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A school is a home for teachers, professors, students, and office administration. Careers involve nursery managers, special education needs teacher, nutrition specialist, and many more. For more information, please read...

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What is the best way to go about school as far as the classes to take to be a defense attorney

Im going to college but i just dont want to take any unnecessary classes for what i want to do with my life HELP #school #lawyer...


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What do I do right after graduating college?

I' m entering college soon and I'm not sure if I am going to school to gain experience or to get a job right away. What's more valuable. I wanna work with kids in a school, either a teacher or speech pathologist.#teacher #children...


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What's the next step in life to becoming a celebrity hairstylist?

Does this requires a higher education, if so what school will you be attending? what are some goals that'll help you get to this height of success? #life #career-goals #pro #school #haristylist...


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What's it like to be in Career Village?

I have #autism. My life was very rough with it. I was struggling in #school all these years because I mad some of my #teachers mad in the past. All I want is to #graduate and go to #college so that I can get a #job. I have my #parents to support me. I sometimes like to dabble in...

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What skills do I need to be a stockbroker?

I never liked School since I was a little kid....


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Can I get some advice?

Here's the situation: I will be taking an architectural course in college, I'm now in 12th grade but I decided to just finish this school year and I will be taking a break for the next academic year because of personal issues (I am experiencing depression and anxiety attacks. I'm healing and...

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As a teenager. What are the things that can benefit us to start a business.

Im a curious person if i get curious to something my attention just focus on that something....


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What are some things I can start doing to get a headstart for medicine studies in India?

Hey! I'm in 10th grade right now, and I am really passionate about Medical studies. I aspire to become a doctor. What are some things that I can do now that will help me in my studies in the future? #doctor #surgery #school #career...


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Will Summer School affect the way Universities/Colleges look at you

School has been really hard for me over quarantine and my grades are not the best right now and I want to take Summer school but im scared that it won't benefit my gpa at all. My my freshman year wasn't the best either (I maintained and B C average) . I wanna be successful but my motivation is...

#high-school-classes #school #classes #college

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What steps does one have to take to become a Chiropractor?

I'm currently in high school and I am interested in the career of a Chiropractor. I'm aware that one must have a Bachelor's Degree before applying for Chiropractor school? What majors and classes do you recommend someone apply for if they are interested in becoming a D.C. ? #future #career...

#business #medical #chiropractor #kinesiology #doctor #major #school #college

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With homework is it a good idea to do it right away or to give myself some relaxation time?

I have been wondering if I should do my homework right away or to give myself a few hours to wind down from the school day. #school...


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How many school years did it take for you to become an NP?

I am currently a high school student and unsure about the steps to take before you actually become a Nurse Practitioner. #medical...


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How do I know what is my passion?

I am in class 11 and I don't know my passion. I personally feel I can be a good lawyer or a good doctor but for some reason, I feel like it's my duty to become an engineer. Could you please help me out? I am so confused. #career-counseling #higher-education...


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Where can I freelance as a 15 year old high school student?

I've been freelancing and writing articles for clients for 6 months now. I'm at Fiverr and someone has been contacting me for jobs. But, I want to do more. Where else can I freelance? You have to be at least 18 to join Upwork. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can freelance and find...

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Preparing for Physics graduate school

I'm a third year undergraduate in a physics program getting my bachelor's degree. I'm primarily interested in graduate school, and I was wondering if there was any advice regarding how to prepare for applying? #physics #school...