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Career Questions tagged Job Application

Alicia Teresa’s Avatar
Alicia Teresa Sep 29 76 views

How to get a volunteer job in writing?

I have experienced in writing, but not much knowledge about Canada culture. How do I get a volunteer job in writing in Canada?

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 28 52 views

What would make you stand out as a candidate for a job position?

Type of degree - very rare but where you received your degree

Casandra’s Avatar
Casandra Sep 22 92 views

what skills for medical assisting do you have that accomplished you for this capacity?

I can use all the tips and advice

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Aug 26 84 views

What makes a resume for my job impressive?

Being that i want to do a job in Electrician, what would be impressive or what type of skill, education or experience would i need to have on this resume to make it enough.

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 27 143 views

What elements makes a great pitch?

How do get people to buy my story? I've been developing an idea to expand my business. But since I'm a beginner, I fairly know about pitches and would want more advice on how to develop a strong pitch.

Kang’s Avatar
Kang Jun 24 307 views

What was your first job and how did you get hired?

And does that job apply to your current position?

Sam’s Avatar
Sam May 31 250 views

What to do when you don't remember applying to a job?

I recently graduated and having been applying to multiple positions. The way I keep track of them is either through the Jobs tab on LinkedIn or the standard "thanks for applying" emails you receive after submitting an application. I was contacted for an interview for the company but: - I...

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 31 240 views

Can you put community service on your resume or even college application?

I have about 50+ hours of community service and I was wondering if I can use it for resumes and even college applications. Does it count as extracurricular activities or does it entirely depend on the project that I was working on. I was reading question about this and I remembered that I...

Sam’s Avatar
Sam May 17 190 views

Is it ok to email a recruiter?

I was contacted by a recruiter for a position a year back and was not interested at the time, so I respectfully declined. I still have this recruiters email and wanted to ask them about another position at the same company that I have applied for currently since its been more than 2 weeks since...

A’s Avatar
A May 15 167 views

Which sectors/companies in the business field ask for grades, which don't?

Im new to the village and I have been reading posts about companies like the Big 4 Firms. There is responses that when hiring, they value class grades specifically in accounting. I was wondering how much importance goes to grades, and if there is any changes in different companies or sectors....

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 18 304 views

I just got an offer! How do I tailor my resume?

I just got an offer from a recruiter yesterday. She asked me to send my resume to her email since I want to have an internship to explore the different industries. The recruiter offered me free training in web development. Although, my resume has no experience related to the "web development"...

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 16 291 views

What do I say in my email?

Hi! I am asked to email my resume to a recruiter for a free internship. Are there any do's/ don'ts in writing emails for a recruiter or formatting that is appropriate? What do I say in the body of the email?

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 07 162 views

Where do I find free summer programs 2022?

I want to join a summer program, free and virtual-based only. I don't have a specialization in terms of the subject but I really want to immerse myself in different industries.

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Apr 04 299 views

Can employers do this?

I recently applied for a job that required relocation. I was not willing to relocate and made that *very clear* in writing and during phone calls during the initial screening process. I was told this will not be a problem. Now after giving 4-5 interviews (one was really long) I'm being told the...

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Mar 24 200 views

How do you know if you can discuss an offer letter with someone?

If you receive an offer letter how do you know if are you allowed to review it with someone? If I want to ask the recruiter if I could share it with just my mentor to get advice on the offer is this professional? How should I phrase the question when asking?

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Mar 22 284 views

If you had to bring one item that describes your personality to an interview what would it be?

I was recently told that for an interview I'd have to bring something that describes my personality. I have some things in mind but am curious if anyone else had to do this for an interview. I don't think theres a right or wrong answer as to what you bring (at least not for my interview since...

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Feb 07 166 views

What skills can qualify you to be a good entrepreneur?

#job-application #information-technology #investment-banking

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Jan 21 234 views

Advice for college interviews

When applying to selective schools, applicants often have to go through interviews in the process. If you’re the interviewer, what’s something you look for (other than passion)? If you’re the interviewee, what’s one thing you wished you knew about interviews before starting one? #interviews...

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Jan 11 307 views

What are some ways to make a principal look good, if you are in a support position? I read that is the purpose of many jobs.


Zeeshan’s Avatar
Zeeshan Dec 28, 2021 232 views

what should I include in the outline of a cover latter?

#resume #resume #coverlatter #job-search #business #internship #finance #job-application #job-application #collouge

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Dec 13, 2021 988 views

Is it ok to ask this question during a final interview?

After giving a final interview (final round) for a position, if the interviewer does not tell you "you can expect a response in X days", or whether or not you got the position is it ok to ask? If the interview is the hiring manager, how should you phrase it? #interviews #career...

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Dec 11, 2021 208 views

Where to go to create a resume or how to create one.

I am a high schooler that is interested in working #job-application

Daria’s Avatar
Daria Dec 09, 2021 349 views

What hard and soft skills should I have in order to become a good and highly paid PR-specialist?

#career #job-application #college #marketing #PR #business

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Nov 29, 2021 266 views

Routes to remote admin assistant position?

Trying to build out my resume with volunteer remote work and training on things like excel but not sure how to get my foot in. #job-application #job #assistant

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Nov 07, 2021 501 views

What is important on a resume?

I was wondering what are important things to be put on resumes and what things don't matter
#resume #job-application

kim’s Avatar
kim Nov 07, 2021 898 views

What are the usual questions do interviewer ask you in applying a flight attendant job. thanks

My name is kim and i'm from davao city, I'm an aspiring flight attendant of cebu pacific pleased to meet you.
#aviation #airline-industry #job-application #interviews #CebuPacific
Can you please give me some interviewee question for Cebu Pacific flight attendant

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Nov 04, 2021 690 views

What are some questions to ask a recruiter for a position you already applied for?

I recently applied for a full time position and am waiting to hear back after they requested additional information about me. In the mean time while I'm waiting for a possible interview, I'm reaching out to recruiters at the company. Sometimes the recruiters don't know anything about my field...

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Oct 09, 2021 387 views

What jobs can someone with a learning disability do?

Hi my name is Faith and I’m 21 and I also have a learning disability and it’s been hard for me to get a job because of the way I talk in an interview was hard for me to talk in an interview #interviews #job-application #work But mainly I want to work like in fast food or a daycare or as a...

Iakov’s Avatar
Iakov Oct 06, 2021 371 views

What can you do for your resume to show experience?

Especially going into the computer science field I believe experience is key to be hired. What are some things I can do to gain more experience to strengthen my resume other than taking courses or doing internships?

#resume #computer #job-application #internship

Khristian’s Avatar
Khristian Sep 17, 2021 347 views

What would be good to write about on my resume?

#job-search #resume #job-application