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Faith J. Aug 27, 2018 177 views

What is your advice for a sophomore in high school, who wants to go to a competitive college?

I am currently a sophomore in high school, and I plan to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. I want to major in textiles and have a minor degree in fashion illustration to participate in runway fashion. Is there any advice on how to be more competitive so I can strive to getting...

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Elizabeth M. Aug 03, 2018 129 views

I have too many interests! Where do I go

I have played violin, painted, acted, sung, and worked well with my hands (i.e. mechanically) my whole life. How do I find a good college when my talents are so spread out? #arts #career...


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Tonni W. Jul 31, 2018 145 views

Are there success jobs that includes selling art and viewing them?

Art historians, I want to i #arts #art #fine-art nclude my passion with my career as an...

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Jacquelyn B. Apr 16, 2018 200 views

Where should I start to get a job?

This is my first time applying for a job I don't have much experience but I do know that I wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts where should I start? #first-job #theatre #help #job-applications #jobs #employment #performing-arts...


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Samantha E. Apr 27, 2018 195 views

How can I access information about casting calls being held?

I would want to audition for movies but I don't even know how to look for them. #casting #performing-arts #audition #arts #theater #theatre #acting...


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Brenan B. Jul 06, 2018 218 views

How important is Art in college

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Jai G. May 27, 2018 193 views

How to format your promptbook?

Another stage management question! So, I have recently finished stage managing my first show (Annie Jr.!) and it was awesome, my director/ teacher says I'm a natural. However, I ran into one key issue constantly. I don't know how to format my promptbook. I tried lots of different things but I...

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Jai G. May 27, 2018 221 views

Insider tips and tricks for an aspiring stage manager?

I'm about to got to college to study theater and I am so excited! Right now, I'm setting my sights on being a stage manager, and it is a career that strikes me as having little tricks and things that can help me be more effective. I would love to know some for my future managing adventures! :)...

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Makayla L. May 26, 2018 175 views

Are there any good art schools?

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Taylor H. May 21, 2018 161 views

What is a good way to improve your skills in art?

I would like to know any tips on how to improve faster specifically with coloring pieces. #arts...


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Emily V. May 16, 2018 204 views

Which companies hire graduates with degrees in Illustration?

If I obtain an art degree in Illustration, where can I see myself working? #art #illustration...


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Jasmine B. May 15, 2018 247 views

What is a good minor to pair with Theater Arts?

I was looking to minor in Mass communications but some people have suggested I major in Mass Com and minor in Theater. What would you suggest? #theatre...


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Katie H. Jan 16, 2018 221 views

What are the benefits of choosing an arts conservatory versus a liberal arts school with an arts program?

Trying to decide on conservatory versus liberal arts with a strong program. #performing-arts #music #college...


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Vinayak P. Sep 01, 2017 187 views

How does one get a job at a late night comedy show?

I am a comedic arts major, and I want to do whatever it takes to get into a late night show. #comedy #performing-arts #arts...


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Dakota R. May 19, 2016 390 views

Is it possible for one to work as an Architect and an Architectural Engineer? I Know they're two incredibly different fields, but I am incredibly passionate about both and am curious if there is a way to actually participat ein both in the work force.

I am aiming for a BS in Architectural Engineering and Plan on getting a Masters in Architecture, to give myself a well-rounded education. I've heard from professors that it's fairly black and white between the two careers, however that might simply only be the case in America. Maybe other...

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Aishwarya J. Jan 16, 2018 283 views

How do you balance humanities with a STEM major?

I love to write and draw -- they're two of my passions -- but I also love science and math, which is why I plan on going into a STEM field. How do you keep the two balanced when so many claim you can't reconcile them? #women-in-stem #arts...


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Tamiya M. Nov 16, 2017 357 views

How would I start a Ceramics business ?

I found a passion in creating masterpieces with clay. I create plates, bowls, containers, etc. I would love to start this and move forward. #ceramics #glass,-ceramics-and-concrete #arts #business-development #business...


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Alexandra B. Oct 13, 2017 442 views

Getting a BFA v. BA in Musical Theatre?

I am applying to both types of programs for college and was wondering what people like and don't like about each program. #musical-theatre #bfa #ba #fine-art #fine-arts #arts #art #degrees #theatre...


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Indya B. May 12, 2016 386 views

To become a dance therapist should I study special education as well?

Well I am a dancer and doctors say I can never dance professionally so I decided to become a dance therapist. Therefore nothing can stop me from dancing and I can help others considering I was born with deformities as well. Dance has changed my life and I wanna use it to help others just like...

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Sylvani S. May 13, 2016 467 views

What is the best path to become a professional dancer, auditioning for a company at 18 or going to a college dance program?

Most dancers I know feel that the best path to a professional dance career is to go straight out of high school to a company. I'm not sure I'm ready for that, and I also would like to go to college. I'm afraid that if I do, though, I might be making it more difficult for me to get into a...

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Anaka N. May 13, 2017 455 views

What should I study at university?

Should I study something deemed 'facilitating' and 'employable' or a subject that I truly enjoy? #university #degree #undergraduate #arts #subjects #sciences...


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Elliott V. Jan 04, 2017 825 views

Is there such a thing as too much ambition? How do I decide what activities i should put effort into most?

I have a lot of ideas and interests, but not all of them fall in line with my career aspirations. This is a general question for experienced ambitious people. Im a student aspring to become a clinical psychologist, but I also want to be involved in politics, and i have numerous hobbies. What...

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Isabella D. Oct 23, 2016 660 views

STEM is known for being factual and numbers based so how can someone incorparate the arts into a career in STEM if they wanted a more well-rounded career?

I have always been interested in music and literature, but I have a passion for science. I want to be able to have my career in science but also incorporate the arts and history into my life. I wonder if there are any careers that blend the two areas of study. #career #career-counseling...

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Joana R. Oct 14, 2016 647 views

What can I do for liberal arts?

I am in college right now and I have no idea what I want to do, I heard this major they offer called liberal arts, it sounds interesting but I have no idea what careers are out there for liberal arts. #art #english #arts #studies...


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Kritika Z. Sep 04, 2016 551 views

Can a humanities student pursue Oceanography as a career?

I'm a 11th grade humanities/arts student in CBSE board. I have recently developed an interest in Oceanography and would love to pursue a career in the field. But, can I do that if I have the Humanities Stream in school? #arts #oceanography #geography #humanities...