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joy J. Aug 22, 2018 216 views
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Jacob M. Aug 11, 2018 165 views

What is a good career path for vocational rehabilitation?

I enjoy the voc rehab classes, but want a career where I can make a decent living...


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Devon W. Jul 18, 2018 213 views

What kind of tech was helpful for you when you were starting out your career?

I want to be an editor, so nothing too fancy, right? #career-options #tech #english...


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Riley J. May 17, 2018 282 views

Is a math degree good for a career?

I am currently pursuing a degree in math. I know that there are a lot of careers that use math these days like insurance, finance, statistics, and cryptography. Is this the best degree to ensure that I get a job in one of these fields? And, if not what else should I look at? Thank you. #math...

#finance #statistics #college-major #career-options #insurance

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Jalen A. Jan 18, 2018 231 views

How are your options laid out to you after school ?

How does making it through college lay out better options and if so what kind of options?...


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Veronica M. Sep 30, 2017 363 views

What kind of career involves travelling but also involves pursuing a career in psychology?

I am in love with psychology, I love learning all these different forms of psychology and studying it... but I also want to travel so I am just trying to find a few options where I could do both. #psychology #travel...


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Eduardo H. Oct 29, 2016 441 views

What do you believe is the best career that incorporates all parts of STEM?

STEM has a huge part in many careers, and with many careers to choose from, having the most involvement of STEM elements can sway what someone would want to look for in their career. #engineering #career #science #technology #math #stem #japan #career-options...


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Caroline H. Mar 26, 2015 3128 views

What are possible careers that I could go into that combines language learning/traveling with a computer science degree?

I am a high school senior, and a few months ago I found out that I had been accepted into Brown University under Early Decision. I am having trouble deciding what I would like to concentrate in because I have a passion for both language learning (possibly hoping to concentrate in International...

#career-paths #languages #career-options #computer-science #college-major

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Clareta B. Oct 03, 2013 1504 views

How did you figure out what you wanted to do for your career?

I'm in junior year in highschool. Sometimes I have some ideas for what I want to be, but most of the time I really have no idea. I think I should have better ideas so I can go to college with some kind of plan. When did you know what you wanted to do for your career?...


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Kalp . Jun 07, 2013 1169 views

What is the career option for my son after getting 70% in 10th CBSC in computer line?

My son got 70% in 10th CBSC and want to get degree in computer line. We are belonging to Baroda city in Gujarat. He is much interested in hacking side as a possitive and creative way, also want to learn and experiment new things in computers. He is very excited to make career in computer...


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IsmailA_af13 . Mar 28, 2013 1507 views

Career Options for Mechanical Engineering

I am a high school senior, and I know Majoring in Mechanical Engineering is a large field and stems off at many branches. However, I have not known off career titles that don't end in "engineer" stemming off from this major. My question is are there any careers like that? and if so, are there...

#career-paths #mechanical-engineering #engineering #career #science #career-choice #career-options #math

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MarlaCodman1 . Oct 19, 2012 1053 views

how many years do i have to be in school to be a lawyer?

i'm a sophemore and i want to explore my career options. #law #school...


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DejaCodman2 . Oct 10, 2012 1676 views

How do you decide if a career is for you?

Hi I am a sophomore and i was wondering about picking a career. A lot of people say you should NEVER pick a career based on the amount of money you make, but how are suppose to live off of a career that you barely make money off of? #career #money #career-choice #career-path #career-options...


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MarlaCodman1 . Sep 10, 2012 1281 views

what kind of career are there where you need math?

i'm a sophemore and i'm really good at math. I love math, but i need help finding a career that i like and that involves math....


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Nafoatti13NFTEBOSS . Jan 19, 2012 2744 views

What Specialization within medicine pays the most

I want a career within the medical field but i don't know which one to choose because i'm more interested in which one pays more. Like if you were to be a psychologist or surgeon or regular doctor which one will pay more? #medicine #healthcare #health #career-choice #career-paths...

#compensation #career-options

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CatherineNFTEBxAero . Jan 13, 2012 2050 views

How can I narrow down my career field?

I an a sophomore in HS, I have many different interests, in the same basic category. I can play a few different instruments and I love designing different things. What can I do that will give me more of an opportunity in my future? #career-paths #undecided...


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BrandisCodman2 . Jan 06, 2012 4455 views

What kind of lawyer can you be?

I'm interested in being a lawyer when i get older but there's different types of law firms, what are the different types? #career #law #lawyer...


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CareerVillage . Dec 30, 2011 1802 views

What are some career options related to technology startups?

I am really interested in technology and entrepreneurship. I'm wondering what career options there are related to technology startups? #technology #entrepreneurship #startups...


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CareerVillage . Dec 30, 2011 1599 views

What are some of the career options that people can do at a company like Google?

I think Google is a really cool company, but I don't really know what people do there. I imagine they are "technology" related jobs, but what does it really entail, and what are the different options? #technology #google...


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CareerVillage . Dec 30, 2011 1744 views

What are some of the common careers in math-related fields?

Math is my favorite subject in school, but I don't know what kind of careers there are in math-related fields. Could someone provide some information? #math...


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CareerVillage . Dec 29, 2011 3538 views

What is the career path to a successful career in international health care?

I want to work internationally, and I work to work in health care. What are the different options, and how should I prepare myself so that I am successful? #healthcare #health #career-paths #international...


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CareerVillage . Dec 29, 2011 2544 views

What careers should I explore if I want to work with animals?

I love animals, and I would love to have a career where I could work with animals. I know that being a veterinarian is one option, but I'm wondering what other options are available and the path to a successful career working with animals. #career-paths #veterinary #animals...