?

Everyday I wake up, I just don't feel like going to school and just oversleep. #college #school #help #student

kimly’s Avatar
kimly Feb 03 154 views

how can i do better academically and stay consistent?

#studying-tips #college #school #help

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Gilberto Jan 25 169 views

Where would you recommend to start a career in welding to make good money enough to make a living and save up for school?

#School just started so i'm just barely going to start my welding journey.

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Canming Jan 24 304 views

How can I manage my time better once I get a career?

#time-management #school #career #student

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carlee Nov 19, 2021 273 views

whats important to know about being a preschool teacher?

my name is carly and im studying to be a pre-k teacher. i love kids, i love helping them and just being around them. #teaching #education #school #teacher