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Saul D. Jan 22, 2018 358 views

What are some skills i need for sports journalism?

I am a junior in high school. i like to watch sports so i thought put one of the things i like to do. i am thinking of taking sports journalism seriously and writing reports about games and sports news. i am also thinking of being a sports anchor or a commentator. my major goal is reporting for...

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James D. Aug 21, 2016 596 views

Sports Medicine or Sports Reporting Possible

I am a senior in high school and want to do something with sports. I have been in sports since I was 4. I have done karate, baseball, flag football and in the last 4 years have become serious about running. I ran all year at the high school level. I also may want to become a police officer but...

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Blake S. Nov 22, 2016 714 views

Communication vs. Film and Television Major

What is the differences between the two majors? What can I do with a communication major vs a film major and vise versa. Thanks! #journalism #communications #film #film-production #sports-journalism #broadcast-journalism #film-making...


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Jakob R. Aug 21, 2016 656 views

After college, how tough was it to achieve your dream of being a sports news reporter?

I would like to know because I have had drawn interest in the field of reporting in general, but now I feel like sports reporting is what I want to go into. #sports #entertainment #sports-journalism...


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Jakob R. Aug 21, 2016 636 views

Aside from interviews and basic research, what is the overall process like to gather information and report the story?

I am a high school student interested in the field of journalism. I would appreciate knowing how they get their information and what kind of sources they use to create a strong story for the public. #sports #journalism #sports-journalism...


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ethel A. Aug 22, 2016 649 views

How likely is it to be a sports commentator?

i have always wanted to be one but i would like to know the likelihood of pursuing that career. #sports #television #sports-journalism...


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English L. Aug 22, 2016 514 views

Would a science and engineering based college be right for me if I want to go into sports broadcasting?

I've played at least three sports year round my entire life, and so I know I want a career in the sports and entertainment area. But my dream school isn't one known for this major. Do I need to just go away from my life long dream of going to my perfect school? Should I go a school with the...

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ethel A. Aug 22, 2016 708 views

How can I learn more about sports broadcasting while in high school?

I have always been interested in sports broadcasting, but have never really done anything about it because I do not know how to start, I would like to experience an internship or something similar to get to know the medium, houw could I do this? #broadcast-media #sports-journalism...

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Alana C. Aug 20, 2016 738 views

What do you love about sports entertainment?

It is important for everyone to love what they they, especially if they plan on continuing on in their career for many years. This also leads to a happy life! I would like to see why others enjoy this industry to widen my views. #sports #sports-management #entertainment #social-media...

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Alana C. Aug 20, 2016 621 views

What is the best first step in planning a career in sports entertainment and why?

I believe that it is important for someone who is beginning their journey in starting a career to understand the hard work and steps it takes to achieve their goals. I would like to see how others would start to plan their careers and why so I could also have more input on how to start mine!...

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Paul P. Aug 19, 2016 691 views

How would someone with a computer science degree get into sports entertainment?

I am looking into getting my computer science degree and I want to know what jobs are for this field. #computer-science #computer-software #sports #sports-management #computers #sports-marketing #sports-journalism...


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Ashanti D. Aug 19, 2016 597 views

What is it like to be in the public eye when it comes to sports entertainment?

I have always been curious as to how these athletes live out their daily life as normal citizens. #journalism #athlete...


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Ashton E. Aug 19, 2016 626 views

What are som possible careers behind the scenes in professional sports that I can explore?

My ultimate dream is to play in the NBA or NFL as I play both in high school and work really hard at both. I understand the probability of this happening so I want to explore some Plan B options still around the thing I LOVE...SPORTS!!!!!!!! #sports-journalism...


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Rohit S. Jun 20, 2016 692 views
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Calvin K. Jun 07, 2016 956 views

How do I get into sports journalism?

Obviously I'd have to go into an English-focused stream, but I was wondering if there is a stream specifically for sports? Or do opportunities (hopefully) open up later in my post-secondary career? #journalism #english...


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Paige W. May 16, 2016 528 views

What experiences are required to be a Broadcast Journalist?

I currently hold the position of being a news anchor for my high schools television broadcast and have started to gain an interest in pursuing a career in it. #sports #sports-journalism #broadcast-journalism...


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RJ A. Dec 04, 2014 997 views

What type of work goes on behind the scenes of a broadcast?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School interested in broadcast journalism and sports writing, and was curious to know what goes on behind the scenes at a studio #journalism #director #producer #sports-journalism...