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Career Questions tagged Actors

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Feb 06 190 views

How and where do I audition for movies and shows?

I am a theatre kid and I love acting. I have a big dream of being in movies and shows. I just don't know how and where to do it.

Hattie’s Avatar
Hattie Nov 02, 2022 151 views

Is having a degree an advantage?

Is having a college degree in acting/theater/film an advantage to an aspiring film or stage actor?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 17, 2022 178 views

Do you need a certain degree to become an actor or film producer?

Do you need a certain degree to become an actor or film producer?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 17, 2022 101 views

Acting and Production difficulties?

What problems/ challenges do actors and film producers face in their career?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 17, 2022 138 views

How much money do actors and film producers make an hour?

How much money do actors and film producers make an hour?

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 03, 2022 136 views

What is necessary for Theatre Acting?

What skills are necessary for Theatre Acting and what is some advice for those who Stutter often when trying to say lines?

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 308 views

Playing in a commercial require acting backgrounds?

When i'm watching youtube ads, I do realize that some time it asks to learn some lines to do the ad. So i'm kind of confused. Are actors doing ads most of the time?

Kadiatou’s Avatar
Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 673 views

How to audition for movies / TV shows?

I really don't know anything about that and needed to have further explications about finding the casting calls. I heard we need an agent for that, but i'm not sure.

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Nov 29, 2021 257 views

Are there any nonprofit organizations that help you produce a short film, feature film, or documentary?

I am considering going back to school to achieve my masters in drama therapy and/or MFT. In the meantime, I would like to get some experience with film making/screenwriting and possibly get help funding the project. Any resources, nonprofits, or anything that you can recommend? #film...

nicola’s Avatar
nicola Nov 07, 2021 274 views

how can we become a actor/ actress

#actor #acting #actors #theatre

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Valentini Sep 28, 2021 252 views

How difficult is getting into the film industry?

I'm in 9th grade and I am interested in the film industry. I like movies and photography.
#actors #director #student #film #acting

Marlyon’s Avatar
Marlyon Jul 24, 2021 495 views

How should I go about auditioning?

I think acting would be really cool, and I tried to audition one time, but chickened out at the last minute because I was nervous. #acting #theatre #actors #actor

Melinda’s Avatar
Melinda Mar 09, 2021 1810 views

How do I become a Criminal Investigator in Canada?

I'd love to know how I can become a criminal investigator, and I'd love to know the process and what it looks like. I also wanna know "Do I have to be a police officer to be a criminal investigator?" My Questions: How much do they get paid a year? Do I have to be a police officer first?...

Ruby’s Avatar
Ruby Jun 06, 2020 426 views

How can I get a good international scholarship to study arts preferably Film and Television and writing

#writing #television #art #actors

daphnned’s Avatar
daphnned Mar 13, 2020 385 views

what schools should I go to so I can get recognized in my acting career

I'm trynna be famous
#acting #fame #film-acting #actors

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Sep 26, 2019 427 views

How do I become noticeable in the film industry?

#film #television #actors #film-acting #acting

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Sep 25, 2019 427 views

What college courses should i take for film

I like to film nature #television #actors #college #film

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Sep 18, 2019 435 views

What can I do to build my acting career(tv and film)? Start it off

I’m ambitious and I’m excited for opportunities #acting #film-acting #actors #performing-arts

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Aug 14, 2019 566 views

How do I become an actor at the age of 15?

I have been wanting to act for a while now and I've only took one year of theater and I'm about to take my second year, I'm a 15 yo male, 5'10 #actor #acting #actors #theatre #theater #film-acting

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Feb 24, 2019 470 views

Famous Actor its possible to be?

Can someone to tell me , to be Famous Actor ... When i will go college for #Actors i want to know if i will be famous but someone have to call me or to say me to do a movie but i think its 50% possible what can i do to call me for movie :/ #actor #film-acting #film-acting

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Nov 15, 2018 535 views

What training have you received that helps in your career?

I m hoping to become an Actor, and so I am curious what training helps the most with doing that profession well. #Acting #Actors #Performing-Arts

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Nov 15, 2018 493 views

Why did you decide on your career?

what made you decide you wanted to be an actor? #acting #actors #performing-arts

Cherokee’s Avatar
Cherokee Sep 05, 2018 528 views

What is the daily routine of a scare actor?

#acting #actor #performance #theater #actors #film #art # #film-acting #movies

Dezire’s Avatar
Dezire Aug 15, 2018 527 views

What are the best HBCU’s for theater & film?

I’m interested in going to a historically black college & I would like to know which ones are best for my field of interest.

#production #film #theater #actors #hbcu

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Feb 10, 2017 822 views

What experience do I need to go to theatre school?

To see how many more classes i need to take #manager #director #actors #stage #understudy #theatre #theater

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 24, 2016 1240 views

How do you create a investment portfolio?

I want to ensure any organization, before we collaborate on an assignment my financial track record. For example 3-5 prior to me taking over the organization. An introduction of behaviors and habits for initially, what will consider as a ground breaking process, Next, individuals will be...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 22, 2016 1002 views

How do I find funding,after establishing a business plan?

This is the next stage in my business endeavors. I am more worried about getting it done, based upon the act I am worried about failing. Plus, as a public service or charitable organization, I want to able to give back. I am in graduate school and learning more than I knew prior. Being able to...

Leion’s Avatar
Leion Sep 04, 2016 1180 views

How do I become an actor?

Where are the best schools for acting, can anyone help me with this? #film #theatre #actor #film-production #film-acting #actors #actoruniversity

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin May 28, 2016 1539 views

How's the job outlook for an actor?

There's always a bunch of up and coming actors in Hollywood and Broadway, but realistically how does a job look for an actor? #acting #film-acting #actors #movies

Mohammed’s Avatar
Mohammed May 23, 2016 1071 views

How do I become a film choreographer?

im a good dancer #actors # #film #art #fine-art #film-production #dance #choreography