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Career Questions tagged Musical Theatre

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Erin Feb 23 117 views

If I want to have a professional Broadway career, is a musical theatre major necessary?

One of my dreams is to perform on Broadway, but I don't know how stable it would be to major in musical theatre. I'd like to have a job where I can earn a decent income, so would it be better for me to get a degree in something I know I'd be able to get a job in and then try to audition for shows?

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Ava Jan 29 103 views

Scholarships for music education?

What scholarships are available for musical theatre majors. #music #musicaltheatre #singing #scholarship #help #collegebound #communitycollege

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Max Nov 09, 2022 177 views

What are the best majors for pursuing theatre?

Considering musical theatre or performance.

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Paris Jun 05, 2022 153 views

What do I need to do to become a professional actress?

I am a Sophomore in High School, and I really enjoy letting out all of my emotions. So I believe that theater is a good choice for doing just that. Any tips?

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Apr 19, 2018 673 views

What is the best way to pay for college without a credit-worthy cosigner?

I am a sophomore in college, and I am just curious on the best way to pay for college. I am a theatre major, and I don't have a cosigner who has good enough credit. I am really looking for advice on scholarships/grants/etc.. Anything helps! #college #college-major #college-jobs...

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Adrian Apr 19, 2018 826 views

Is it better to take a gap year after graduating college?

I am a sophomore in college, and I am just curious on the best way to saving money after graduation. This would be to prepare for the student loan burden. Would it be better to move back home and work a minimum wage job, or try and find a job in a big city that pays more? #college...

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Alex Apr 04, 2018 563 views

Do i need to go to a preforming arts school to be more successful as an actor?

For as long as i can remember i wanted to be an actor, I've done auditions before, been in plays and felt really good about myself. Now that I'm close to becoming a senior i'm not sure what to do with my future in college. So what i'm asking is, is it a step that i need to take to be a Film...

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Sarah Jan 21, 2018 515 views

How do you succeed in Musical Theatre college dance auditions?

I have always loved to sing and act, and feel confident in both of those areas, but dance auditions terrify me. I have recently began to dance, and feel like I am improving greatly, but my lack of experience is scaring me. I would like more information on musical theatre dance auditions so I...

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Jan 17, 2018 696 views

Should I take Music courses in College, even though I don't know anything?

I plan on becoming a book editor - so an English major, basically. Recently I've been watching vocalists videos on YouTube, and have become fascinated with the creative world of vocal technique. My college offers a plethora of Music courses, and I really want to learn about the subject, but I'm...

Coogie’s Avatar
Coogie Jan 16, 2018 649 views

What classes in highschool should I take in order to be a musical choreographer.

I would like to be a musical theatre choreographer for shows and performances. #theatre #musical-theatre #dance #choreography #performing-arts #high-school-classes

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 13, 2018 691 views

What to do with a musical theatre degree besides perform?

#theatre #musical-theatre

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 13, 2018 485 views

How do I get my foot in the door in the theatre world?

#theatre #musical-theatre

Aedan’s Avatar
Aedan Jan 11, 2018 471 views

What are some good theater schools on the west side of America?

I am currently a freshman in High school and I'm very interested in the Performing Arts. I have been in several plays and musicals in the past three years and am wondering if there are interesting and fun theater schools near me! I am also wondering if those schools offer scholarships. #theatre...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 13, 2017 664 views

With a degree in Musical Theatre, what jobs have people gone on to pursue?

I am applying to Musical Theatre programs across the country, but am not sure that I want to pursue the life of a performer. What else can I do? #musical-theatre #career-path #music #college #college-major #musical

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Alexandra Oct 13, 2017 825 views

Getting a BFA v. BA in Musical Theatre?

I am applying to both types of programs for college and was wondering what people like and don't like about each program.
#musical-theatre #BFA #BA #fine-art #fine-arts #arts #art #degrees #theatre #college

milo’s Avatar
milo Oct 12, 2017 767 views

What are some good monologues for college auditions?

