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Career Questions tagged Arts

chelsea R.’s Avatar
chelsea R. chelsea R. Jun 08 63 views

What should be my first steps in getting myself into the entertainment industry?

I enjoy most things relating to the arts and entertainment, like fashion design, acting, film making/producing, songwriting, computer editing, etc... I also enjoy making content where I can try and make people laugh. I can easily think of creative ideas to help in most situations. Any ideas of...

#entertainment #graphic-design #arts #fashion-design #art #photography #acting

Xochitl G.’s Avatar
Xochitl G. Xochitl G. May 13 119 views

What are other lists of careers that involve art.

I’m a senior in High school, I know that there is animation and illustrations but what other jobs are there? #art #artist...


Kanchan B.’s Avatar
Kanchan B. Kanchan B. May 06 162 views

how do I start a career as a singer?

I love to sing and I wish to become an international singer. #singing #singer #career #arts...


Chirag J.’s Avatar
Chirag J. Chirag J. Apr 30 133 views

Is there any good amount of Scope/future opportunities after doing B.A (Hons) in International Relations or B.A (Hons) in Political Science, if not will there be more opportunities after Masters?

I'm currently applying for colleges and am In my last year of High School in Which I've took Humanities, I'm really interested in International Relations and Political Science for now, and I will learn languages while in college on my own or joining separate classes, my Aim for now is to Give...

#upsc #india #civilservices #ba #arts #humanities #internationalrelations #ir #polticalscience

Evelynn G.’s Avatar
Evelynn G. Evelynn G. Mar 18 74 views
Omari D.’s Avatar
Omari D. Omari D. Mar 16 64 views

How do you animate in Clip Art Studio?

I just downloaded it onto my phone and I was wondering if there is an actual way to animating in there. #arts...


Kenth M.’s Avatar
Kenth M. Kenth M. Mar 10 140 views

What are the things I can do to get my art recognized?

I started drawing art digitally and posting it on Social Media and stuff, and the recognition I get is still nothing, Is there a way to gain recognition or am I just too impatient? #arts #social-media #art...


Yazlynn W.’s Avatar
Yazlynn W. Yazlynn W. Feb 24 109 views

How do you become known to the modeling industry if you don't have that big of a platform, things like Instagram .

My name is Yazlynn. I am a 15 year old school girl that enjoys both sports and modeling. When I was younger, a family friend of mine had her own modeling business I joined. We went to small shows almost every weekend and kept up with a specific diet. I loved it because I see myself as a very...

#fashion #arts #lesson-planning #business

Aricin K.’s Avatar
Aricin K. Aricin K. Feb 24 78 views

what majors should i look into for college?

im a junior in highschool and im getting closer and closer to the college life. #arts...


hammad K.’s Avatar
hammad K. hammad K. Feb 03 121 views

can i study science subjects to get admission into a medical college after i studied arts and did bachelours in psychology

i have recently passed my BA after my 2 years FA. I studied 2 years BA. Becoming a psychiatrist requires studying science subjects and i am a bit confusd because i have remained an #arts student. Will it be possible for me to study science subjects after my BA so i can get admission into a...

Grace C.’s Avatar
Grace C. Grace C. Dec 10, 2020 384 views

What's it like to be an Art Director?

Hi all! I'm exploring career options and wondering if anyone is/was an Art Director and want to know the following 1.) a summary of what you do on the day-today 2.) Can you be an Art Director who has no technical art background but more of a business background, and 3.) What is the best career...

#performing-arts #arts #artist #artdirector #director #art

Jersey S.’s Avatar
Jersey S. Jersey S. Nov 16, 2020 245 views

How is the life as a graphic designer? Specifically in areas of package, web or ux design??

I am pursuing graphic design in post-secondary. I am contemplating whether I should focus on package, web, or user experience design. Although, I am kind of leaning more towards user experience so any insights on how is it look would be really appreciated. Thanks! #web-design #graphics...

#graphic-design #ux-design #user-experience #design #package-design #ui-design #graphic-designer #arts #givingiscaring

Caitlynn P.’s Avatar
Caitlynn P. Caitlynn P. Nov 05, 2020 187 views

If I happen to be interested in arts, What are some good career choices and steps I should consider?

I am in the 9th grade barely exploring my many career choices, and I happen to be interested in arts of drawing or artist of that kind. I do question how would I be able to find a similar career to the interest I have. #career #career-choice #career-path...


Tony G.’s Avatar
Tony G. Tony G. Nov 05, 2020 135 views

is there any jobs as mechanics that pay more and includes art work in it?

I'm Tony and I would love to be a mechanic because my dad got me into working with vehicles and since I love to draw he suggested putting my art work on to the vehicles I fix and I want to get into more details into being a mechanic. #work...


Shawnisa L.’s Avatar
Shawnisa L. Shawnisa L. Nov 05, 2020 103 views

What's a good art school ?

I'm mainly interested in ceramics and painting. #arts #the-arts...


shelbee B.’s Avatar
shelbee B. shelbee B. Nov 05, 2020 117 views

what is the best way to apply to a collage

I'm 17, and I'm a senior graduating this year, I love art #arts...


Kayley S.’s Avatar
Kayley S. Kayley S. Oct 27, 2020 111 views

What is the best program to learn how to draw digitally?

I want to be a concept artist/illustrator, and I have little digital art skills. I want to use Procreate, since I've used it before and it's the most accessible for me. But I was wondering if programs like Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint are better. #art #artist #art-education #the-arts...

#artists #digital-art #concept-artist #painting #illustrator #arts

Kayley S.’s Avatar
Kayley S. Kayley S. Oct 27, 2020 127 views

Should I go to a regular college and major in art, or should I go to an art school?

I want to be a concept artist/illustrator, and my dream school is CIA, an art school near me. But I was wondering if it would be more beneficial for me in the long run to go to a regular college or an art school. #art #arts #school #artschool #illustrator...


Makenna R.’s Avatar
Makenna R. Makenna R. Oct 23, 2020 133 views

Are there places to work as an art teacher for mentally challenged children and adults?

I am a sophomore in high school and ever since I was a little girl I have loved art and making art pieces in school and out of school. I would love to help mentally challenged with their art work. #arts...


Kayley S.’s Avatar
Kayley S. Kayley S. Oct 23, 2020 125 views

What advice would you give to someone considering a job as a concept artist/illustrator? What about an art director?

One of the things I'm scared of is burnout and art block. I've struggled with those issues in the past (as has every artist) but I'm worried if it'll greatly affect my work. #art #artist #fine-art #arts #conceptartist...


Kayley S.’s Avatar
Kayley S. Kayley S. Oct 23, 2020 130 views

What are the advantages and opportunities for advancement with concept artists and art directors?

I'm a senior in high school and have wanted to do art since I was little, and recently made the big decision to seriously pursue it. I want to be a concept artist/illustrator, but I also want to know more about being an art director. #art #arts...