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How much experience is needed in terms of managing a hedge fund?

As of lately I have been really interested into business in terms of a possible major. However I know nothing about what you could do with a business degree. I was thinking of being a hedge fund manager but I would like to know what steps do I take to position myself to have enough experience...

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Active Sep 28 '18 at 04:37 AM

1 answers

Posted by Armani L.’s Avatar Armani L.
Ann Gianoglio Burk, MBA’s Avatar
Ann Gianoglio Burk, MBA | Student/Customer Care Manager | Operations Handywoman | People ... Hi Armani,I have never managed hedge funds before, but when I ...

Will cryptocurrency become the main currency of the future?

I am beginning to invest into the stock market as an 18 year old. I am a beginner and would love some tips and tricks. Thanks! #crypto #cryptocurrency #tips #stocks #stocks-investing #stock-trading...



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Active Feb 16 '18 at 04:12 PM

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Posted by Sean C.’s Avatar Sean C.
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Richard Sodon | Technical Product Manager - Making products and services ... It's great you're thinking about your financial future now. I doubt ...

As an aspiring entrepreneur how much of my future is dictated by the stock market rather than actual product and marketing produced?

I’m asking because the chances of becoming a multimillionaire as an Entrepreneur rival that of making the NFl, so I wanted to know if early participation in the global stock market will raise my chances of success in the long run.#business #wealth #stocks #marketing-and-advertising #product...


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Active Mar 01 '18 at 06:34 PM

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Posted by Reginald T.’s Avatar Reginald T.
Stephen Busateri’s Avatar
Stephen Busateri | Global Practice Manager - Digital Experience, IoT, and ... Hi Reginald T. Almost none of your future as an aspiring ...

how much do you make being a stockbroker

I am asking because I want to become a stockbroker #business...



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Active Dec 01 '18 at 01:43 AM

2 answers

Posted by davante S.’s Avatar davante S.
Tony Angino’s Avatar
Tony Angino | Director at AIG It appears that stock brokers can make between $34,000 to $152,000. ...

How can I get started investing in stocks and bonds? How can I be successful in the stock market?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I recently attended a short seminar on finances, and it was a few college students trying to explain the basics. However, they never actually covered how to be successful in your investments. #finance #money...

#investing #economics #stocks


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Active Jul 21 '17 at 06:15 PM

4 answers

Posted by Anina H.’s Avatar Anina H.
Michael Reinhardt’s Avatar
Michael Reinhardt | OAKMONT PHOTOGRAPHY 9 people out of 10 are lousy at picking stocks -- ...

Is stock market investing a good career path?

I have a passion for cooking but if finding a career in culinary is not working out I would like to make a living Investing in stocks. If this is a good career path what college classes, major, and internships should I be taking as a incoming freshman in college the fall of 2016 to be...

#stock-market #stocks-investing #finance #stocks #stock-trading


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Active Sep 06 '17 at 08:12 PM

3 answers

Posted by darryl B.’s Avatar darryl B.
Chad Van Dyk IV’s Avatar
Chad Van Dyk IV | Senior Associate, Hybrid Advisor Consultant @ PIMCO Investments, ... Hello, When I was your age, I wanted to do the ...

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