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Career Questions tagged School

A school is a home for teachers, professors, students, and office administration. Careers involve nursery managers, special education needs teacher, nutrition specialist, and many more. For more information, please read...

Danielle G.’s Avatar
Danielle G. Aug 05 73 views

how to stay focus when it comes to work from school

Im 15yr old well starting the 11th grade and I know im going to be really unfocus because I wasn't focus for virtual school last school year. #highschool...


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Angelica M. Jul 20 83 views

How To Become A FBI Medical Examiner ?

I love criminology but I also love to help people in the medical field. My dreams is to become an FBI Agent and medical Examiner. #medicine #forensic...


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Jam B. Jul 09 100 views

Do I count as In State or Out of State?

All my life I lived in California. If I attend college in New York for example, then when I apply to Medical School in California, would I be counted as In State or Out of State? #college #university #medicine #school #career #college-applications...


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Emily E. Jul 07 74 views

How do I achieve getting a good gpa in college without getting sidetracked?

I love to have fun but know my limits when it comes to it. I value school very much. I hope I don’t get carried away. #school #engineer...


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Pasha M. Jul 01 78 views
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jaslin R. Jun 26 72 views

How long should I go to school for.

I just graduated a year earlier. than I was supposed to. I know for a fact I want a career in the medical field, but don't know hold long I want to go to school for. I am debating on getting my masters and becoming a PA or going the pull 12 years to become a doctor. #medical-school #college...

#school #biologymajor

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Erica B. Jun 02 134 views

What is the best way to go about school as far as the classes to take to be a defense attorney

Im going to college but i just dont want to take any unnecessary classes for what i want to do with my life HELP #school #lawyer...


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Amuna A. May 26 133 views

What do I do right after graduating college?

I' m entering college soon and I'm not sure if I am going to school to gain experience or to get a job right away. What's more valuable. I wanna work with kids in a school, either a teacher or speech pathologist.#teacher #children...


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Jose M. May 20 112 views

What's the next step in life to becoming a celebrity hairstylist?

Does this requires a higher education, if so what school will you be attending? what are some goals that'll help you get to this height of success? #life #career-goals #pro #school #haristylist...


Callum P.’s Avatar
Callum P. May 20 188 views

What's it like to be in Career Village?

I have #autism. My life was very rough with it. I was struggling in #school all these years because I mad some of my #teachers mad in the past. All I want is to #graduate and go to #college so that I can get a #job. I have my #parents to support me. I sometimes like to dabble in...

#stem #arts-and-crafts #technology

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Joshua S. May 18 87 views

What skills do I need to be a stockbroker?

I never liked School since I was a little kid....


Tzofiya D.’s Avatar
Tzofiya D. May 13 209 views

Can I get some advice?

Here's the situation: I will be taking an architectural course in college, I'm now in 12th grade but I decided to just finish this school year and I will be taking a break for the next academic year because of personal issues (I am experiencing depression and anxiety attacks. I'm healing and...

#college #success #business #architect #health #jobs #school #career

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Michael G. May 11 77 views

As a teenager. What are the things that can benefit us to start a business.

Im a curious person if i get curious to something my attention just focus on that something....


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Samyukta S. Apr 28 104 views

What are some things I can start doing to get a headstart for medicine studies in India?

Hey! I'm in 10th grade right now, and I am really passionate about Medical studies. I aspire to become a doctor. What are some things that I can do now that will help me in my studies in the future? #doctor #surgery #school #career...