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Career Questions tagged Job Application

Megan R.’s Avatar
Megan R. Nov 29 27 views

Routes to remote admin assistant position?

Trying to build out my resume with volunteer remote work and training on things like excel but not sure how to get my foot in. job-application job...


kim L.’s Avatar
kim L. Nov 07 100 views

Can you please give me some interviewee question for Cebu Pacific flight attendant

My name is kim and i'm from davao city, I'm an aspiring flight attendant of cebu pacific pleased to meet you. aviation airline-industry job-application interviews...


Aiden A.’s Avatar
Aiden A. Nov 07 78 views

What is important on a resume?

I was wondering what are important things to be put on resumes and what things don't matter resume...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Nov 04 116 views

What are some questions to ask a recruiter for a position you already applied for?

I recently applied for a full time position and am waiting to hear back after they requested additional information about me. In the mean time while I'm waiting for a possible interview, I'm reaching out to recruiters at the company. Sometimes the recruiters don't know anything about my field...

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Faith H.’s Avatar
Faith H. Oct 09 184 views

What jobs can someone with a learning disability do?

Hi my name is Faith and I’m 21 and I also have a learning disability and it’s been hard for me to get a job because of the way I talk in an interview was hard for me to talk in an interview interviews job-application work But mainly I want to work like in fast food or a daycare or as a...

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Iakov T.’s Avatar
Iakov T. Oct 06 137 views

What can you do for your resume to show experience?

Especially going into the computer science field I believe experience is key to be hired. What are some things I can do to gain more experience to strengthen my resume other than taking courses or doing internships? resume computer job-application...


Deepak S.’s Avatar
Deepak S. Aug 15 173 views

Tell me something about yourself

Tell me something about yourself ?...


aubrey N.’s Avatar
aubrey N. Jun 13 149 views

what are the summer jobs that fit in the strand ABM

My name is Aubrey I live in tangke 1, City Of Naga Cebu I'm 18 years old My hobbies is watching action movies job-search...


George S.’s Avatar
George S. May 27, 2020 481 views

How to make an resume ATS friendly?

I recently submitted my resume to, unfortunately my information did not transfer correctly. I believe the format of my resume is at fault here. What are some great tips to remind when making a resume? What are some great resources or websites that help create a resume that is ATS-...

resume job-application resume-writing job-search

George S.’s Avatar
George S. May 27, 2020 524 views

How to approach phone interviews on volunteering roles?

Many volunteering roles require a Zoom or phone interview. What are some great tips and tricks to keep in mind while on the phone. What should we not mention in any phone interview. Adding a small script to say in order to introduce yourself would be great. Thank you! interviews career...

first-job job-application

Polina W.’s Avatar
Polina W. May 22, 2020 889 views

How many pages for a resume / CV?

Hello, What is the recommended number of pages for a resume / CV? The general consensus​ seems to be saying two sides, however, resume job-application job-search job career I have heard from many recruiters and people in general that only one side is preferred. What are your...

Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Apr 21, 2020 14631 views

Strengths and Weakness interview Question Help!!!!!!!!

I do not know how to Answer my strengths and weakness? I guess I really don't know it. Since it's the reason why I don't get a callback. How can I find my strengths and weakness? where do I start? interviews career career-counseling job...


Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Apr 21, 2020 327 views

Should I get CompTIA A+ Certification?

I wonder if companies required certification for entry-level IT students, or, Is it possible for me to get a job without it. Is it worth it? I did some research and it said it's really good to have it just in case. HonestOpinon technology job-search career job-application internship...

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Rana M.’s Avatar
Rana M. Apr 12, 2020 454 views

As recruiters, Do you make your decision according to GPA?

I am graduating in June from energy engineering. My accumulative GPA is 2.7 (B- in my country) and I don't know if this would be a problem in finding a job electrical-engineering engineer job-application job-search gpa entry-level interviews engineering...

charlotte H.’s Avatar
charlotte H. Mar 07, 2020 640 views

What's the most important part of a resume?

Which aspect of my resume should I highlight or refer to in my cover letter to have the most impactful and effective application? job-application resume job-search...


Mohamed A.’s Avatar
Mohamed A. Mar 04, 2020 469 views

Whats the best way to get Software Engineering Internships

Hello I'm doing a MS in physics at the University of Washington and would love to get a SDE internship for the summer but I'm having problems getting interviews. # engineering interviews internship...


Gabrielle B.’s Avatar
Gabrielle B. Jan 30, 2020 281 views

Best Community Development Sectors

Where should a person begin to look within the sector of community development, and community services? Should I look towards non-profit organizations or for-profit companies? networking internship technology business-management job-application...