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Career Questions tagged Religion

Mia B.’s Avatar
Mia B. Apr 14, 2020 682 views

As a non-religious person, should I exclude religiously affiliated colleges and universities from my college search?

Just a quick disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone in this post!! I respect your freedom of religion!! So, I do not follow any organized religion. I do not believe in a God or creationism, and I am not spiritual. I guess I can be categorized as a "nihilist." With that being said, I...

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Katelynn E.’s Avatar
Katelynn E. May 07, 2019 258 views

How do catholic doctors deal with abortions?

I previously asked a question regarding going into the medical field as a career. If I were to go into the medical field how would I handle a situation where a patient wants to have an abortion? I go to a Catholic high school and it is against my religious beliefs. Within my own understanding...

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Mia K. Aug 21, 2018 299 views
Fiona B.’s Avatar
Fiona B. Mar 07, 2018 423 views

What jobs are available to a student with an Asian Studies BA?

I majored in Asian Studies in college and am graduating soon. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the opportunities out there and am having a hard time narrowing down what I'd like to do. I am interested in religion and have traveled a bit to South Asia. Does anyone have any advice on what to focus in...

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Ashley H.’s Avatar
Ashley H. Dec 06, 2017 670 views

What can one do with a degree in religion or religious studies?

The last few semesters, I have taken a few courses outside of my major and found that I rather enjoy the religion and mythology based courses that my university offers. It has been brought up to me by my professors that a religion degree is offered, and while I have looked into it a bit, I was...

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