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What was a typical meal for a medical student during the four years of training?

Medical school is already stressful enough to maintain sanity. Add on top of that with the hassles of eating, how did you prepare meals that were healthy enough for you to maintain your health during those stressful years? Also, what did you eat during those years? #health #student #social...

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Is Gender Studies BA qualifitied to apply for gradute programs in Master's of Social Work?

I love my major gender studies, and I want to focus on serving marginalized people that are from lower income, domestic violence survivors, people who are suffering from trauma (hunger, poverty, economic hardship, physical, and sexual abuse, emotional), I want to empower, protect, serve, and...

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How to be successful with the race & gender inequality?

It's hard enough being a person of color in America & the World . It makes it even more difficult when you're a female. I'm inquiring further knowledge on success stories of WOC defeating all the odds against them and paving the path to their future even after facing so many trials and...

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How do you cope with having a job that doesn't necessarily always end well?

How do you deal with your occupation on a day to day basis when some things are out of your hands? #doctors #lawyers #cops #social...

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What was your favorite activity to do during down time in medical school?

Understandably medical school is time-consuming, but some time should be made for yourself. Any particular activities you medical students or doctors liked to do during your free time? #medicine #fun #school #social...


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Anthony T. May 28, 2018 205 views

What tips do you have for balancing college coursework and social life and sleep at the same time?

I am going to be heavily involved in multiple programs at my college. I want to be able to experience College while excelling academically and not have to sacrifice sleep. #balance...


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Raymond H. Apr 24, 2018 222 views

What's the best way to fit in and make good friends?

Sometimes I have a hard time finding friends and fitting in. I want to make sure I have hanging out with people that I like and respect who have my best interest in mind. #friendship #good-friends...


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Is making friends hard when you first get to college?

It seems alittle scary to be in a totally new place and not know anyone. #friends #college #social #work-life-balance...


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What is it like being in the Social Work field?

Can someone give me insight on what they do as a social worker?...


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What are some easy ways to network and create relationships in college with people that have similar interests as myself?

I plan on attending a large public university, so there will obviously be other students that I have similar interests with. However, I have noticed that college students tend to keep to themselves. Knowing different programs and organizations that will promote deep relationships with other...

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How can I have an easy transition from a community college to a 4-year university?

I plan on transferring to an undecided four year University and am scared that the transition will be tough on me. Is there any way I can ensure that I will be able to thrive in and enjoy my new environment? #communitycollege #transfer #college-transfer #transition #social #mental-health...


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Are there any outlets for socialization or working with people in the fields of genetics/biomedical science?

I'm in love with biomedical engineering and genetics/genomics, but I also tend to be a social butterfly. I'm concerned that the constant lab work and studies will keep me from interacting with people and forming stable workplace relationships. My parents have suggested the profession of genetic...

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How to be more social in college

I'm just asking this because I don't know how to outside of obvious reasons. I tried joining a Fraternity but it got too serious too fast. I also have Epilepsy which forbids me from alcohol and other substances. How do I manage to make and keep friends in college when all I find fare people...

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how to be more social in college ?

one of my goal for this year is t be more social but I'm so shy and keep to myself most of the time ? #tips #social life...


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What are the challenges of creating and operating a group home in Georgia?

I have noticed that the orphanage concept is not very common in the US but I have seen several group homes and children shelters. I would like to have a group home or shelter but operate it more like a traditional orphanage if that is possible. #social-work #social #hospital #medical #college...


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For an introverted individual, is it a good idea to request three roommates?

I am shy and find it easy to stay to myself, but I would like to make new friends at my university. Is rooming with three other people a good way to make, at least, a few good friends, or should I make friends through another alternative? #friends #college #higher-education #education #career...


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Where should I search for inspiration to make youtube videos?

The reason why I am asking this question is because I want to know what kid's hobby are so that I can make their types of video for entertainment. #youtube #developers #social #social-media #career...


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