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Careers within the film industry aren't just limited to an actor. Behind the scenes, successful careers include writer, director, editor, and many more involved in a film crew. For more...

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Natalie G. Dec 17, 2019 71 views

Are there skills or personality traits that lend a person to picking a role to pursue?

I am wanting to go into Film and having a hard time deciding which to focus on (Pre-Production/ Production/ Post Production)....


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jacob P. Oct 21, 2019 42 views

what carrer is right for me

I hope to do somthing in film studdies...


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Afunso M. Oct 09, 2019 29 views

What are that things I need to acquire as a cinematographer to achieve my goals

I’m a cinematographer and film maker here and I also a graduate...


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Colby C. Oct 08, 2019 63 views

What programs and training should I use for video editing?

I've been trying to get into making videos for the internet, especially for creating content for YouTube. I was wondering what would be the best programs for doing so, and how extensive the training will need to be to master the programs. #film #technology #video...


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Noah K. Sep 26, 2019 44 views

What type of film makers are more reliable to make an income?

I want to make documentaries but i feel like that isn't a reliable way to find work. #film #art #education...


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Noah K. Sep 25, 2019 29 views
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Noah K. Sep 23, 2019 48 views

What is a typical workday like for a Film Production

I'm in Audio/Video Production for my High school and wanted to know if i keep following this path would it be a struggle finding work. #film #television #education...


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Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 51 views

Is film production worth it?

I am interested in film but have been discouraged hearing that the success rate is low and the overall process takes a lot of time and waiting. Is it still worth it to go into that field? #film #college...


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Nora G. Aug 19, 2019 51 views

Do I really have to move to LA to become a director/screenwriter?

I'm trying to plan ahead on what I want to do and I'm wondering if I should go to film school in LA so that I'm already there and developing connections. Any advice? #college #film #director...


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Samad C. Jul 28, 2019 47 views

How do you get into the film industry

What kind of things would you need #film...


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Damonte B. Dec 02, 2018 124 views

what type of responsibilities does someone in film editing hold?

How hard are these responsiblities? Do any of these responsibilities hold more importance then another? #film #movies #editing #film-editing #performing-arts # #television...


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Cherokee G. Sep 05, 2018 121 views
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Josue M. Apr 24, 2019 61 views

what is something i should be prepared for with becoming a video/film editor

I'm assuming that the job wont be just me sitting in a room all day editing, I assume there will be meetings, face to face time with other people and I just don't know what to expect at all...


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jaden P. Mar 20, 2019 111 views

what type of math is involved

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Angela J. Mar 15, 2019 115 views

What type of animation is easiest/most fun?

There's lots of different computer animating types and i don't know which one is best for me. i like to make flipbooks but there is also video editing/ green screening. I like to do both but don't know which one is more fun and better paying. So if anyone knows please tell me. #animate...

#film #artist #animation #video-games

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Nasir L. Dec 12, 2018 156 views
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Damonte B. Dec 02, 2018 146 views

what classes should someone looking into going into film editing mainly take?

importance of which classes should be taken first before others....


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basem M. Nov 19, 2018 151 views

I would like to get a certificate in the film Making (online)

I graduated from a college far from my hobby and work. I want to get a certificate to help me in the film making . I have already worked in this field for five years but I do not have time to study i need to study online #film #cinematography #college...

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Cedara F. Oct 24, 2018 141 views
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Jesikah C. Oct 13, 2018 154 views

Any other options?

I want to stay instate to go to college but, I do not know what school would be best for film and theatre besides the university of Utah are there any other options? #college #theatre...


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Jesikah C. Oct 13, 2018 157 views

How do I gain experience?

I am 18 and a senior in high school and want to go into directing, but how do I gain experience and get a hold of some of the basics before I graduate?...


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Rebecca M. Oct 08, 2018 198 views

What are some resources you wish you had known about when you first started college?

I am about to begin college, and I want to be prepared. Are there any resources for film related studies that you wished you knew about sooner? #film #firstyear #freshman #videoproduction #filmproduction #videoediting...


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Genevieve B. Aug 30, 2018 156 views

What are the best schools for majoring in film/cinematography production?

What schools would be best suited for this major? Are there certain schools that have an advantage over others? Would you immediately be able to work in the film industry following graduation and earning your degree? #majors #film #film-production #cinematography #film-schools #film-acting...