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Career Questions tagged Companies

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Feb 25, 2021 464 views

What is a career that involves business and travel?

#traveling #business #travel #international #jrhighschool #college #profit #income #stocks #companies

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MiKayla Sep 06, 2019 843 views

Whats a good company for a computer network architect to work for?

I am working on getting a career as a Computer Network Architect. I wanted to know who would be good to know so I can get a head start. #architect #computer #computernetworkarchitect #computernetwork #networking #companies #computer-science

Johnsy’s Avatar
Johnsy Jan 17, 2019 718 views

What kind of jobs can you get in sound engineering?

#Companies #career

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jul 11, 2018 536 views

Credit and how it determines job acceptance

Recently, a guest speaker came into our university today to talk about the process that he took to enter a police academy. Apparently one of the major factors that contributed to him attending the police academy was his credit and how good it was. What I want to know is: Does credit play a big...

Parker’s Avatar
Parker Oct 27, 2016 663 views

Should I be looking for engineering jobs while I am still in High School so I will have my foot in the door at the company I might work for out of college ?

Does part time jobs or internships help get the engineering job you want out of college? #engineering #degree #companies #ceos #of #holders

Diamond’s Avatar
Diamond May 13, 2016 951 views

How does one go about looking for a programming job?

I'm guessing that I'm not gonna find a job by seeing a sign in a window somewhere. So do I look on the internet and if so do you have a suggested site? This is just for my future self. #jobs #programming #tech #websites #companies

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Oct 27, 2015 1081 views

What are some companies for aeronautical engineering?

I would wish to know some companies so I can research them #engineering #aeronautical #companies

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Mar 24, 2015 1144 views

What companies are interested in people with an economics degree and a dream to become an investment banker?

I am a high school senior who is going to be graduating this summer. I wanted to go into an economics major, but I did not know what my future would look like with that degree. I am very interested in studying a math related topic being that it is my favorite subject. A career where I would...

Maeve’s Avatar
Maeve Apr 27, 2014 1281 views

Will companies pay for you to continue your education after you graduate from college?

I have heard many people say that some companies will pay for you to go to graduate school. I really want to go to graduate school but I also want to work at the same time. Is this even possible, #education #graduate-school #graduate #college-graduate #companies

Forrest’s Avatar
Forrest Mar 05, 2014 1256 views

What are some major companies that work with aerospace engineering?

I am currently interested in aerospace engineering. However, I don't know many aerospace engineering companies. Does this mean it will be difficult to find a job in this path. #engineering #career-path #aerospace #companies