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Megann T. May 10, 2016 880 views

What should the next step in my professional career be?

I have had a job at a fast-food restaurant for two years now. I'm getting a little tired of the job and want to get a new one but am hesitant. I am planning to take summer classes at community college, so that I can get rid of more of my general ed before starting Fresno State in the fall. I am...

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Anna C. Jun 02, 2016 883 views

Do employers look at the volunteer work people do?

Its hard for teenagers to get a job but its easier finding volunteer work #volunteering...


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Rohith C. Aug 13, 2016 596 views

Which majors give the highest return ?

I'm a junior in my high school and I have hopes and desires to earn a lot of money when I am older. I would like to know what majors would give a good return before I finalize what I want to pursue. The majors I am interested in include: Finance, Engineering, Computer Science. #money...

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Marcus T. Aug 18, 2016 869 views

How long would it take me to go into youth ministry- coaching and get enough information to become a part time coach, full time campus life director?

I want to go into youth ministry to teach more kids about jesus, and id also like to become a basketball coach. #leadership #mentoring #coaching #youth...


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Karen P. Aug 28, 2016 518 views

How does a teacher progress in his or her field?

I am a high school student thinking of becoming a teacher. In my 16 years of life, I have figured out many of my own qualities. One of my qualities is the fact that I like moving up ranks. I don't like staying in one field while watching others move up to become more successful individuals. I...

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Bria B. Sep 19, 2016 702 views

Are there any other ways to volunteer for a cause online beside this one?

I want to get more involved in the world and be able to network, or volunteer for activities around the world. The best way as people to connect to each other is through the internet and I want to see if there are other online volunteer options. #volunteering #networking...


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Akampreet K. Oct 11, 2016 712 views

What are the top 5 questions you get asked in interviews?

Interviews are not my thing so, I always try to prepare my best but get stuck on a specific question such to "Why you should be hired?" Or "How will you make our company/organization better?" #jobs #job-coaching #student-development...


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Akampreet K. Oct 12, 2016 700 views

How to be confident while answering, "What are you strengths and weakness?" (in an interview)

I always end stuck on this question while in a interview and end up doing bad throughout the whole thing. How do I find out my strengths and weakness, should I try to make a list? #jobs #job #job-coaching #job-application...


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Alexa O. Oct 22, 2016 512 views

Do you think in today's society it is hard for teachers to aid students in forming their individuality, due to the strict curriculum and standards that are placed on them?

I am asking this because I want to be a teacher, and i have asked teachers this very question. I have noticed this, not just in my school, but in many across the country, that teachers aren't given free range to teach what their education has provided them with. Instead, teachers are given...

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Hashir A. Nov 02, 2016 633 views

What are some good experiences to add when thinking about applying to medical school?

I'm trying to figure out what are the most important activities that will help me improve my candidacy for medical school. #medicine #graduate #research #medicine-school #volunteering #undergraduate #admissions...


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Rj J. Dec 11, 2016 704 views

What's the best way to make your resume stand out on top of your peers?

Hi I'm a student at Westwood High School which is ranked 48 for academics out of all the high schools in the country. This means we have lots of competition amongst our peers. I'm currently trying to build a resume that won't only look better than my peers but also grab the attention of good...

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Chloe C. Jan 09, 2017 509 views
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Stephanie A. Feb 01, 2017 423 views

What Made Your Teaching Career Worth It?

What was the moment in time when you realized that being a teacher is completely worth it? I am in 12th grade and looking to be a kindergarten teacher and would like to know the moments that really make this career stand out in a positive way....


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Esther C. Feb 04, 2017 800 views

What aspects on a college's resume can stand out to employers for internships?

Currently a freshman in college, I am wondering what activities I should be pursuing to appeal more to employers for internships recruitment. Are there some activities that are more heavily weighed than others? #resume #college-jobs #job-coaching #recruiting #resume-writing #college-recruiting...