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A résumé is a document that highlights your skills, achievements, and job experience. Most career-related fields require a résumé while pursuing an opportunity. Generally, hiring managers or recruiters process résumés...

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Priyanka G. Jan 21 66 views

Although badminton won’t be the sole reason for my admission in Stanford if it happens , will it be at least helpful to a certain extent

As it is a club sport and i will have a chance to play there and in some of the competitions they participate in, will badminton have atleast some contribution to my resume or not? #badminton#stanford #resume #career...


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Kaya T. Dec 10, 2019 61 views
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Paula C. Oct 21, 2019 158 views

How would I do a resume?

I'm looking to do a professional resume to include my college courses...


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Jennifer L. Sep 18, 2019 47 views

What job can I get in HVAC?

I am looking for a job that is welling to pay me really good and have flexibility hours. #career...


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Madisyn M. Sep 11, 2019 115 views
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Nancy S. Sep 04, 2019 93 views

What's the best format for a resume?

Starting out looking for my first job out of college...


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Jolleen R. Aug 12, 2019 112 views

If job applications have a section to upload your Resume, but don't have a section to upload your Cover Letter, do you attach the Cover Letter to your Resume?

Not sure if every company has separate sections for uploading Resumes and Cover Letters, but I've ran into both situations and wasn't sure if you're supposed to attach the cover letter when there is only an "Upload Resume" section. #coverletter #resume #application...


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Christian S. Aug 06, 2019 124 views

What summer trip is going to look best on college and job applications?

I can either do a Summer Seminar at one of the service academies (USAFA, USMA, USNA), FLC at Norwich University, or a 16-day Humanitarian Trip (Probably a HEFY trip). #college #job #career #college-advice #job-search #resume #humanitarian #military #job-application #networking #academy #efy...

#university #hefy #seminar

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Sohaib A. Mar 18, 2018 205 views

Does NHS matter?

At my school, there are a bunch of kids who are in NHS, and they are always praised for their service. When I look at the members, there are some really smart kids in there, but most of them are average students. So my question is, does NHS matter? #nhs #nationalhonorsociety #resume #honors...


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Augusta I. Mar 05, 2019 132 views
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Meghan C. Jan 29, 2019 241 views

How do I get more looks on my job applications?

I’m a senior in college currently applying for for time employment post graduation. Many of my applications have been sent to companies online and I have not been getting any call backs. I’ve had my resume checked over and have been assured that it look good. I guess I’m trying to find other...

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Elsa Z. Dec 18, 2018 181 views

Do employers see value in a Coursera/edX/MOOCs certificates?

I want to continue my studies to build my career and have relevant skills in my field, but it is hard to do in-class courses with a full-time job. This made me strongly consider taking online courses. I definitely think that further education is great for personal growth and learning new...

#career-building #job-application #online-courses #resume #certifications #education #career

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Victoria G. Dec 17, 2018 295 views

What are some tips when it comes to making a resume?

I am currently looking for internships in the accounting field. I have never made a resume and don't have any work experience so I am unsure of how to start and what to include in my first resume. I am also wondering what do employers look for in a resume. #resume #internship #job-application...

#business #finance #accounting #job

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Naysa B. Nov 28, 2018 254 views

Applying for jobs

Should you apply for jobs if you don't have all the recommended skills needed? Can you learn them when you get there? #job-search #resume...


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Kathryn C. Oct 30, 2018 148 views

Do global internships benefit you when it comes to veterinary school applications??

I'm currently an undergraduate looking to apply to vet school in a few years. I know that having relevant experience is crucial, so I've been applying for lots of internships. I fond some summer opportunities abroad, but there are steep program fees and I'm wondering if entry into these would...

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Carson S. Oct 30, 2018 243 views

Interning or Making Money

I'm curious about whether I should be focusing on interning this summer as an animator for real world experience and connections or work to try to keep the cost of my education down? Any advice or experience possibly with both? #internship #college #resume #animation #art #summerjob #finance...


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Kathryn C. Sep 29, 2018 281 views

How important are clubs/extracurricular activities in comparison to coursework or internships??

Does joining clubs or extracurricular activities during your years as an undergraduate significantly impact your resume or chances at graduate school or is it better to keep that to a minimum and focus on getting work experience and taking a rigorous course load?? # #college #grad-school...

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Kathryn C. Sep 29, 2018 184 views

Is it more beneficial to have unpaid internships and more of a variety of experience or paid work with strong connections, but not as much of a variety of experience??

I'm hoping to make my future applications to veterinary school as strong as possible and I'm wondering if paid work is given more consideration even if it isn't necessarily as varied as having multiple unpaid internships in a range of sub-fields. # #internship #volunteer #college #vet-school...

#veterinarian #application #experience #veterinary-school #resume

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Samuel A. Sep 01, 2018 258 views

What will help college admissions officers look at my resume

What kind of things should I do to differentiate my self from the rest of the crowd of other students. # #resume #college...


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Gabriela M. Aug 31, 2018 263 views

What should I put on my resume?

I want to start saving up for college, but I don't know what to put on my resume. I don't have work experience, haven't volunteered, and haven't been on any big projects. I have been in clubs and organizations, played instruments, and done other activities outside of school but none of them...

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Rylee R. Aug 31, 2018 194 views

How many is too much?

In high school, I’ve participated in A LOT and in my English class, we had to fill out a resume. When do I know when to stop with the list? What are some things that irrelevant to colleges? #resume #college...


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David G. Aug 26, 2018 223 views
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Roseanna B. Aug 24, 2018 217 views

What is expected with resumes?

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Kiara S. Aug 16, 2018 164 views

What are the most competitive Finance Internships in America?

I would like to start applying to internships but I want to make it worth my while. Which internships will stand out on a CV or lead to a potential job in Finance? #internships #jobs #resume #finance...


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Katrina P. Aug 04, 2018 177 views

What specific items on resumes stand out most to law schools?

For example, in skills, something such as "Good analytical and critical thinking skills." Something specific and the category it would be categorized under would be very helpful, thank you. #university #law...


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Lauren B. Jul 06, 2018 334 views

What is the number one thing you hate to see on a resume?

I know that this is a basic question, but it matters to me in my future job search. Obviously, spelling and grammar are things to watch for, but there has to be something else that employers can't stand. I want to avoid mistakes that I just may not know about yet. #business #job-search...


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Alexandra C. Jun 18, 2018 4635 views

How to list double major on resume?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

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Alexandra C. Jun 15, 2018 233 views

How to write a resume for an internship?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #resume...

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Tee A. Jun 12, 2018 268 views

What is the best way to discover skills to put on resume?

I am currently revamping my resume and I want to add some skills for better search optimization. I was wondering how I can discover skills that will be great for my resume. So far, I have looked at the jobs that I have worked and educational experience and used that for inspiration but I'm...

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