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Career Questions tagged Cinematography

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Mar 20 13 views

How is the job market for cinema?

I'd like to join the cinema field but I'm not sure of the availability of jobs this career offers.

Clara’s Avatar
Clara Feb 08 53 views

Editing on computer?

what editing software is best for producing films on a chromebook?

Ryder’s Avatar
Ryder Dec 10, 2022 134 views

What is the daily life for a camera operator can someone describe it to me?

Im a senior in high school and What’s the day in the life of a camera operator/videographer for a film company or in any editing firm?

Leire’s Avatar
Leire Dec 09, 2022 191 views

What is recommended for someone who has interest in several fields and has trouble zoning in on one to focus on in college?

Hi, I am a sophomore in high school and have increasingly been asked what I want to study in college. I struggle with this question because I am fascinated by journalism, psychology, film/cinema, and digital design. How might I be able to go about choosing one specific field?

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Nov 09, 2022 310 views

What are the pros and cons of film industry careers?

I would like to pursue a career in the film industry as a film director or film producer. I know a few things about the industry, but I would like to know more. How would I find the budget to make a film at the start of my career? What platforms could I use to promote my movie? How would I...

Orion’s Avatar
Orion Nov 03, 2022 113 views

How should I get into film as a freshman?

What should I do as a freshman in highschool to practice film and set me up for a career in the industry?

emi’s Avatar
emi Nov 01, 2022 143 views

What major is most suitable for someone interested in video editing and film?

What schools have the best program for the major or minor?

Ariale’s Avatar
Ariale Oct 31, 2022 181 views

How do you make it into the film industry as a director?

To be honest I don't know where I would start after collage.

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 17, 2022 139 views

How much money do actors and film producers make an hour?

How much money do actors and film producers make an hour?

Shaniya’s Avatar
Shaniya Sep 16, 2022 172 views

What is the daily life of a screenwriter for a film production company?

I currently write scripts and possibly am looking at being a screenwriter as a career choice but I don't even know what they do beside write scripts. Do they do other things?

Bartholomew Davis IV’s Avatar
Bartholomew Davis IV May 05, 2022 279 views

What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Apr 08, 2022 306 views

Do you enjoy working in film?

I am looking into studying something in film, but I am not sure.

Innana’s Avatar
Innana Jun 05, 2020 420 views

what does life as a professional camerman look like?

im interested in going into film but I don't even know what the job itself entails! i love filming, editing, working with directors etc, but is that what it would look like on a day to day basis #art #film #cinematography #mediastudies

Alliyah’s Avatar
Alliyah May 30, 2020 597 views

Since the acting and film world is so competitive, how do I succeed in getting my name out there and where do I start?

I am an incoming sophomore at Georgia State University. So many people attend this school, so I don't know where to start making connections in order to get into the acting and film industry. #JULY #JULY20 #actress #acting #film #film-acting #college #cinematography #creativity #inspiration...

sumana’s Avatar
sumana May 30, 2020 538 views

I want to have a my career in filmmaking field. I'm 18 yo, uncertain about what to do in future. I want to start learning about dop, writing, editing and direction. Whats the best way for me to start?

I just turned 18 and I'm so so passionate about films. I don't have unrealistic expectations of being a star director or so. I just want to be a part of filmmaking process. #film #college #art #career #careeradvice #filmmaking #editing #direction #cinematography #dop #screenplay #creativewriting

basem’s Avatar
basem Nov 19, 2018 483 views

I would like to get a certificate in the film Making (online)

I graduated from a college far from my hobby and work. I want to get a certificate to help me in the film making . I have already worked in this field for five years but I do not have time to study i need to study online #film #cinematography #college .

Cedara’s Avatar
Cedara Oct 24, 2018 473 views

How do you know if the Cinema Production major is for you?

#cinema #film #college-major #cinematography #production

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 30, 2018 558 views

What are the best schools for majoring in film/cinematography production?

