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Career Questions tagged Career Options

Kimberly T.’s Avatar
Kimberly T. Jun 20 146 views

Can I have more than one career ?

I want to be more than one career and honestly want to know if it's possible to have multiple careers since it's a passion to continue helping people and animals.

Angela N.’s Avatar
Angela N. May 24 86 views

Which would you say is better in your personal experience?

I'm a high school senior who's already been accepted into a Community College for Computer Science and I'm curious about other options I've heard of. So my question is, "Is college or coding boot camps better and why?"

Natalie A.’s Avatar
Natalie A. May 05 159 views

Where is a good place to start when it comes to looking for things that interest me?

I am a sophomore in high school, and I really have no idea what I want to do career-wise.

Yaohong L.’s Avatar
Yaohong L. May 25, 2021 240 views

What made people decide on a career in nutrition?

#career-choice #career #career-options
I want ask question about nutritionist.

Joshua S.’s Avatar
Joshua S. May 20, 2021 153 views

How much does a realtor make in Florida?


Marcus J.’s Avatar
Marcus J. May 17, 2021 384 views

Is biomedical engineer a good career?

I'm good at math and I want to help others in the future. #career #math #career-options #career-choice #career-counseling

Tyrese M.’s Avatar
Tyrese M. May 17, 2021 288 views

Do you think that a firefighter is a good career?

#career-options #career #career-advice

jaden E.’s Avatar
jaden E. May 17, 2021 263 views

Do you think a ultra sound tech is a good career ?

#career-options #tech #business

jakiya W.’s Avatar
jakiya W. May 11, 2021 215 views

How much does a healthcare manger make a year?

#healthcare #career-options #career-choice

Noid T.’s Avatar
Noid T. May 11, 2021 235 views

How to further your career business

#career #career-development #career-options

Noid T.’s Avatar
Noid T. May 11, 2021 281 views

My Career goal statement is I will have my clothing brand and modeling business on the right track

#career-options #career-development #career-path #career

Kayse M.’s Avatar
Kayse M. May 11, 2021 211 views

How much does a Business Administrator gets paid a year?

#business #career-options

Kayse M.’s Avatar
Kayse M. May 05, 2021 245 views

When choosing a career, how do you know that's what you want?

#Bachelor #careers #career-options

Khensi B.’s Avatar
Khensi B. May 05, 2021 228 views

What is the best career

Need advice in choosing a career #career-plan #career-options #career

Paeke K.’s Avatar
Paeke K. Apr 29, 2021 243 views

Are there any intern opportunities could be offered over seas. I completed my career in electrical engineering(Industrial Electronics). In my country there is been down fall and there are no opportunities and I can't graduate because I am required to do an internship for one year but nothing is promising. Thinking about taking another career.


Neiko A.’s Avatar
Neiko A. Apr 14, 2021 246 views

When you become a Nurse Practitioner, what specialties are there?

I am a high school student wondering what kind of specialty you can choose when you are a Nurse Practitioner? Is there a small amount of choices you can pursue? #career-options #medical

Angel V.’s Avatar
Angel V. Apr 14, 2021 258 views

What made you choose your current career

I'm a senior in high school planning to go to college #future I was just wondering what made you choose your career? #careers #career-options #career-choice

Jeremiah D.’s Avatar
Jeremiah D. Apr 14, 2021 226 views

How content are you with your current career?

I am currently a senior at high school and was wondering where everybody's head is at with their current career? Are you content? What is your level of fulfillment? Are you satisfied doing what you do for the rest of your life? #careers #career-development #career-choice #career-options #career

Kaaya B.’s Avatar
Kaaya B. Apr 03, 2021 231 views

If I want to opt for commerce and complete my bachelors and masters in foreign what jobs I can be offered in foreign with a good salary ?

I am a 10 class student studying in India . I am thinking about my career . Basically I have two options either stay in India and prepare for civil services or study in foreign n settle there. #career-options

Abby T.’s Avatar
Abby T. Apr 02, 2021 1597 views

Looking for career test recommendations with high accuracy.

My mom discovered her career (audiology) through a career test that was extremely long and also expensive but very very accurate. I am looking for a similar service whether it be online or taken at a specific location. I want to make sure I am choosing the correct career, and although a test...

Daniela C.’s Avatar
Daniela C. Mar 15, 2021 225 views

If it was a choice would you follow the career path that people/the internet says?

#career-options #career-paths

Sam K.’s Avatar
Sam K. Mar 15, 2021 647 views

I would ask a financial analyst what kind of data they analyze and what kind of company do they work for.

9th grader trying to learn more about this career for class #career #career-options #career-choice #job

Jaythean I.’s Avatar
Jaythean I. Feb 26, 2021 614 views

What jobs are available to someone interested in the math field?

I am a Junior from KIPP Academy in Lynn Massachusetts and for most of my academic career have found a liking in math, as a result of this interest I was hoping to continue pursuing this at the next level and was hoping to see some examples of jobs that involve math. #mathematics #career-options...

Kristina G.’s Avatar
Kristina G. Feb 25, 2021 308 views

What is it like to double major?

Hi, i'm thinking about double majoring in college because i'm not sure what career I want to go into. What is it like to double major? Is it a good idea? #career #car #career-options #career-choice #double-major

Gabriela T.’s Avatar
Gabriela T. Feb 25, 2021 271 views

How do I know if a career is meant for me?

Im very independent but can work in groups. I like to help people but don't like sitting at a desk all day. #career #career-choice #career-counseling #career-path #career-options

Katherine D.’s Avatar
Katherine D. Feb 25, 2021 216 views

What does it take to have a career in psychology?

I am a Junior in high school and am passionate about working with psychology and helping people. I would love to learn about how much energy it takes to follow through with this type of career. Thanks! #careers #psychology #career-options

Dalton J.’s Avatar
Dalton J. Feb 11, 2021 344 views

What are good career choices for my interests?

I'm in the 10th grade and am interested in film making and editing and am wondering what good careers there are for these interests. #film #career #career-options

niti A.’s Avatar
niti A. Feb 08, 2021 1039 views

career option for a commerce student except from ca

#students #career-development #career #student #career-options

Sam C.’s Avatar
Sam C. Feb 01, 2021 207 views

Is there any career programs that relate to retail or video game designing

I want to try more than just retail #video-games #career-options

Marco F.’s Avatar
Marco F. Jan 28, 2021 503 views

How do I network?

I know that when I go to college it is going to be important to be active in my major (activities/clubs/organizations) but how exactly do I go about reaching out to people that might be able to help me advance my career? What do I say? For example, I want to be an aerospace engineer... where do...