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C L. Feb 01, 2018 491 views

How/ Who should I ask for references

I've been working at a retail store for 8 months, and I have several different store managers already. Which store managers should I ask for references? (store managers are constantly reassigned to different branches so I only work with each for roughly 2 months) #career-counseling...

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Brandon H. Feb 15, 2017 749 views

How far can a recommendation go when it comes to a career in Business?

I am currently working towards a degree in Information Systems Technology, but I plan on someday either becoming a worker as an administrative assistant and working up or owning my own business. #business-management #business-development #recruiting #office-administration #referrals...


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Mitchell A. Sep 17, 2016 505 views

Are you allowed to put any of your professors down as references for applying to job?

I have never actually asked any of my professors this question. To me it sure seems like a very good idea because they are the ones who see how dedicated you are, motivated, and willing you are to work. Not to mention all the effort and devotion you put into your grades. I hope that this can...

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Jerry L. Jun 20, 2016 1117 views

How to request a recommendation from someone who has previously written one for you?

As a college student, I've had several professors write me recommendations and agree to be my references. In the future, when I'm applying to something new and need a recommendation or reference, how do I go about asking them again? Should it be expected that they will accept, or would it vary...

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