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Career Questions tagged Career Development

Chloe’s Avatar
Chloe Mar 01 116 views

What are good colleges for marine biology and animal behavior?

I’ve always loved animals and I am interested to know which colleges are best for animal lovers- marine biology, zoology, animal behavior, animal science, etc.

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Mar 01 95 views

How do I begin modeling for a big industry?

I modeled when i was 13-15. I’m 15 and want to pursue modeling but my industry is small and I don’t know where to start when it comes to other agencies.

Yonathan’s Avatar
Yonathan Feb 23 189 views

What are some tips after high school ?

Im currently a senior in high school.

Ezekiel’s Avatar
Ezekiel Feb 22 196 views

what architectural job pays the most?

I am wondering which job in the architecture/construction industry would pay the most, I enjoy building and planning the building stuff.

Dennis’s Avatar
Dennis Feb 22 276 views

what are tips after high school?

I'm currently a senior in high school

Kathleen’s Avatar
Kathleen Feb 21 266 views

How do you know which career is right for you?

Should I just pick a career that can support me or make me happy?

Kushi’s Avatar
Kushi Feb 21 277 views

What career should i choose? Investment banking or management consulting

I need to choose either investment banking or management consulting ,so that i can select my electives accordingly in my MBA for example if I choose IB(Investment Banking) i would be opting finance related electives if not then I would be taking generalists courses...but i am sensitive to...

lexi’s Avatar
lexi Feb 08 149 views

Interested in teaching, pros & cons?

I'm currently taking a course where I'm able to experience teaching hands-on. Throughout the week I lesson plan and seek new things that I would like to do with the kids I teach on Friday's. I honestly just would like to know the pros & cons of teaching. Which grade is the best to start...

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Feb 08 145 views

What are the pros and cons of being a therapist?

What is the salary for becoming a therapist?

What licenses and certifications do you have to have?

How long does it take to study to become a wonderful therapist?

Kamari’s Avatar
Kamari Feb 08 147 views

Could you have a good lifestyle being a physical trainer or physical therapist

What do you have to do in order to get paid well as a physical trainer or physical therapist.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Feb 06 186 views

How and where do I audition for movies and shows?

I am a theatre kid and I love acting. I have a big dream of being in movies and shows. I just don't know how and where to do it.

Jim’s Avatar
Jim Jan 30 127 views

How can I get into a college that provides my career options for my future?

I think I can do this by getting involved in clubs as soon as possible so I am exposed to this. Another way I can do this is to research different schools that provide these options.

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Jan 24 96 views

What do employers look for when hiring for medical assitants?

What do employers desire out of potential employees for medical assistance? What draws you in?

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Jan 19 413 views

How do you talk to your boss about leveling up in your career?

I have been working for the same large company (but on a small team) for 10 years at the same role. I want to grow in my career, take on new responsibilities and move into a managerial role. I think there's a good opportunity to move within my own company and think it's probably important to...

Katlin’s Avatar
Katlin Jan 18 170 views

What does your summer look like as a teacher?

Do you end up having to get a summer time job?

Hillary’s Avatar
Hillary Dec 15, 2022 307 views

What career I should choose?

What career I would love to choose?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Dec 06, 2022 288 views

Electrical: What kinds of projects do interns & entry level hires get involved in?

I am a currently enrolled student in Job Corp, I am planning on going into the electrical trade and would love to hear from the perspective of someone who follows into that career.

Yariel’s Avatar
Yariel Nov 15, 2022 252 views

When is the best time to start looking into a career??

There's so many choices for me to pick from and I don't know when I should try to lock in on one.

Yariel’s Avatar
Yariel Nov 15, 2022 334 views

When is the best time for me to start looking into a career??

There's so many choices for me to pick from and I don't know when I should try to lock in on one.

JERICHO’s Avatar
JERICHO Nov 01, 2022 644 views

What are the best programming languages to learn this coming 2023?

I am confused with what kind of programming languages will be best to learn for the long-term. There are just a wide variety of programming languages to choose from. I have tried Javascript and Java as a basis of my learning. But I am still quite unsure on which I should focus on.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Oct 31, 2022 313 views

How to effectively manage transition to computing?

Hi, As a student of a conversion master's degree in Computing, I am struggling to understand how to plan the transition in my career efficiently. I would appreciate advise in the topic. I studied Business for my bachelor's degree and have two years of work experience in global marketing, now...

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Oct 27, 2022 297 views

What makes you stand out compared to other chefs ?

I want to know what is the best thing that pops out about your resume compared to others. Are there any experience that I need to know that make you a priority compared to the rest of the competition

Ehsanul’s Avatar
Ehsanul Oct 25, 2022 577 views

Why do I need Internship In IBM?

What should I do to get an internship in IBM? Is it worth getting an internship in IBM? Why?

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 407 views

Difficulties becoming a psychiatrist...?

What difficulties might one face in trying to become a psychiatrist? How might they overcome them?

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 440 views

Sub-fields of Psychiatry...

While researching the career field, I found out that there are sub-fields of psychiatry. I am aware of the following: - Addiction Psychiatry - Geriatric Psychiatry - Pediatric Psychiatry - Neuropsychiatry What do these sub-fields mean? Are there other sub-fields I should be aware of? How does...

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Oct 09, 2022 402 views

How do I write personal experience on a resume?

I am trying to apply for a fast food establishment for my first job. I know I can do the job but I don't know how to express that on a resume. I only have personal experience. I want to get my first job and gain some work experience. I hope someone can help me and teach me something new. Isn't...

Gracie’s Avatar
Gracie Oct 05, 2022 548 views

What fields related to culinary arts do you think I should consider looking into?

Is there any other field in particular that could be seen as just as satisfying if not more satisfying

Teddy’s Avatar
Teddy Oct 04, 2022 289 views

What is a good way for me to pursue my dream career?

I have a career picked out that I think I would really enjoy but I don't know how to pursue that said career to the best of my ability.

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Sep 29, 2022 413 views

What careers should I look into if I'm interested in chemistry especially forensic chemistry?

I've been interested in chemistry since I was a little kid because it gives me insight as to how the world really works on the molecular level. I like forensic because I get to solve challenging problems. Science and math are my best subjects at school and I enjoy tasks that require critical...

Jeremiah’s Avatar
Jeremiah Sep 13, 2022 370 views


Do you think I will get electrocuted on the Job?