What schools would be best suited for this major? Are there certain schools that have an advantage over others? Would you immediately be able to work in the film industry following graduation and earning your degree? #majors #film #film-production #cinematography #film-schools #film-acting...

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 30, 2018 3557 views

How hard is it to get a job in the film industry?

I want to work in the film industry as a screenwriter and on the set of movies and in the future after I've gained more experience I would eventually like to become a director. How hard is it getting jobs in this field? #film #film-acting #film-acting #film-editing #television #movies...

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Mar 15, 2018 727 views

How important is college in my situation?

I'm going to try to keep this post short.... movies are my life. I've wanted to make films ever since I was a little kid. I can't see myself doing anything else. I'm currently a freshman at a community college. I'm currently building up my credit and saving up to pay for school. My parents...

Annabella’s Avatar
Annabella Jan 10, 2018 572 views

What kind of internships/jobs are out there in photography/cinematography that are available for minors?

I'm a fifteen year old filmmaker/visual artist and am looking for ways to make future connections to become a Director/Story Artist/Cinematographer. I also want to start saving up for film school, and other necessities to pursue this career, so any job would be helpful. I'm also mixed raced,...

Edzel’s Avatar
Edzel May 30, 2017 933 views

What If the career I want to pursue isn't very successful?

I like dancing and acting, but I know that to be successful in that career, it's a one in a million chance. I would love to just be apart of that world, either editing or filming the whole thing. But I don't know what college to go and am pretty unsure of going on to pursue it. #film #dancing...

Jeffery’s Avatar
Jeffery Oct 22, 2016 1192 views

Graduate School: Is it worthwhile when going into the Film making Industry?

For some industries, graduate school is more important that others. I may consider taking a graduate program over the years once I finish undergraduate school. However, after undergraduate school what's the best route? #film #entertainment #film-production #movies #cinematography #film-editing

Jeffery’s Avatar
Jeffery Oct 22, 2016 1020 views

Senior Project: Career Exploration or New Skill?

At my school, all the seniors have to do a senior project. As a Junior who is interested in majoring in film and animation, I do not know whether to make my senior project Career Exploration or a new skill. Which one would be best? A note: Students at my school have different opinions on...

Gwenevere ’s Avatar
Gwenevere Aug 11, 2016 7874 views

cinematography or editing?

Trying to decide between cinematography and editing what are the skills needed for both areas and what are the career opportunities in the areas. #film-production #personal-development #career-details #editing #cinematography #movies

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn May 19, 2016 1225 views

How many career paths are there within film or television production major?

I have a passion for television and film and am planning to focus mostly on cinematography but realistically speaking, which branch within this major is more likely so ensure a job? Writing, producing, editing, networking? #film #television #cinematography #film-editing #tv-production #film-producer

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn May 19, 2016 937 views

Any advice for someone who is planning to major in film?

I have recently decided to major in film production but I continuously receive comments about the competitiveness within the film industry especially for women, at times this makes me second guess my major. Is there any advice or information I should know before I take this on? #film...

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela May 17, 2016 1096 views

What is the best way to involve yourself in the world of cinematography?

The field of film is one with many hardships and competition, which is why I would like to know what is the real way aside from having your own talent and creativity to actually immerse yourself inside this hard and complex world. #film #entertainment #television #cinematography #cinema #competition

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela May 17, 2016 1053 views

When can I start to apply for internships inside the Film Studies field?

This question is because there are many internships for film majors but some of them ask for certain experience or will be admitted once the applicant had completed at least half of its bachelor. Is this the case for every internship or most of them? #film #internship #studies #cinematography...

Kamryn’s Avatar
Kamryn May 13, 2016 1085 views

How easy is it to break into the film industry as one a female and two an Asian?

I am currently on the track of being a film student, and when I graduate I would like to get a job working for a film industry. However I would like to know hard much of a challenge it will be. #art #film #movies #cinematography #camera #business-art