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Anjali P. Feb 04 92 views

How to make the most out of my Gap Year?

I am a junior pre-med student and plan on taking 1 Gap Year. I have already taken my MCAT and don't feel like I need to retake it. I also have experienced research throughout college and don't have the passion to continue with that. I am a finance major and am considering using that degree to...

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Sophia A. Oct 26, 2018 260 views

Applying for Scholarships

I am a 2018 high school graduate on a gap year. I am using my time away from school to apply for more aid and really getting to myself as well. As I try to find scholarships, I notice most are for those who are seniors in high school and graduating in 2019. I have gotten lucky with some,...

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Sophia A. Oct 26, 2018 238 views

Self Discipline and Motivation

I’m going to begin #onlinecourses in a few days and I’m not sure how I will stay on top of them. I have to get through 20 courses within the next 12 months, and have 8 weeks to complete each course. My question is, how do I stay on top of the work and receive good marks? #motivation...

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Maggie W. Aug 24, 2018 256 views

What is the most challenging aspect to opening your own business?

I've graduated high school a year early and I am ready to make my dream come true. I've had a vision of a coffee shop that is truly unique compared to others I've seen. After my gap year, I plan on getting my associates in business, then proceeding to fulfill my dream. I have so many questions...

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Lauren K. Jan 24, 2018 285 views

Is it better to take time off right out of college?

What are your thoughts on this? A lot of people have asked me if I am going to take a gap year or go backpacking for a few months. I'd like to know if there is a way to make this travel experience relevant to PR and maybe find a way to use it as a work experience type of thing. Thoughts? #pr...

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