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Career Questions tagged Networking

Leviticus W.’s Avatar
Leviticus W. Jun 03 124 views

what is the best way to network with people in the industry

i don't really try to keep up with people that much. Most times I'm too caught up in my work.

Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. May 12 138 views

How do you reach out to someone within your network you're not that close with?

I recently applied for a job and noticed that someone within my LinkedIn network works for the company I applied to. This person and I were just classmates and maybe talked once or twice, I don't even think they remember. But, we are connected and I wanted to reach out about my application...

Spencer M.’s Avatar
Spencer M. Apr 27 186 views

Getting a Job as a Production Director

I'm currently a senior in High School who is interested in pursuing a career in Video Production. I have a few questions that would greatly help me in understanding the industry and choosing my first steps wisely: 1. What major is best suited for getting a job on a Film/Television set? 2. How...

Danielle L.’s Avatar
Danielle L. Apr 22 118 views

How can I increase my connections in IT?

I'd like to increase my connections in IT to learn more about other people's experiences and have someone to go to in the future in case I need any advice or help.

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. Apr 21 121 views

How do we network to professionals or hiring managers?

I don't have Linkedin Premium so what I do is connect and send a personalized message. Is it rude if I do this formula: (salutation + small intro, where we met + directly question what I want to know from that professional)? OR do you prefer to (salutation + small intro, where we met + an...

naala R.’s Avatar
naala R. Apr 19 105 views

What would be some effective methods of networking in the culinary community?

How could I put myself in the position to come across people who I could learn from or gain experience from?

siomara M.’s Avatar
siomara M. Jan 29 176 views

How to shadow/network when you can't leave your house?

I'm stuck at home trying to figure out what career to choose. I know my interests and talents, (listed in my profile) but I can't pick something because I haven't had the chance to be hands-on to know what it's really like to be in that career rather than just googling information about it....

Howard L.’s Avatar
Howard L. Jan 28 144 views

How do I make connections in college for better internships and job interviews?

Only did one internship before.

#internship #job #networking

Cato H.’s Avatar
Cato H. Jan 28 181 views

Are connections important to start your own business?

Are connections important to develop your own business? and if so how would I find people with similar interests to me. #business #entrepreneur #networking #mentor

Michael C.’s Avatar
Michael C. Jan 13 455 views

What is it like to work as a Network Systems Administrator?

I'm already enrolled into Job Corps and am going to work on completing my programs in customer service, computer technician and network administrator advanced program while earning my COMPTIA A+ and CCNA certification within three years. I am an aspiring network systems administrator for a...

Linh P.’s Avatar
Linh P. Nov 07, 2021 218 views

Do you have any tips on getting connections and networking?

I want to pursue a career revolving around business and finance. I know that around this career and life in general, networking and having connections is really important and can be used as an advantage. #business #networking #finance #entrepreneur #connections

Junxi S.’s Avatar
Junxi S. Nov 05, 2021 171 views

How to perapre myself for whats to come ahead in the real world of working

#business #real-estate #business-management #networking #finance #entrepreneur

Marquis W.’s Avatar
Marquis W. Nov 05, 2021 267 views

what is the most important factor in finding a job?

#job #job-search #networking #career #human-resources #career

Adrian G.’s Avatar
Adrian G. Nov 04, 2021 196 views

How do you apply for a job?>>>

#business #job-search #job #networking

Jack L.’s Avatar
Jack L. Nov 04, 2021 166 views

Where should I start connecting and networking with other people?

I have looked into careers and have heard the term "networking" being used but where should I really start? #networking

bryce H.’s Avatar
bryce H. Nov 02, 2021 283 views

What are the risks to becoming an entrepreneur?

- Likes to edit
- Social media "influencer"
- Into crypto
#social-media #networking #graphic-design

Jayden Z.’s Avatar
Jayden Z. Oct 10, 2021 211 views

What is the best way to prepare yourself for internships?

I am curious as to how to network and find internships that could fit your skill sets and would benefit your greater skills #internship #networking #intern

Jayden Z.’s Avatar
Jayden Z. Oct 10, 2021 180 views

What is the best way to network in order to find yourself a job you can be satisfied doing?

I am hoping both right now and in the future to be able to build a network of connections that will help me connect with job opportunities. Currently I am a high school senior but I would like to build my network as soon as possible. #job-search #job #networking

mohan P.’s Avatar
mohan P. Aug 16, 2021 221 views

how to attend interview


Emina T.’s Avatar
Emina T. Aug 07, 2021 259 views

Volunteering online

Hi!I am interested in online volunteering.If someone knows certain organisations for non-profit volunteering, but online only, reach me out!!! #volunteer #networking

Lorna L.’s Avatar
Lorna L. Jul 13, 2021 305 views

Intership recommendation

Hello there,

Do you know of any internship positions open and is available for high school students. Any recommendation? #internship #college #networking

Matthew M.’s Avatar
Matthew M. Jul 09, 2021 206 views

As Clinical Pathologists what internships are available?

#internship #networking #business

Eileen T.’s Avatar
Eileen T. Jun 20, 2021 453 views

Is it possible to get a good job in Computer Science without a strong network?

I know how important networking is in getting the best jobs out there with a CS degree, however, I'm not the best at talking to or keeping up with people. #computer-science #job-search #career #network #networking #job

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Apr 26, 2021 326 views

What is the best way to connect with organizations to apply my degree in marine biology?

I am a high school student planning on going to college to major in marine biology and data science. I want to make the most out of my marine biology degree - I have my eye out for valuable experiences or opportunities that will allow me to network with organizations, but what else can I...

jose H.’s Avatar
jose H. Feb 08, 2021 350 views

Getting my foot in the door of a I.T network admin job

I recently completed an associate degree in network administration with emphasis in windows systems, specifically in windows 10 and windows server 2016. The prequesites that were needed for me to complete the associate degree included general IT classes, security, and networks. I would like to...

Marco F.’s Avatar
Marco F. Jan 28, 2021 504 views

How do I network?

I know that when I go to college it is going to be important to be active in my major (activities/clubs/organizations) but how exactly do I go about reaching out to people that might be able to help me advance my career? What do I say? For example, I want to be an aerospace engineer... where do...

Cindy B.’s Avatar
Cindy B. Dec 22, 2020 375 views

I want to build a property (a luxury treehouse). Does anyone have experience in building floor plans or general advice?

I want to build a treehouse business. So far I have: Found mentors Wrote the why, vision and goals of my business plan Researched the market I now want to build a floor plan to use on my website as a Minimum Viable Product that I can show to investors/programmes. Can anyone please help me...

Omar B.’s Avatar
Omar B. Dec 08, 2020 492 views

What makes a resume different from others?

Im a senior kinesiology college student interested In gaining experience. #student #college-student #networking

Denis V.’s Avatar
Denis V. Dec 07, 2020 341 views

What is the real life examples of Data Science that you use in your job?

I'm an Information Systems Graduate Student looking for professional advice and examples of usage of Data Science in real life, not University project. #networking #business-student

Arisa Y.’s Avatar
Arisa Y. Nov 29, 2020 1113 views

How to get a letter of recommendation when I'm a shy student?

I'm a decent student who occasionally contributes to the conversation and I get A's and B's in school, but I don't think I have developed a close relationship with any of my teachers. Speaking up in class is hard for me and it often feels like I'm being drowned out but other students. I'm...