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Choosing a career is difficult. ensures you are not alone in this process. Check out previous questions and answers, and if you are still confused, please ask away. For...

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Yareli U. 2 days ago 51 views

What jobs are available if you are majoring in social worker?

I am a high school student not knowing what she wants to become/ major in the future. #social-work #career #social #college...


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Cecilia N. Mar 27 64 views

What’s the best career decision you made?

My best career decision I’ve made was getting involved with elderly people (residents) as a cna....


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Joshua B. Mar 16 47 views

What is the risk factor associated with this line of work?

I'm a male, 19 years old and currently enrolled in Job Corps. I'm trying to gain experience in Facilities Maintenance. I'm interested in becoming a Lineman or Journeyman Electrician. I have a high school diploma. #career-path #job #career #facility #maintenance...


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Dayton E. Jan 29 72 views

Day in a life

What is a normal day like for someone who has a Art degree ? #art #research...


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Bailey E. Jan 28 71 views

What kind of work would I find in the welding career?

I'm currently interested in welding but I wanna know where it can take me in the future. Thank You :) #career #welding #future #career-choice...


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zyia L. Jan 23 81 views
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Rachel A. Dec 03, 2019 153 views

Career advice for directionless psychology graduate

I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in #psychology and I am looking for a #career-path that will be fulfilling, suit my interests, and not require more than a #master's degree. I'm an introvert, but I am interested in helping/understanding others. I enjoy puzzles, learning,...

#healthcare #school-counseling #nursing #marketing #genetic-counseling #hr

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Kira D. Nov 14, 2019 99 views

What are some careers involving psychology?

I am interested in the human mind and how that works. I’m interested in something that involves a 4 year degree and will give me a good paying and interesting job. #psychology #career #clinical-psychology #psychiatry...


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selena V. Oct 30, 2019 67 views

what are office administater's responsibilities?

I would like to have a routine in my career but at the same time do something a little different sometimes. #career-path...


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frank J. Oct 30, 2019 92 views

what do you like most about you're job

#career-path #career I'm not sure about the career path I have chosen I like working on car but I feel like the pay wont be as well...

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Jazmine S. Oct 15, 2019 93 views

Before you knew about your career, what is something that you wished you knew (but didn't) when you first joined that career path?

I wished I actually knew that being a construction engineer required of what the clients wanted on their houses instead of being creative on my own. #career #engineering #engineer...


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Jazmine S. Oct 15, 2019 113 views

The career you've chose this year seemed like the one that best fits you, but if you had a choice to pick a new career, would you change it or not?

I want to major in Anthropology, but it seems like sooner or later down my career path, I would want to become a Engineer that builds new homes or remodels homes. So it's like I'm debating on what career I would choose first. #career #college #career-choice #career-path #college-major...

#anthropology #engineering

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Fabian M. Oct 09, 2019 103 views

What are the next steps i need to better my career?

I'm a new student trying too better my career. #career-choice...


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What are the top projected careers in the next 4 years ?

What career fields are in the most demand?...