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Samira M. Feb 26 75 views

Everyone says I have so much potential to do serious jobs (e.g lawyer) so I need help from you.

As I am always top of class and like learning new things, my family says I’d be good for serious jobs like being a lawyer that will get me lots of money. I agree with them as top paid jobs are in this field. But at the same time, I want to be a dancer, actress and a model for my passions ....

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Jason A. Feb 25 29 views

Where are the best jobs for being a physical therapist

I always wanted to help out with people and make people better in there life. For example I helped my recover from his ankle sprain in basketball by giving the things he needed and trying to help him get back up walking and running again. #help #life #physical therapy #psychology...


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Khamari S. Nov 13, 2020 140 views

What are the secrets behind getting to where you want to be in life?

I am a freshman and high school and I want to know what could I do to become successful in life #career #career-path #motivation...


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Jasmine A. Nov 13, 2020 75 views

What do you have to do to prepare yourself for your future career?

I can be a loving person at times where I really care and help others. I don't rush time/life....


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chance T. Nov 05, 2020 116 views
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Donnell W. Sep 29, 2020 254 views

As I get older what are things I can do now to set myself up for the adult life.

I am a 16 year old male that just want to live a good and humble life. #life...


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Eli C. Sep 18, 2020 90 views
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Indhu H. Jul 26, 2020 151 views

What is the most rewarding moment in your career?

I am a curious person and I was wondering, if a person chooses a career, how are the driven to practice the same routine over and over for a long period of time? I am quite puzzled currently about my career choice and I would like some guidance. So what is that 1 thing which motivates you,...

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Anjali P. Feb 04, 2020 199 views

What's the best advice for someone studying abroad?

I am studying abroad in Madrid, Spain this semester. I would love to hear anyone's advice or opinions! Specifically, some topics that have interested me are: traveling on a budget, learning Spanish/Spanish fluency, making/keeping friends abroad, and time management. #study-abroad #college...

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David J. Sep 16, 2019 151 views

what could i do for creative job

i love to create new thing and build things #engineering #life...


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cristian H. Sep 05, 2019 246 views
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christopher P. Apr 26, 2019 201 views

What is life?

What is life?...


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Myshelle H. Nov 15, 2018 470 views

I am interested in a multitude of things that, how do I know which career would be right for me?

Some career related things I am interested in science, traveling, photography, helping people, reading and writing. I like a challenge and to do something different everyday. #career-path #complicated #career-counseling #career-path #career #confused #help #life...

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Lily N. Oct 07, 2018 535 views

If my life had absolutely no limits, what would I choose to have and what would I choose to do?

If you had all the money and time in the world, where would you go? What would you do? Who would you spend time with? These answers can help you figure out what you want to do with your life....


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Ashley B. Aug 31, 2018 340 views

How Do I Study And Actually Retain The Information?

I've tried many different styles and ways of studying and it just never works and never sticks. I try to clear my mind and focus but I can't because my mind is always worrying and stressing over something else in my life. #study...


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Kendra C. Aug 30, 2018 303 views

How can I know if a career is right for me?

I've been bilingual my whole life and I started interpreting for my parents at doctors appointments, but then I started to get interest to cutting hair and hair design stuff, and I don't know which one I really want to do....


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Priscilla G. Aug 28, 2018 264 views

what are some good techniques to ease anxiety?

i get like super anxious sometimes and i start making up possible scenarios for situations and i just drive myself crazy...