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Careers within the film industry aren't just limited to an actor. Behind the scenes, successful careers include writer, director, editor, and many more involved in a film crew. For more...

Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. Sep 04

Is film production worth it?

I am interested in film but have been discouraged hearing that the success rate is low and the overall process takes a lot of time and waiting. Is it still worth it to go into that field? #film #college...


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Nora G. Aug 19

Do I really have to move to LA to become a director/screenwriter?

I'm trying to plan ahead on what I want to do and I'm wondering if I should go to film school in LA so that I'm already there and developing connections. Any advice? #college #film #director...


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Samad C. Jul 28

How do you get into the film industry

What kind of things would you need #film...


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Damonte B. Dec 02, 2018

what type of responsibilities does someone in film editing hold?

How hard are these responsiblities? Do any of these responsibilities hold more importance then another? #film #movies #editing #film-editing #performing-arts # #television...


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Josue M. Apr 24

what is something i should be prepared for with becoming a video/film editor

I'm assuming that the job wont be just me sitting in a room all day editing, I assume there will be meetings, face to face time with other people and I just don't know what to expect at all...


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jaden P. Mar 20

what type of math is involved

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Angela J. Mar 15

What type of animation is easiest/most fun?

There's lots of different computer animating types and i don't know which one is best for me. i like to make flipbooks but there is also video editing/ green screening. I like to do both but don't know which one is more fun and better paying. So if anyone knows please tell me. #animate...

#animation #artist #video-games #film

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Nasir L. Dec 12, 2018
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Nasir L. Dec 12, 2018
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Nasir L. Dec 12, 2018
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Damonte B. Dec 02, 2018

what classes should someone looking into going into film editing mainly take?

importance of which classes should be taken first before others....


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basem M. Nov 19, 2018

I would like to get a certificate in the film Making (online)

I graduated from a college far from my hobby and work. I want to get a certificate to help me in the film making . I have already worked in this field for five years but I do not have time to study i need to study online #film #cinematography #college...

Jesikah C.’s Avatar
Jesikah C. Oct 13, 2018

Any other options?

I want to stay instate to go to college but, I do not know what school would be best for film and theatre besides the university of Utah are there any other options? #college #theatre...


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Jesikah C. Oct 13, 2018

How do I gain experience?

I am 18 and a senior in high school and want to go into directing, but how do I gain experience and get a hold of some of the basics before I graduate?...


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Rebecca M. Oct 08, 2018

What are some resources you wish you had known about when you first started college?

I am about to begin college, and I want to be prepared. Are there any resources for film related studies that you wished you knew about sooner? #film #firstyear #freshman #videoproduction #filmproduction #videoediting...


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Genevieve B. Aug 30, 2018

What are the best schools for majoring in film/cinematography production?

What schools would be best suited for this major? Are there certain schools that have an advantage over others? Would you immediately be able to work in the film industry following graduation and earning your degree? #majors #film #film-production #cinematography #film-schools #film-acting...


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Genevieve B. Aug 30, 2018

How hard is it to get a job in the film industry?

I want to work in the film industry as a screenwriter and on the set of movies and in the future after I've gained more experience I would eventually like to become a director. How hard is it getting jobs in this field? #film #film-acting #film-acting #film-editing #television #movies...

#cinematography #production

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Ana G. Aug 28, 2018

How can I stand out in the competitive world of filmmaking and its environment?

It is a very competitive field in which there are many people but not everyone succeeds, As an international female student how can a stand out from the rest? #film #directing #nyu...


Dezire D.’s Avatar
Dezire D. Aug 15, 2018

What are the best HBCU’s for theater & film?

I’m interested in going to a historically black college & I would like to know which ones are best for my field of interest. #production #film #theater #actors...


Cerissa D.’s Avatar
Cerissa D. Aug 10, 2018

Where do I start looking for jobs when I leave college?

I want to write for Film and TV. #writing #film...


Cerissa D.’s Avatar
Cerissa D. Aug 10, 2018

What is the first step in getting into the writing scene for Film and TV?

I want to know where to start first and who to make connections with. I feel like internships are important but I'm not sure what exactly I should be shooting for. My college is close to New York City which opens up a lot of opportunities. #film #college #career-path #writing...


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Claudia L. Jan 18, 2018

How do you know which job offer to accept?

I'm wondering about the factors that I should be considering about assessing the job offer that's best fit for myself. Even though it'll be a long time before I'll be applying for a full time job in the animation and film industry, I'd still like to know the general things to look for that are...

#best-fit #film #animation #jobs #job-offers

Emma V.’s Avatar
Emma V. Apr 26, 2018

Why is the Film Industry primarily dominated by male directors and is it difficult for women to succeed in this field?

As an aspiring female filmmaker, I have often asked myself why I only saw male directors on stage accepting their Academy Awards. Why are there few well-known female directors? Is there a low number of women filmmakers or are the talented ones not being recognized? How can I, a passionate and...

#discrimination #media #women-in-film #film #film-production #gender #women #equality

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Taylor H. May 21, 2018

How would you get into the animation industry?

It feels like getting into the industry is a bit hard, so I was wondering if there was any tips on how to enter it. #film #performing-arts #animation #art...