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How do you ask employers for a recommendation letter?


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Active Feb 12 '18 at 04:34 PM

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Posted by Tanya M.’s Avatar Tanya M.
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Brooke Hunter | Leadership expert, experienced in nonprofit operations, organizational development, ... A great way to ask for a letter of recommendation is ...

Should I take a certification for my second language in order to stay competitive?

I am bilingual but not incredibly strong at the writing or reading side of the language. I wanted to know if this would be putting me at a disadvantage and if I should take initiative to take a certification to prove my skills. #foreign-languages #careers #internships #evaluating-resumes...

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Active Feb 13 '18 at 07:19 PM

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Posted by Tanya M.’s Avatar Tanya M.
JENNA ZEBROWSKI | Bilingual JD/MBA with compliance and regulatory experience and ... The more fluent you are in a language (reading/writing/speaking), the better ...

Do big name employers mind if your previous internships were not at big name companies?

I was wondering how HR takes into consideration the locations of where their applicants worked at, and whether working at a small company would matter? (eg. a Marketing Intern for Small Company vs. General Intern for Big Company with some transferrable skills and/or Marketing Intern position...

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Active Feb 16 '18 at 11:06 PM

2 answers

Posted by Tanya M.’s Avatar Tanya M.
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Carolyn Nephew | Multi-discipline marketing professional In my experience, it doesn't always matter where you interned - ...

What should you include in your resume if you're a student with little experience/ skills?

Looking to develop a resume that is effective and stands out, but I'm a high school student without much experience or skills. Are there any things you can include that someone reviewing your resume would find useful to know? Does the fact that I volunteer as a teacher assistant or that I'm...

#interview-preparation #evaluating-resumes #resume #interviews #interviewing #experience #writing #resume-writing #interviewing-skills #resumes #interview


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Active Nov 26 '18 at 03:26 AM

5 answers

Posted by Mireia R.’s Avatar Mireia R.
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Poonam Kherde | Executive at CRB Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. You should follow these guideline for making your resume: 1. STICK ...

What are the best things for your resume?

After college, getting a job can be very competitive. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? What are ways to boost your resume? What are employers, especially in business, looking to see? #business #resume #resume-building #evaluating-resumes #job-search-strategies #job-market...

#job-skills #employment


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Active Oct 16 '18 at 02:55 PM

2 answers

Posted by Madeline G.’s Avatar Madeline G.
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Claire McGahan | Advisory Associate at PwC Hi Madeline! From my experience, a strong resume is one that ...

What steps do I need to take to get my life together? (Please see the context)

I am turning 30 this year and life has not been exactly how I want it to be. I have a bachelors degree of applied science in Electronics Engineering from DeVry University but I graduated in 2009 I haven't had any type of tech Jobs. except one. and i feel that that job wasn't very...

#evaluating-resumes #art #life-coach #life-transitions #information-technology #engineering #job-application #personal-development #computer-science #depression


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Active Aug 15 '17 at 12:50 PM

8 answers

Posted by Victor B.’s Avatar Victor B.
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Joanne Mammarelli | Systems Engineer Honestly .. I'm not really sure how to approach this. If ...

Why should I get a principal referral instead of teacher referrals for a job in the school board?


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:53 PM

1 answers

Posted by Deborah C.’s Avatar Deborah C.
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Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Because that is what is usually asked for! But seriously, a ...

Do resumes need to be one page?

Hi, I'm attempting to become an "officer" in a club at my college and they want to see a resume. My boyfriend is a part of this club and he told me that my resume needs to be one page, that jobs only want to see one page anyways. Is this true? The job application my father helped me make it...

#evaluating-resumes #job-application #resume-writing #resume #resumes


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Active Jun 13 '18 at 07:07 AM

7 answers

Posted by Katelyn Y.’s Avatar Katelyn Y.
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Jay Lin | Current IRB Professional, Former High School English Teacher When it comes to resumes, the rule of thumb is do ...

What's a good typing speed?

I took an online words per minute typing test a few times, and got between 85 and 90 each time. Is this a good speed? Is this something I can put on my resume? #career-counseling #resume #resume-writing...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:51 PM

4 answers

Posted by Anina H.’s Avatar Anina H.
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asif Khan | client technical support specilist What qualifies as a good typing speed depends on the population ...

How do I create a resume for college or applying for a job?

Creating a résumé for college or applying for a job is important and everyone should know how to create one. One must need to know what information to put and not to put. #resume #resume-writing...



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Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:49 PM

2 answers

Posted by Stephen L.’s Avatar Stephen L.
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Kim Igleheart | Employment Counselor | Open Records Specialist Stephen, As a first-time resume writer, I recommend you start with ...

How much does college GPA matter when applying for a job?

As an honors college student with a 4.0 GPA, I want to know how much my resume would drop in value if my GPA went down to say a 3.5 or lower. I want to push myself to the hardest I can, but not be too disappointed if I get a B somewhere down the road. #college #professional #career-path...

#professors #evaluating-resumes #resume-writing #job-search #first-job


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:49 PM

2 answers

Posted by Hannah O.’s Avatar Hannah O.
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Shira Oberlander | Executive Director of Social Impact at 21st Century ... Hi Hannah, Thanks for your question! GPA is just one of ...

How do you recommend to build your resume?

I am a sophomore accounting major and want to build my resume and LinkedIn profile. Do you have any tips or things to include in a resume? Additionally, do you have any ways to go about getting some of these positions? #business #accounting #internships #resume-writing #evaluating-resumes...

#executive #job-application


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Active Sep 13 '17 at 02:12 AM

3 answers

Posted by Megan S.’s Avatar Megan S.
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David Belt | David Belt is an Experienced Assurance Associate at ... Hi Megan, I remember sophomore year being one of the most ...

How do you write a resume?

I believe that there should be classes one could take to make themselves more appealing in their resumes when trying to get a job. I personally am about to graduate college and have no idea where to even start with a resume. #networking #sociology #resume-writing #social-networking...

#evaluating-resumes #social-media-marketing


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3 answers

Posted by Alyssa M.’s Avatar Alyssa M.
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Carole Curtis | Career Couselor/ Certified Career Coachself employed Alyssa: Here are some suggestions for resume writing: 1. I am ...

What's expected of a college student's or a recent graduate's resume?

Like most people my age, I have a very sad little resume. I dont have the foundation of experience or time to include a long list of impressive accomplishments, work experience and skills. Most of what I have isn't relevant to part time jobs or internships I apply for and I'm still including...

#evaluating-resumes #resume-writing #resume


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:32 PM

2 answers

Posted by Liya C.’s Avatar Liya C.
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Carole Curtis | Career Couselor/ Certified Career Coachself employed I am assuming that you are a high school graduate and ...

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