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What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

Thank you comment icon my biggest challenge was when I entered the olympiad for Natural Sciences And Technology but i managed to encourage myself and ended up winning Sphesihle B.
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1 answer

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Jared’s Answer

I feel like my biggest challenge as a filmmaker was getting out of my own way and stop listening to the voices that tried to tell me how I should and shouldn't make a film. From what I've encountered, most filmmakers tend to go through a period of absorbing so much information and techniques that "analysis paralysis" becomes a real problem. It makes it difficult for a filmmaker to find their own voice and style when they're given SO MANY options for how they could create something. And then there's the outside voices that are telling filmmakers that "this" practice is better than "that" one, when in reality, there's no wrong way to make a film, with the exception of simply not making one in the first place. To navigate through all of this, I had to take some time, step back from my own personal projects and find out what I really value and what works best for me. There's a lot of sifting through information to find what feels comfortable and right for you and then letting go of everything else that tells you what you "can and can't do". Film making is an art and if anyone tells an artist how they should make their art then they're best to be ignored.

Jared recommends the following next steps:

Find interviews of some of your favorite film makers and listen to their process of how they make films. You'll see that every director has a different approach.
Thank you comment icon we thank you very much for supporting this guy he is great at questioning about life around us as the world human being Sphesihle B.