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Career Questions tagged Film Production

Stephen’s Avatar
Stephen Sep 22 42 views

What would be the best way to become a film editor for a bigger production company?

I have been interested in being a film editor for a bigger production company. do you have any advice on how i could do that? What are some skills that i would need to have?

Shaniya’s Avatar
Shaniya Sep 16 59 views

What is the daily life of a screenwriter for a film production company?

I currently write scripts and possibly am looking at being a screenwriter as a career choice but I don't even know what they do beside write scripts. Do they do other things?

mv0023’s Avatar
mv0023 Jun 14 165 views

is major in business administration along with minor in some other sub same as Bachelors of business administration(bba)

i love filmmaking and i always wanted to start my own business.i havent chosen which one i want to choose as my career after highschool and i want to know if there is a chance i can learn both in college.if i take business as major and filmmaking as minor in a university will it have the same...

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 09 142 views

what exactly is modeling, texturing, animation, rendering, set design, special effects?

I know it used in movies and social media sometimes to create human looking objects feel alive but what do you have to do for each like, what is rendering and why is it important what is the importance of texturing? that's what I wanna know what is the point of each of the things listed and...

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 09 133 views

can 3-d animation be super complex it requires multiple people?

Like i know for Disney films their 3-d now so are there certain models or animations on the 3-d model that would require 2 or more people to work on like sully every hair has to move right?

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 06 130 views

what is the hardest task of being an animator?

I'm researching special, effects artist and animator. They create special effects or animations using film, video, computers, or other electronics animation to make a character feel real and alive in a way.

Bartholomew Davis IV’s Avatar
Bartholomew Davis IV May 05 182 views

What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

Bartholomew Davis IV’s Avatar
Bartholomew Davis IV May 05 287 views

What made you want to pursue a career in directing?

I am doing some research on the career of Producers/Directors.

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Computer May 03 186 views

How much time do you have to work while being a film and video editor.

Please answer.

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Computer May 03 163 views

Are you able to make lots of money by being a film and video editor.

Please elaborate on the question.

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Computer May 03 165 views

What is your favorite project you have completed while being a film and video editor.

I am researching this career.

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Computer May 03 158 views

What is your favorite part of being a film and video editor.

You can elaborate on the question.

Maxton’s Avatar
Maxton Apr 27 215 views

A few questions about starting directorial work...

1. How do I get into any position of a media production?
2. How do I rise to a high enough level to ask for a directing job?
3. Who do I ask?
4. Once/If given the job, where do I start?
5. Once/If give the job, what are my priorities?

Sandra’s Avatar
Sandra Apr 08 197 views

Do you enjoy working in film?

I am looking into studying something in film, but I am not sure.

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Nov 02, 2021 154 views

what does someone need or do in order to get into prop production in the entertainment industry

Hi im Jacob, I go to Phillip and Sala Burton High school, and I was wondering how can I get into prop making or anything that has to do with film. I know a few things about it and I've made a few props that my class has actually used before for their film projects, but I'm not really sure what...

Flint’s Avatar
Flint Mar 24, 2021 590 views

How do I get in contact with more professionals?

I am in college for imaging science and film and I want to learn how to make more contacts in the field. #film-production #experienced #technology #film

Kateryna’s Avatar
Kateryna Jan 28, 2021 490 views

Which careers are involved in film making behind screen?

#film-production #film #careers

Zeporian’s Avatar
Zeporian Sep 04, 2020 646 views

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm exploring my career options. What are some career options that align with these interests and what are some helpful next steps I can take in the near future?

At school I'm mostly interested in English while my hobbies include writing, criticizing or praising movies and music, photography, and anything that has to do with design or visual art. Topics that intrigue me are politics, debate, and changing the world for the...

Charlize’s Avatar
Charlize Jul 20, 2020 320 views

What degree should I get if I want to be a Film Director / Producer?

#director #film #film-acting #television #film-production

Charlize’s Avatar
Charlize Jul 20, 2020 357 views

Does it matter if you go to an amazing film school vs a normal film school?

#film-production #school #film #director

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 30, 2018 492 views

What are the best schools for majoring in film/cinematography production?

What schools would be best suited for this major? Are there certain schools that have an advantage over others? Would you immediately be able to work in the film industry following graduation and earning your degree? #majors #film #film-production #cinematography #film-schools #film-acting...

Jordan-Paige’s Avatar
Jordan-Paige Aug 29, 2018 433 views

My current plan is to go to a one year film college to get a certificate in screenwriting. Many people have mentioned that you really don't need a film degree to get into film, so a certificate is fine. Is this true?

#film #film-production #director #screenwriting

Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Aug 27, 2018 472 views

If I wanted to purse a career in the arts like Photography, or film what would be the best way to achieve that dream and what courses would you suggest I take in college?

How can I get to a point where I can be successful in the photography or film industry? # Film #film-production #film-editing #television

Sayeed’s Avatar
Sayeed Aug 14, 2018 441 views

Is going to film school required for working in the communications department?

#film #film-production #video #camera #education #degree

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jun 27, 2018 393 views

What is needed in preparation to become a film major?

#film #majors #director #film-production

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 24, 2018 575 views

What is a good tip for someone going into the film industry?

#film-production #film #director

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 24, 2018 439 views

What are the daily tasks of a production assistant on a film set?

#film-production #movies #films

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Apr 26, 2018 555 views

Why is the Film Industry primarily dominated by male directors and is it difficult for women to succeed in this field?

As an aspiring female filmmaker, I have often asked myself why I only saw male directors on stage accepting their Academy Awards. Why are there few well-known female directors? Is there a low number of women filmmakers or are the talented ones not being recognized? How can I, a passionate and...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jan 24, 2018 1172 views

What is the typical day- to- day life of a movie critic?

I am curious.

#film #film-critic #movies #film-production #motion-pictures #journalism

charles’s Avatar
charles Jan 22, 2018 569 views

What is the best way to start and get into film making?

I'm interested in starting to make movies and i wanted to know where should i start.
#short-films #film-making #film #film-production