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Careers within the film industry aren't just limited to an actor. Behind the scenes, successful careers include writer, director, editor, and many more involved in a film crew. For more...

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Flint D. Mar 24 287 views

How do I get in contact with more professionals?

I am in college for imaging science and film and I want to learn how to make more contacts in the field. #film-production #experienced #technology...


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Dalton J. Feb 11 135 views

What are good career choices for my interests?

I'm in the 10th grade and am interested in film making and editing and am wondering what good careers there are for these interests. #film #career...


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Dalton J. Feb 11 95 views

How do I pick a major for my future carrer

I'm a sophomore in high school and I enjoy editing and film making I'm not sure what to major in though #college-major #high-school #carrer #film...


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Davion G. Feb 08 109 views

where should start for game designing

I like to play xbox I love music and I love to watch horror movies...


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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 55 views

Will I end up drawing all my animations before I'm able to animate them for Disney?

Hi! I'm Ms. Lambert at the International Community School. My 4th graders have a few questions and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance! #artist #animation...


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An Awesome Student Q. Jan 18 41 views

How many movies do you have to be in to be a star?

Hi! I'm Ms. Bermudez at the International Community School. I have a 2nd grader who has a question and I'd like to share your advice with them. Thanks in advance!...


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Daniela K. Jan 02 96 views

Is it possible to get a job in film industry in America, when I live in Europe?

I live and study filmmaking in Slovakia in Europe and movies here are not really good, I want to move (not just because of that) to America. What I have to go through to get a job in a film industry in US. or Canada? #movies #directorofphotography...


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Anna Rose L. Dec 30, 2020 149 views

How to become an actress in kollywood film industry at the age of 13 ?

Well I am 12 years old. I want to act in my first film at least when I am 14.... #film-acting #film...


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Tyler D. Dec 07, 2020 288 views

My severe fear of being poor for the rest of my life, is prohibiting me for going after my dreams. What can I do?

I come from a very poor family. I'm the oldest of 10 kids, and both my parents work blue collar jobs. We were absolutely broke. We didn't have a working car until later in my life. They couldn't afford to pay bills. We got christmas gifts from our local church. We struggled. Growing up, I knew...

#director #screenwriter #career #film #fear #entertainment

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Grayson F. Oct 28, 2020 68 views
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Seraphine J. Nov 05, 2020 151 views

What's it like to be an animator?

I always like to do art and tell stories. So I thought why not become an animator. #film #art...


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Christie T. Nov 09, 2020 185 views

I really have no clue what I should do for my career. Any suggestions?

I love to read and I love to write. I would love to be a writer but I think my best shot at getting close to that would to become an editor. I am a division 1 college gymnast and I want to try to become a stunt performer for film but these career choices are not very reliable at all....

#writing #film #careers

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Daniela M. Nov 05, 2020 116 views

What are some possible alternative jobs I can go into if being a film director is not what I want later in life, but still want to be in the film industry?

I am a 12th grader and I love the behind the scenes of movies. My favorite kind of movies are sci-fi and action. I am currently taking a class about film and I am enjoying the class a lot. #film...


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Tyler D. Nov 05, 2020 382 views

I feel like a total failure. How do I move on from here?

In high school, I got good grades. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. I got into some great colleges like NYU tisch, Syracuse, Pitt, UConn, PSU, etc. I'm the oldest of 10 kids, and from a poor family. My dads a janitor, and my mom is a waitress. I needed $7k/year to go to pitt (After FAFSA). My...

#college #general #life #film

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Doris G. Oct 31, 2020 89 views

I writes quotes and film stories. So I want to know if I can get sponsored.

Am 17 years of age will turn 18 soon. Little slim and somehow fair in complexion. I have completed Senior high school. I write film stories and quotes . #film #film-acting #film writer # quotes...

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Yazmine A. Oct 19, 2020 100 views
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Christine F. Sep 30, 2020 130 views

How do you get into the film industry?

I want a career in fashion merchandising/buying but I'm very interested in films and also how they use costumes to add depth to the characters and stories. I want to set foot on set and help out as a PA to see if maybe I should switch course and try to be in the Costumes department. #marketing...

#costumes #fashion #movies #film

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Seth S. Sep 29, 2020 126 views

I am a senior in high school and not sure which collage I should attend.

I really love digital media. I can never stop watching shows and movies. I would love to learn more about a career in the film industry. #film-acting...


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Shaima M. Sep 10, 2020 159 views

Computer Science Degree in Football Analytics?

Hi! So Im a current Computer Science major that really wants to work in the football industry. I'd like a job where I can be hands-on with the team by presenting stats and data, and being able to break down film with coaches and also be able to be there during practice/games. Is there a job...

#internship #film #computer-science #football #coaching #jobs

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Zeporian C. Sep 04, 2020 397 views

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm exploring my career options. What are some career options that align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps I can take in the near future?

At school I'm mostly interested in English while my hobbies include writing, criticizing or praising movies and music, photography, and anything that has to do with design or visual art. Topics that intrigue me are politics, debate, and changing the world for the...

#film-production #english #career #film-acting #film #design #writer #media-production #film-editing #arts #director #editing #filmdirector

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Alliyah J. May 30, 2020 293 views

Since the acting and film world is so competitive, how do I succeed in getting my name out there and where do I start?

I am an incoming sophomore at Georgia State University. So many people attend this school, so I don't know where to start making connections in order to get into the acting and film industry. #july #july20 #actress #acting #film #film-acting #college #cinematography #creativity #inspiration...

#hope #love

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Alliyah J. May 30, 2020 207 views

How do I make the best impression on an interview for a film internship?

I really want to get hands on experience in the film industry, so I want to know what they are really looking for and how to stand out. #july #july20 #film...


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Innana R. Jun 05, 2020 255 views

is it worth it to go into film?

I love doing work with directors, shooting, editing, etc, and I would love to make it my lives work but I don't know if that is worth it. should i focus on a marketing or business aspect of the industry? i have no financial backup so whatever i do will have to sustain me. #business #marketing...

#art #film

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Innana R. Jun 05, 2020 214 views

what does life as a professional camerman look like?

im interested in going into film but I don't even know what the job itself entails! i love filming, editing, working with directors etc, but is that what it would look like on a day to day basis #art #film #cinematography...