I am in the process of preparing to audition for school. #theatre #musical-theatre #college #auditions #theater #school

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milo Oct 12, 2017 657 views

Do most colleges help theater majors find connections when they graduate?

I am interested in pursuing musical theater/ acting in college. #theatre #musical-theatre #theater #acting #musical #college #networking #connections

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Taylor Aug 29, 2017 689 views

Is it better to audition with dancing or without dancing?

I am looking to apply to several colleges for musical theater, but I am not the best dancer. I can sort of follow a choreographer, but I'm not as precise as many other people and I'm afraid that my dancing may be the make or break point for accepting me into their university. One of my closest...

Iona’s Avatar
Iona Mar 22, 2017 5236 views

How do i balance acting and law school?

Hey! So I am completely torn apart... I'm about to finish school and have already applied to one of the best law schools, but now I have doubts... I don't know if i am making a mistake by pursuing such a time consuming career that I find amazing and inspiring, but has been on my mind for just...

Halea’s Avatar
Halea Feb 09, 2017 882 views

How does a typical day run for Broadway performers?

How long are practices? How frequent are they? #theater #theatre #musical-theatre #broadway

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Jan 14, 2017 1674 views

What's it like being a theatre major?

I always loved theatre, and I'm just curious. #college-majors #theatre #musical-theatre

robert’s Avatar
robert Aug 30, 2016 738 views

How difficult is it to double major in two oppposite fields?

I'm graduating high school this year and I want to be an urban planner. I was going to major in geography (for my career), but I also have a passion for theatre and music, so I was going to major in musical theatre as well with a minor in something like public administration/communications,...

Dublin’s Avatar
Dublin Aug 18, 2016 1141 views

How can I improve my acting?

I am attending High School, and am involved in all the school productions, but I feel like I need to find other ways to improve my acting, and to achieve better physical, and vocal control. What are some good ways to improve in those areas, and how can I find more ways to improve? #acting...

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Aug 13, 2016 754 views

What is the best public university in California for Musical Theatre?

I am applying to colleges to pursue a degree in Theatre Arts/Musical Theatre. #experience #music #musical-theatre #theatre #live-theatre

Gill’s Avatar
Gill May 27, 2016 872 views

Best financially friendly Theatre Performance schools?

I'm curious because I have to pay for college on my own. I need to be able to manage it financially, but I am willing to take on some debt for solid training! #acting #musical-theatre #live-theatre

Gill’s Avatar
Gill May 27, 2016 1037 views

Is a BFA in Musical theatre actually gonna help me land jobs? Or is it just useful for the taining?

I'm going into a school for my BFA in MT but I don't know if it's actually necessary. #acting #musical-theatre #broadway

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 26, 2016 819 views

How can I get noticed by a talent agency for musical theatre?

A ton of my friends are represented by Nani-Saperstein Talent Management and I just want to know the best way to go about getting any talent management attention. Should I be the pain until the squeaky wheel gets the oil or wait for recognition in a professional manner? #acting #musical-theatre...

Raegan’s Avatar
Raegan May 23, 2016 611 views

Is there any particularly good way to intern or get experience in stage management?

I want to be a stage manager, but I don't know too much about how to prepare for the career. #musical-theatre #broadway #stage-management

Raegan’s Avatar
Raegan May 23, 2016 1452 views

How competitive is the job market among Stage Managers?

I want to go to school to be a stage manager, but I'm wanting to know how hard it is to get a job after graduating #theatre #musical-theatre #stage-management #performing-arts #acting

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 21, 2016 3437 views

Going into college, how do I balance pursuing a career as a famous actor and a pediatrician?

I am a senior about to graduate high-school. I want to be a famous actor and am set on being a pediatrician too. I've been told doing both is impossible, but that won't stop me from doing what I love. There is so much to learn in each field and I love helping people. Both careers give me that...