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What is the best part about becoming a relief worker?

What is the most noticeable change that takes place when you are there? #helping-others #registered-nurse #nonprofit #nurse...



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Posted by Ashley C.’s Avatar Ashley C.
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Kendra Kingsbury | LMSW Hello, you can look into Social Work. You can advocate in ...

Do non-profits and ministries hire pilots to fly their workers, mission teams etc to locations?


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2 answers

Posted by Quinn M.’s Avatar Quinn M.
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Jim Marker | Performance/Project Manager Yes some do. I recommend that you follow and contact Mark ...

Is it possible to live comfortably while working in the volunteer industry?

I hope to serve others and volunteer as a career path. While I feel serving others is my calling, I don't exactly want to live in poverty. So, is it possible to live comfortably while also being able to serve others? In addition, is a career like that able to be balanced with a typical social...

#career #money #nonprofit #social-work #volunteer


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Posted by Emma P.’s Avatar Emma P.
Ashley Brooke Moses’s Avatar
Ashley Brooke Moses | VolunteerAR Program Coordinator at State of Arkansas Absolutely! Nonprofits are businesses just like any other business, they have ...

What's it like to work at a nonprofit?

Do any professionals in the nonprofit sector have any advice for how to jumpstart your own projects? Does it help to be involved with a nonprofit first and then attempt to branch out or to stick with a nonprofit and help shift a focus towards what you are interested in? #nonprofit #...

#nonprofits #career


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Posted by Emma P.’s Avatar Emma P.
Jasanpreet Kaur Bhatia’s Avatar
Jasanpreet Kaur Bhatia | HR Professional || Adviser || Startup Enthusiastic || ... Hey Emma!I like your question and vision behind it.Currently, I am ...

In the nonprofit sector, does a candidate need to have a degree in a foreign language or is it enough to be fluent in the language?

I am nearing fluency in Spanish and want to know if I should major/minor in the language. #nonprofit...



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Posted by Rebecca M.’s Avatar Rebecca M.
Carole Curtis’s Avatar
Carole Curtis | Career Couselor/ Certified Career Coachself employed I will give you my thoughts on your question from a ...

Can I make a decent living working in a non-profit capacity?

I really enjoy helping others and want to help people who are trying to improve their lives. I've been told, however, that non-profit work, although satisfying, doesn't pay well. Can I make enough money to live an average or above average lifestyle?...



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2 answers

Posted by LaRon J.’s Avatar LaRon J.
Rachel Peridot Katz’s Avatar
Rachel Peridot Katz | Social Impact at Airbnb It depends a lot on where you live! If you're willing ...

I do not know what majors to do in college and I would love to know some tips in becoming a nonprofit lawyer.

I want to become a nonprofit lawyer, (a lawyer who helps with advocacy, public defense, legal services, etc.) #college #lawyer #majors #and...



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3 answers

Posted by Moe W.’s Avatar Moe W.
Camille Edwards Bennehoff’s Avatar
Camille Edwards Bennehoff | Tax Attorney To get into law school you just need A college degree. ...

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