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Career Questions tagged Teamwork

Kyrese’s Avatar
Kyrese Nov 16, 2022 261 views

How are working conditions in programming and I.T careers ?

Are you constantly in an office or do you work from home due to covid? Do employees often work together or have many personal duties for other companies with specific due dates?

Myles’s Avatar
Myles Apr 16, 2022 352 views

What makes a good team in software development?

More specifically, what are some good qualities that you have noticed from team members that get a good team going? Humor, flow, just anything in general that you have noticed help bring a team together to be more enjoyable & productive, specifically in computer science.

Kendell’s Avatar
Kendell Jun 03, 2021 417 views

Do you need a team to be successful in the real estate industry?

#sports #work #teamwork

Kendell’s Avatar
Kendell Jun 03, 2021 288 views

Do real estate agents work with a team or individually on their own?

#work-life-balance #work #teamwork #individual

Louisa’s Avatar
Louisa Apr 21, 2021 360 views

What do you want to be when you're older?

I am very organised and love numbers. I have a passion for #economics and #maths. I hope to study it in #college. I am open to listening to everyone's ideas coz I believe in #teamwork.

Sergio’s Avatar
Sergio Mar 02, 2020 3105 views

1. Describe a time when you used teamwork to solve a problem at a previous security job.

#security #interview #teamwork

David’s Avatar
David Jan 17, 2018 570 views

What is the best way to help your peers on a broad scale?

If one has experience with writing resumes, finding a job, and working efficiently, what is the best way to help your classmates acquire these skills? Where can I find a group that works on these skills to make sure I am up to date and still working efficiently too? I want to learn from my...

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Oct 27, 2016 862 views

How much room is there for me to grow?

I really enjoy team management too, so I was wondering if I would be able to be promoted or move up after so many years of experience. I would also need to know if a lot of team work goes on in the laboratory. #science #biology #management #chemistry #laboratory #team-leadership #teamwork...

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Oct 27, 2016 774 views

What does a regular work day of forensic scientists consist of?

I want to know how often I will be preforming experiments, collecting data, analyzing data, or collaborating with a team so that I know that it is the best fit for me. #science #biology #chemistry #criminology #laboratory #crime-scene-investigator #forensic-science #teamwork

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 09, 2016 1005 views

What needs to go into consideration when forming a software development team?

I was recently asked to be a part of a software development team for the technology student association in my high school. I wanted to know what to expect since I will be saying yes to the team. All I have experience in with technology related things is coding in different languages such as...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Sep 14, 2016 976 views

What is it like to be on a robotics team?

At this moment I am interested in robotics, so I was just wondering what is going to happen as someone joins a robotics team at their high school or college. In my high school, we do not have a robotics team, but we do have the technology student association. I wanted to know what there is to...