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Career Questions tagged Media

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian 2 days ago 20 views

What are good places to apply to in the film/entertainment industry?

I am currently a film major in Community College and am looking to see where would be good to apply to once I get my degree.

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Mar 10 101 views

What is the easiest way to get your foot in the door for business marketing/social media marketing.?

What is the easiest way to get your foot in the door for business marketing/social media marketing?

April’s Avatar
April Mar 07 63 views

What is the most accurate representation of your career in media?

There are so many books, movies, tv shows, etc, that highlight specific careers. Examples include CSI, Chicago Fire, and Abbott Elementary. How is your career represented in media, and is it accurate? PS: I've heard that Scrubs is the most accurate portrayal of nursing

dakota’s Avatar
dakota Mar 03 32 views

Any advice for becomeing a profetional wrestler

im looking into becomeing a professional wrestler any advice to get started

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Feb 08 147 views

when doing marketing how do i get veiws?

when doing marketing how do i get people to look at my ads because im getting no veiws or people to click on my website.

Molly’s Avatar
Molly Nov 10, 2022 268 views

What would you recommend the best route is to get into sports media?

Hey! I'm interested in going into sports media.

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 26, 2022 398 views

Is becoming an Art Director a difficult task, where do I start, and where can it lead to?

I understand this quite the layered question, but I am greatly interested in the field of Art Direction. I would love some examples and clarity on how and where this career can take me. I do appreciate art in all forms and I believe it can come in a multitude of forms, given the subjective...

Saniya’s Avatar
Saniya May 25, 2022 237 views

Becoming a social media Influencer

What are some tips to becoming a social media influencer? What are more ways to put myself out there to gain more followers and engagement on socials?

Azra’s Avatar
Azra May 22, 2022 324 views

Which are the best universities for communications media?

I want to study communications media. But i am not sure about the country and university. I don't know which universities are better for communications media. Can you give me an advice?

Jinan’s Avatar
Jinan Nov 13, 2021 274 views

What university majors in the Middle East (or in general) open opportunities for journalism?

#journalism #media #report #college #university

Jinan’s Avatar
Jinan Nov 13, 2021 333 views

How can you choose what type of journalism you would like to qualify in?

Hi, I'm Jinan and I want to be a journalist however, I don't exactly understand how you can end up in the type of journalism you would like to qualify in. I would like to become a field journalist and report not only breaking news, but cultural and religious stories and ideas. #journalism...

Mercedes’s Avatar
Mercedes Aug 24, 2021 403 views


Hello. This post is connected to my previous questions that I've asked. How exactly do I start blogging? I gave a couple of things that I'm interested in such as travelling, writing, nutrition, I enjoy watching cartoons, etc . But what would be the step to step process for starting a...

Ayaan’s Avatar
Ayaan Jun 13, 2021 312 views

What is it like to be the producer of an anime or popular animated series, and how do you achieve this?

I want to create an anime or animated series in the future, one to be known by all. I love to draw and I am fluent in other mediums in art, like sculpting. And I want to know how do I become a famous well known artist. #art #artist #graphic-design #animatedseries #media

Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer Jun 02, 2021 279 views

What programs are most favorable when becoming a graphic designer?

What are the best programs to when working as a graphic/digital designer? #graphic-design #graphics #media

Junxi’s Avatar
Junxi Apr 16, 2021 371 views

What's a typical day like for a UC?

#entertainment #media #college

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Apr 07, 2021 429 views

What is the difference between a marketing and ad agency?

I'm wondering how they are differentiated. Also, are there some that perform both marketing and ad wrap-around? What is most common? Thank you! #marketing #advertising #ad-agency #marketing-agency #media #media-production #social-media

Gavin’s Avatar
Gavin Mar 24, 2021 597 views

What courses did you find helpful for Information Systems Technology?

I like everything computers! #media #computers #social-media #computer-building

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Ashia Mar 23, 2021 280 views

whats my favorite color?

my favorite color is black #media

Dejah’s Avatar
Dejah Mar 16, 2021 504 views

What should I study in college in order to become a journalist?

I'm a 9th grader interested in becoming a news journalist. I wanted to know what college courses I should take in order to pursue this career. #journalism #journalist #media

Asive’s Avatar
Asive Feb 03, 2021 371 views

How to become a chef?

I like hanging out with friend go ma #entertainment #media ll something like that. Watch actions movies, reading and I don't have much hobbies I just like cooking do social media challenges like # #media #entertainment #chef #cooking

I want more information about becoming a chef

Mahri’s Avatar
Mahri Dec 08, 2020 411 views

Does a degree in media production mean that you only work for news channels?

I am a video producer at my school's Multimedia Team. Iḿ looking to go to school at Colorado University's College of Media Communications and Information. #media-production #media #broadcast-media #entertainment #media-production

Reiden’s Avatar
Reiden Nov 30, 2020 395 views

What does it take to start a career in media for example sports media or a social media influencer

#media #social-media #broadcast-media #sports-media #technology #content-creator

Hikari’s Avatar
Hikari Nov 25, 2020 363 views

What work field would be best with someone who has autism and doesn't know what to do.

I have autism and wanted to to be a Vet or a nurse, but I thought about it and realized they might not be the best things to work with. I enjoy working with animal, not people. I like making art or designing things. I also enjoy writing. If ya'll have any suggestions that would be great. #media #art

Arash’s Avatar
Arash Nov 24, 2020 347 views

journalism and media

I completed my bachelors in journalism and media want a #job in #journalism and #media in #USA

Ahmad’s Avatar
Ahmad Nov 13, 2020 396 views

How to become a Male Model?

Modeling is my second dream i must follow. #modeling #media #social-media

Zeporian’s Avatar
Zeporian Sep 18, 2020 632 views

What are good career options if I am interested in both writing and "using my creative mind"?

I am a sophomore in high school looking for career options that not only let me use my creative mind but also don't limit me from doing more than one thing in life. I don't know exactly what I want to do, however I do know I want it to make people smile. I'm interested in writing, traveling,...

Siva’s Avatar
Siva Mar 05, 2020 428 views

How do I start off working in the media?

Hi I am interested and fascinated by the things that go on in the media more than anything and I believe that is where my passion lies but am so nervous of failing and ending up with nothing. #acting #theater #art #media #writing

Clifta’s Avatar
Clifta Jan 31, 2020 599 views

Is Social media marketing a good idea for a job?

Can one honestly make a living and travel by doing social media marketing? Is being an influencer on instagram a legit way to travel? #marketing #media #social-media #business

Shanair’s Avatar
Shanair Jul 12, 2019 540 views

How do I get jobs in TV hosting?

#journalism #tv #host #talkshow #broadcast-media #job #media

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Apr 28, 2019 530 views

I dunno what to major in art history, graphic design or communication. I really wanna be an art director but I dont want to drop either of the 3 subjects. What's more worth? Which subjects should I major and which should I minor? And does minoring also worth as much as majoring when you apply for jobs? And how expensive is it to minor 2?

#college #advice #major #minor #communication #media #communication #art #arthistory #grqphicdesign #university #fine-att #college-major #college-minor #design #college-minor #college-major