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Career Questions tagged Life

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Mar 02 161 views

Ways to give back to CareerVillage?

CareerVillage has been a huge blessing in my life, and I would like to give back. Other than answering questions, what opportunities exist for me to accomplish this?

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Manar Feb 18 165 views

Life Massive Decision ?

How did you choose you professin?
Was it money?Passion?Parents?other?

William’s Avatar
William Feb 17 128 views

Would it be better to live on or off campus during your first year in college?

I'm an upcoming freshman undergraduate. What are some tips for anyone else who's going to college?

Kaylee’s Avatar
Kaylee Jan 30 101 views

what should are some things I should look at for careers to be financial comfortable?

I am 17, I am a junior at Rock hill high school, I just recently moved here and practically just started fresh. I am not even quite sure what I want to do as far as after I get out of high school. I already have a job but that's really not a career. so long story short is what are some things I...

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jan 23 116 views

What is my passion and daily goals?

I really try everyday to wake-up being positive and giving myself words of encouragement for the day. A good breakfast helps as well to give myself a semi-full stomach to feel better through-out the day.

Eben’s Avatar
Eben Dec 14, 2022 115 views

What is the average life like for a photographer and/or videographer in the US?

How many clients per day does the average photographer and/or videographer have? What is the average pay of a photographer and/or videographer and what does their life look like?

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Kevin Dec 07, 2022 479 views

What are your goals in life? And how are going to achieve that?

Be yourself and be kind

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Judit Nov 28, 2022 200 views

Is It Okay to Graduate College Late?

Hi, initially I wanted to get my Associates degree from a Community College then transfer as fast as possible. Lately, I have been dealing with a lot of things and considering to take it easy and maybe get my Associates a semester or year later. Yet, I feel quite scared of letting myself go...

Rawan’s Avatar
Rawan Nov 21, 2022 168 views

When did you realize that the profession you're in/studying for is something you want to do for the rest of your life?

I've had a countless number of dreams as a kid including becoming a chef, a vet, an artist, etc. My hobbies and interests are constantly fluctuating and it can get in the way of my life sometimes. I recently discovered that I enjoy being around kids, and this has made me wonder if choosing a...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Nov 10, 2022 198 views

How Do I Become Successful Both in and Out of the Classroom?

I mean I know studies are important and I intent to excel in everything I do there, but how do I become more than just a student at college?

Jhovanny’s Avatar
Jhovanny Nov 02, 2022 353 views

When did you guys realize procrastination was something getting in the way of your life.?

When did you guys realize procrastination was something getting in the way of your life.

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Nov 01, 2022 172 views

Which careers are the most enjoyable?

Most enjoyable fields/jobs

michael’s Avatar
michael Oct 06, 2022 218 views

What does a day in the life of a medical professional look like?

Im curious on what i should be expecting on a day to day basis when i get into the medical field.

jessica’s Avatar
jessica Sep 29, 2022 224 views

how do you become a pediatrics nurse what education is required? and what classes should I take while in college? how many courses do you need? what credits? which colleges work best for this field

how do you become a pediatrics nurse what education is required? and what classes should I take while in college? how many courses do you need? what credits? which colleges work best for this field

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Sep 27, 2022 174 views

Entertaining jobs?

Like are they fun to a part of? Basically something that wouldnt have you sitting at a desk the whole time.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Sep 27, 2022 179 views

How do you know you have made it in life?

What is the fine line of a successful life how do you know?

David’s Avatar
David Sep 16, 2022 332 views

How to be successful in a job without making mistakes

How be successful at your dream job without a lot of mistakes that keep happening and getting in the way when you are trying to accomplish your goal and succeed?

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Alayna Sep 16, 2022 176 views

What is stability in life?

What is the meaning of stability of life?

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Cera Aug 15, 2022 220 views

I'm trying to see where I want to live after college, any ideas?

So, my goal is to go to college and study equine, though I'm still not sure where I'll go. I want to be a horse trainer and a riding instructor, and after college my goal is to eventually get a horse farm where I can board horses, train them, and teach riding. I just have no idea where I want...

Cera’s Avatar
Cera Aug 11, 2022 320 views

Is my career choice a good decision?

I'm only a freshman in high school, so I am able to change my decision, but I think this is probably what I want to do. I just wanted some more peoples' opinions about it, whether I should minor in something else as a backup plan or something. So, my plan is to major in an equine degree in...

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Elijah May 02, 2022 367 views

Biomedical Engineers do you find happiness in what you do?

I'm trying to find a career that brings me happiness along with the small bonus of eating food and not living on the street of course?

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 18, 2022 349 views

Do you find it rude when we don't say 'thank you'?

ALL PROFESSIONALS! Do you find it rude that if we ask a question, we never thanked you for responding? I've seen a ton of discussions in Career Village that professionals don't even get the "thanks" for responding to the question. I got curious if you find it rude hehe I would like to formally...

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 07, 2022 341 views

How do I make a criteria for myself?

I want to do everything, all are important but I can't choose what to prioritize.

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Taleah Dec 10, 2021 316 views

how can I combine the beauty life with the film making life?

#teaching #film #director #mechanical-engineering #life

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Tiera Jul 28, 2021 320 views

How can I find my passion

#career-choice #career #life #lost #confused

shayla’s Avatar
shayla Jul 25, 2021 345 views

what is the reason for living

i need a reason to keep going in life because sometimes I really don't see any reason and cant make it #life

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Alejandra Jun 28, 2021 447 views

What does the life of a Film and Video Editor look like?

#film #video #editor #question #life #college

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Ashley Jun 22, 2021 345 views

I don't really have one

Just trying to figure out life #life

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Deandre Jun 02, 2021 287 views

Is walking on better then Getting college offers?

#life #walkon

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Saphia May 25, 2021 392 views

who am I as a person ?

I'm a unique and a creative person and love to challenge myself and try my best and never give up and always love to show who I am as a person with my characteristics #social #life #work-life-balance