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I am interested in working for an organization like CareerVillage.org. What type of opportunities are available for someone passionate in organizations like this?

I would like to do my internship for an organization like this. I'm at Nairobi University from Kenya.

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4 answers

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Karen’s Answer

While I can't respond as to job opportunities at CareerVillage.org, I would suggest you begin immediately to be a volunteer here. You will then be able to refer to your direct experience if an opportunity presents itself in the future.

With every good wish!

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Sophia’s Answer

A career such as a web developer or web designer may be right for you. Perhaps even a graphic designer. You could also be a virtual assistant, who helps keep things organised for the employer.

There are many jobs available that meet your wants, you just have to search. Search "web", "website", "online", and "internet jobs" on a search engine, and see what you can find!

Sophia recommends the following next steps:

Find some jobs you like.
Look at what kind of websites you would want to work for, or your preferences.

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Mr.’s Answer


You might consider looking at counseling professionally, guidance counselor or advisor. You can choose a position at schools, non-profits, youth development centers, and colleges. I wish you the best on your journey.

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Hi Wesley,

Good question!

Such organization normally post on their website under "Career" section or on "VolunteerMatch". Create your account on VolunteerMatch there you will find ample of such opportunities. 

I hope it helps.

All the best.


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Jasanpreet Kaur recommends the following next steps: