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Career Questions tagged Film Making

Clara S.’s Avatar
Clara S. Mar 21, 2018 508 views

What should a film major do post graduating college or university?

As a film major, I worry about what may happen after I graduate. Since getting a job in film is usually based on who you know rather than what you know, what should I do to improve my chances of getting employed after college? Would you recommend summer internships? How should I make sure that...

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charles S.’s Avatar
charles S. Jan 22, 2018 490 views

What is the best way to start and get into film making?

I'm interested in starting to make movies and i wanted to know where should i start. short-films film-making film...


Bella T.’s Avatar
Bella T. Jan 18, 2018 483 views

Is it possible to be behind the camera and in front as well?

I love acting, but I also have a big interest in filmmaking. What I'm wondering is if I pursue filmmaking, will that ever put me in a position to act? Or is it just one or the other? I know both are a hard place to get into, and I wouldn't mind some advice for that as well. acting...

voice-acting motion-pictures-and-film movie film performing-arts film-making film-acting

Niah G.’s Avatar
Niah G. Oct 20, 2017 679 views

How do you become a director?

I always dream of becoming director and I can share my crazy imagination to show the children and adults what I have. My mission is to go every studio that I got the idea of my next movie, but first I'm off the Universal Studio. film-making director film film-production films...


Manuel S.’s Avatar
Manuel S. Oct 25, 2017 365 views

Need a mentor for my Senior Seminar Project?

What should a mentor teach to someone who barely learning on how to edit and film? Detail about your organization and good resources. Film-editing film-making films...


August S.’s Avatar
August S. Oct 12, 2017 713 views

I like writing, filming, critiquing and writing reviews on movies, what job should I pursue?

I love writing stories and making videos. I love watching movies and reviewing them. I want to pursue something that allows me to work with movies but I've never taken an official film course in high school and will be starting college next year. What are some careers I can look at? I don't...

writing film-production motion-pictures-and-film college film film-making movies movie-production

Branisha S.’s Avatar
Branisha S. Aug 31, 2017 528 views

How long does it take to get into the film industry?

How long and how much work does it take be a great director? Like Tyler Perry and Gary Marshall. film-production motion-pictures-and-film...


Blake S.’s Avatar
Blake S. Nov 22, 2016 819 views

Communication vs. Film and Television Major

What is the differences between the two majors? What can I do with a communication major vs a film major and vise versa. Thanks! journalism communications film film-production sports-journalism broadcast-journalism film-making...


Aaron D.’s Avatar
Aaron D. Aug 12, 2016 776 views

Is Filmmaking a risky career path for minority?

The reason I ask this question is because I want to know if a minority who have an accent have a chance to be successful in this line of business. I have a accent and I been having second thought about this career choice. business language film-production...


Aaron D.’s Avatar
Aaron D. Aug 12, 2016 1056 views

Do I choose a career that would certainly provide an acceptable income or a career that I love but may not go well?

It been 3 years since I left my island and moved to US to have more opportunity. I love filmmaking, special effect since I was a kid and I would like to have a career in filmmaking. The reason I ask this question is because I want to know if doing a job I love is more important than the risk of...

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Charles V.’s Avatar
Charles V. May 22, 2016 703 views

How do I properly convey my filmmaking visions, and to whom?

Independent filmmaking is taking the world by storm, the internet age promoting positive advertisement, wild kickstarter projects, and a wide berth for viewing. I have so many ideas for feature-length documentaries and narrative shorts, ideas solidified in scripts and outlines. I'm simply not...

writing film-production documentary-series film presenting film-making pitching screenwriting

Calvin K.’s Avatar
Calvin K. May 21, 2016 914 views

What should I do for a filmmaking career in order to get noticed?

I enjoy creating ideas for films but I've always been more of a behind-the-scenes type of person so I have no idea how to get these ideas to the public. Should I continue to hammer out drafts and work on short films (posting it on social media) in order to get noticed? film film-production...


Sofia T.’s Avatar
Sofia T. Jun 03, 2015 1113 views

What are some necessary things you need to pursue filmmaking/writing?

I am interested in the career, however I don't know what a director needs to make a film great. I am dedicated and a perfectionist, and like to make things the best quality before releasing them to the public. Are there other things you need, or should I hone the skills I have now for the...

film-making films writer director

Paulo S.’s Avatar
Paulo S. Jan 26, 2015 727 views

What school I need to attend to work in a movie studio?

Because I want to make this as my career and I'm in my junior year of high school. I wanted to work at a movie studio since 7th grade. film-making...


Edwin G.’s Avatar
Edwin G. Apr 02, 2014 1166 views

Is there any acting programs in NYC that are highly beneficial for a male teen actor?

currently I am a High School freshman and I am looking forward to becoming an actor, but I do not know of any acting programs that can provide me with the experience to forward the career. acting film actor film-making playwright...


Alexis F.’s Avatar
Alexis F. Mar 10, 2014 1247 views

What are the advantages of taking a gap-year?

I am intrigued in what people have to say for this because I have thought about taking a year off before I enter college. I am interested in having a career in the medical field, but am also interested in film-making. I was thinking I could either do some volunteer work during this time or...

medicine advice film-making high-school college gap-year