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Marco E. Feb 23 39 views

Is civil engineering worth going to college for 4 years or are there any easier or more time saving paths

I'm a Jr looking to be in the field of engineering but i choose civil engineering because i think it suits me as a life long career but i want to know if it is easy to get a job or position as a civil engineer so all my college years and money won't go to waste #career #jobs #career-choice...

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Angelo James G. Feb 09 78 views
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Shan T. Jan 27 61 views

Those with a Cognitive Science degree, what is your career now?

I am slightly interested in Cognitive Science, however, I am not to sure about the job opening s for those with Cognitive Science degrees? Like what do you do now after graduating and getting you BA/BS in Cognitive Science? #career-development #career #stem #stem #cognitive-science...


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John Lloyd B. Dec 26, 2020 217 views

I am good at writing, analyzing, and conceptualizing and I also love science, psychology, sky, and arts. What career do you think suits me?

I'm a senior high school student and right now, I am taking up STEM. I want to have now a specific career choice as I'll go to college but right now I am still in hesitation of my choices. Assessing myself, I realized that I am really good at writing, science, and planning things out. Aside...

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K. V. S. Dec 16, 2020 147 views

About choosing best career path

At present I am in 3rd year of B.Tech. I know web development fundamentals, three programming languages and passionate to learn full stack development and have a goal to become full stack developer. But getting confused with some thoughts that whether it will be a good career path or not...

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Berncita Y. Nov 05, 2020 123 views

How do you narrow down choices for career planning?

I am a Sophomore in High school, I do enjoy making art and have thought about it as a career once or twice before, but I have also found another interest criminology. Both have peaked my interests making it difficult planning my career planning. #career-development...


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sydnee S. Oct 27, 2020 95 views

Can you work at an aquarium but still be working at the zoo?

I'm in 8th grade. I have a class called career and technology. I like animals and that's why I thought a zookeeper would be a good job for me when I get older. My teacher is having the class ask questions about the careers we would like when we got older. #career #career-choice...

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sydnee S. Oct 27, 2020 114 views

What does one day look like as a zookeeper?

I'm in 8th grade I have a class called career and technology. My teacher is having us ask questions about the careers we would like to do when we get older. #tech #career #career-development #zookeepers...


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sydnee S. Oct 27, 2020 118 views

How much money can you make in one year as a zookeeper?

I'm in 8th grade. I'm doing an elective called career and technology. My teacher is having us ask questions about the careers we would like to do when we get older. #money #career-path #career-options #career-development #career...


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angel C. Oct 02, 2020 136 views

what is it like being a doctor

Earn a Medical Degree. Complete a Residency Program...Obtain Licensure..Get Certified to Advance Career. #doctor #doctor #doctor #doctor #doctor #doctor #doctor #career #career #career #career #career #career #career #career #career #career-choice #career-counseling #career-path...


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Kenny B. Sep 25, 2020 421 views

Will our choice in a college affect us in the long run?

Let's say I pick a college that isn't as popular as other or isn't as heard of. Will jobs look at me negatively due to that. Is there a chance I could lose the competition in getting a job because of my choice in college. How do jobs and the "real world" look at our choice in colleges for like...

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Madelynne S. Jul 29, 2020 220 views

What are some tips for preparing for a future career while in college?

I am a college student and wondering what are some practical steps I can take right now to prepare for my future and my career after I graduate. What are some ways that I can build my resume and gain experience while still managing and doing well in school? #career #prepared #july #july20...


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Ayden D. Jul 29, 2020 170 views

Computer Science Online Learning vs College degree

Since COVID is having an effect on campus learning I was wondering if computer science degrees are absolutely needed or will companies consider self taught or online learning the same when hiring? #career #career-development #college-bound...


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Stephanie L. Jul 26, 2020 262 views

I wanted to start a music career but not sure if I should continue right now

#career-counseling #career-development #career-path #music #asian I’m from Hong Kong and I want to study undergraduate program in US. Preparing for Toefl and DSE right now. I like music and wanted to make it as my career, but other than that I also want to study one extra subject in college....


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Onica S. Jul 24, 2020 230 views

What careers are available for someone with a I/O Psychology major?

I am currently studying Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I am passionate about youth development and have an interest in Career coaching and development. #career-development #future-careers #io...

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Racheal L. Jul 21, 2020 308 views

How do I know I have found the right career?

When I ask people how they knew that their current career was the right one for them they usually answer with "you just know" or "I'm happy" or "it just feel right". In a general sense I understand that but since I have not experienced it I am questioning if the vagueness of *just knowing*....

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christian N. Mar 26, 2020 194 views