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What should you include in your resume if you're a student with little experience/ skills?

Looking to develop a resume that is effective and stands out, but I'm a high school student without much experience or skills. Are there any things you can include that someone reviewing your resume would find useful to know? Does the fact that I volunteer as a teacher assistant or that I'm oldest to 5 children make any difference? Would really appreciate guidance! #resume #resume-writing #resumes #evaluating-resumes #experience #interviewing-skills #interview #interviews #interviewing #interview-preparation #writing

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9 answers

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Anwar’s Answer

Dear Mireia,

When you're first entering the work force, it's challenging to prove your competence, skills, and value without a solid work history to point to. Question is You know that you'd make an excellent employee, but how can you convince your potential employer of this in just a handful of words?

So it's crucial that you make a good impression and give a well-rounded look at your skills and talents.

You may not have an extensive work history, but you've no doubt been doing something to fill your hours the last few years.

Turn your school activities, volunteer jobs, and educational achievements into worthy inclusions for your resume.

You can use your experience as a summer camp volunteer or the skills you learned in a computer class to fill out your resume.

If you're struggling to identify your strengths, ask around. Teachers, parents, friends, and family members can help you identify areas where you stand out from the pack. Point out that you're a strong speaker, an organized and punctual individual, or a natural leader, particularly when these skills translate well to the job that you want to land.

Tailor your resume to the position that you're applying for as much as possible. Highlight the most relevant skills and try to give some cohesion to your no-experience resume whenever possible.

For example, if you're applying to work on construction of park facilities, you can make your teamwork, physical abilities, and experience with outdoor activities into relevant features that show why you're right for the job.

Best Regards and Wishing you luck

Thank you so much for your advice, this was so helpful! Mireia R.

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Karina’s Answer

Hi Mireia!
You could include stuff like:
1) Some relevant courses (from your coursework of last attended college/school)
2) Soft skills that you possess
3) Any (academic) projects that you completed as part of your coursework (or on your own)
4) Any competitions where you won award/prize
5) Any professional memberships that you might have
Hope this helps!!!

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Aundraya N.’s Answer

Hi Mireia!

You can absolutely include your volunteer work as a teacher assistant! Most employers understand that high school students will not have a strong “paid” work history. Volunteer activities are a great way to build experience and showcase your skills and abilities. 

My recommendations would be to create a Volunteer Experience section and include any volunteer work activities you may have (especially if related to the job you are applying for). As the oldest sibling, you have an opportunity to highlight your responsibilities for taking care of your younger siblings (homework assistance, preparing meals/snacks, hygiene needs, etc.). If you participate in any extra-curricular activities on campus, you can create a section for these activities as well (and be sure to highlight any leadership roles you may have). You can also include a Skills section and tailor your list based on the job requirements. Remember to be prepared with examples of how you have applied your skills to share during the interview. Including any attendance, academic, or teamwork awards you may have is also a great way to show employers that you will be a productive and punctual employee. 

Good luck with your job search!

Aundraya N. recommends the following next steps:

Create a list of your volunteer activities, including the organization name, city/state, your title, duties, and any accomplishments/projects completed.
Create a list of your soft skills (leadership, customer service, etc.) and technical skills (MS Word, Typing WPM, etc.).
Create a list of your extra-curricular activities and any leadership roles held.

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Poonam’s Answer

You should follow these guideline for making your resume:


Name the section either “Work Experience,” “Work History,” “Employment Experience,” “Employment History” or whatever another title that compactly uncovers what the section involves. It should just incorporate experience for which you were paid. This incorporates full-time jobs, part-time jobs, freelance work, temporary jobs, and projects for which you were a piece of temporarily. It does exclude volunteer jobs, or some other sort of unpaid, charity/social work.

On the off chance that you do feel there are unpaid jobs that the employer should think about, the information ought to go in its own particular area. Mark it “Relevant Experience” or “Other Experience.” Write in a similar way you will write work history.

for more click here: Write Your Resume Work Experience Section

Thank you so much for your expert advice! Mireia R.

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Irene’s Answer

It's hard to figure out what to put on a resume when you are early on in your career journey, but there are so many unique experiences that you bring to the table. Even without paid employment, employers are open to hearing about your volunteer experience, relevant skills, passions, awards, leadership roles, etc. Were you a member of a specific club, have you volunteered at a local hospital, or have you helped organize a school event? Think about the positive impact that you made across each of those moments and how it demonstrates why you would be perfect for the role that you are applying for.

Here's another way to think about it - What characteristics would a person in that role have to be successful? For example, should a person in that role be a team player, communicate well, think on their feet, or be organized? Highlight your experiences that showcase these abilities. Best of luck!

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Fiona’s Answer

Brief description about your schooling - do you have great grades?
Do you have any unique skills? E.g. language skills?
Any volunteering experience?
Interesting hobbies or extra curricular activities and achievements for those?

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Shiqi’s Answer

Even if you didn't have a lot of work experience, there are still a lot of things you can talk about for the time you spent at school. For example, if you are a Residential Advisor, an athlete, or a leader in a student organization, you can put them on your resume because they show your leadership skills, and other soft skills you would like to highlight.

You can also apply to become a teaching assistant for an introductory class you took, or a grader for a professor. Any of these experience shows that you have been actively looking for opportunities. And try to line up your experiences to make them your story!

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Alejandra’s Answer

Hi Mireia! You should defenitely include your volunteer, as you are a high school student you should also include projects and things you have participate in besides school; for example any extra curricula activities will work. Also include your skills and strenghts.

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Leon’s Answer

Try thinking of your resume as if you were an employer, what would you want to know? There are three things that matter most to employers, those are, do you have the skills, knowledge (education), and experience to do the job you are applying for? You have some things in your favor. I see you were a volunteer TA, that's really good because you can highlight some specific things like working with students (How many? What grade? Your specific duties, things like that). Plus this experience shows you can get along with people (team player), you are responsible, and you have the trust of others (the teacher(s). Lastly, you are developing your "people skills" which employers love. Find a simple resume format and play around with it, if you get stuck ,ask again and we will help you, good luck!