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Career Questions tagged Career Development

christopher P.’s Avatar
christopher P. May 12 42 views

What does it take to be a landscaper?

What is the basics of being a landscaper? How can i develop being a landscaper? What Does mean to be a landscaper? Can we adapt on our perspective of being a landscaper?

Ashley C.’s Avatar
Ashley C. Apr 24 138 views

Is getting a Bachelors worth it before joining vet tech school?

I am debating if I want to get my associate's in science and then go straight into vet tech or wait a little longer until I get my bachelor's probably in biology.

Jasmine R.’s Avatar
Jasmine R. Apr 18 129 views

How do I pick just one career path?

Hi, I honestly have no idea what career would be best for me. One I could succeed in, I want to be a nurse but at the same time a photographer and a writer. I do write stories because I have a lot of ideas in my head, and photography my dad got me into that and I love it. I am only in high...

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. Apr 18 70 views

I just got an offer! How do I tailor my resume?

I just got an offer from a recruiter yesterday. She asked me to send my resume to her email since I want to have an internship to explore the different industries. The recruiter offered me free training in web development. Although, my resume has no experience related to the "web development"...

Kevin H.’s Avatar
Kevin H. Oct 18, 2021 149 views

What ideas can you give if you are starting a career goal?

If someone new doesn't know what to do for there career goal what should be the first thing to do? # #career-development

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Apr 26, 2021 229 views

What kinds of connections or experiences will I need in order to launch a career in data science?

I am a high school student planning on going to college to major in marine biology and data science. I am looking for what experience or opportunities I should look out for in order to create a successful career in data science after college. #career-development #career #career-choice...

Kimberly R.’s Avatar
Kimberly R. Apr 15, 2021 212 views

How do you know when to choose your career and be sure it is the right one?

I am a senior heading to college but still do not know what i want to pursue as my career. #career-counseling #career-development

Jeremiah D.’s Avatar
Jeremiah D. Apr 14, 2021 205 views

How content are you with your current career?

I am currently a senior at high school and was wondering where everybody's head is at with their current career? Are you content? What is your level of fulfillment? Are you satisfied doing what you do for the rest of your life? #careers #career-development #career-choice #career-options #career

Jeremiah D.’s Avatar
Jeremiah D. Apr 14, 2021 231 views

How did you know that your job will eventually become your career?

I am currently a senior in high school and often ponder about what career is right for me? How was this experience for you? #career #job #career-choice #career-development #careers

Drake S.’s Avatar
Drake S. Apr 06, 2021 382 views

Why did you choose to be on Career Village?

I am excited to learn more about what there is to offer! #career-development

Abigail O.’s Avatar
Abigail O. Apr 02, 2021 291 views

Is outsourcing a problem in the biomedical engineering / neuroengineering field?

I am a student planning to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience in hopes of being competitive in the field of neuroengineering. Specifically, I would like to work on the development of neuroprosthetics. I know that outsourcing is a bit of a problem in other engineering...

Abigail O.’s Avatar
Abigail O. Apr 02, 2021 311 views

What is a good education pathway for a career in neuroprosthetics?

I am currently a student planning to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience in hopes of being competitive in the neuroengineering industry. Specifically, I want to work developing neuroprosthetics. For anyone working in the field, do you have any advice for getting a foot...

JWILLY H.’s Avatar
JWILLY H. Mar 18, 2021 322 views

What is the best way to start your career in planning and managing.

I am a middle school student who is interested in planning and managing. #career-development #career #future-careers #careers

JWILLY H.’s Avatar
JWILLY H. Mar 18, 2021 246 views

How should you start your career to become a personal trainer.

I am a middle school student who took a test that said I should be a personal trainer. I want to know what the best way to start your career is. #career #career-development #future-careers

Nate R.’s Avatar
Nate R. Mar 18, 2021 316 views

What is the salary that you have for being a education and training?

I am a middle school student that is taking Career and Tech. It is helping my future. #career-development #career #careers #education #training

Sinenhlanhla D.’s Avatar
Sinenhlanhla D. Mar 09, 2021 280 views

training jobs

i am looking forward for my career ,i am willing tol earn new skills #career-development

Marco E.’s Avatar
Marco E. Feb 23, 2021 891 views

Is civil engineering worth going to college for 4 years or are there any easier or more time saving paths

I'm a Jr looking to be in the field of engineering but i choose civil engineering because i think it suits me as a life long career but i want to know if it is easy to get a job or position as a civil engineer so all my college years and money won't go to waste #career #jobs #career-choice...

Shan T.’s Avatar
Shan T. Jan 27, 2021 385 views

Those with a Cognitive Science degree, what is your career now?

I am slightly interested in Cognitive Science, however, I am not to sure about the job opening s for those with Cognitive Science degrees? Like what do you do now after graduating and getting you BA/BS in Cognitive Science? #career-development #career #STEM #stem #cognitive-science #cog-sci

John Lloyd B.’s Avatar
John Lloyd B. Dec 26, 2020 443 views

I am good at writing, analyzing, and conceptualizing and I also love science, psychology, sky, and arts. What career do you think suits me?

I'm a senior high school student and right now, I am taking up STEM. I want to have now a specific career choice as I'll go to college but right now I am still in hesitation of my choices. Assessing myself, I realized that I am really good at writing, science, and planning things out. Aside...

K. V. S.’s Avatar
K. V. S. Dec 16, 2020 355 views

About choosing best career path

At present I am in 3rd year of B.Tech. I know web development fundamentals, three programming languages and passionate to learn full stack development and have a goal to become full stack developer. But getting confused with some thoughts that whether it will be a good career path or not...