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Career Questions tagged Career Path

Choosing a career is difficult. ensures you are not alone in this process. Check out previous questions and answers, and if you are still confused, please ask away. For...

Makayla T.’s Avatar
Makayla T. Makayla T. Jul 26 40 views

Why is it important to set a career goal?

I think it’s important to set a career goal because it keeps you on a path instead of just being lost and confused in your college and adult years. #career...


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Ruan A. Ruan A. Jul 24 80 views
natasha N.’s Avatar
natasha N. natasha N. Jul 23 60 views

will i be able to become a real estate agent at 17 years old?

im determined to do anything possible for a better life and future and im willing to work really hard to archive that #career-path...


Lanay B.’s Avatar
Lanay B. Lanay B. Jul 12 68 views

What career field should I choose?

My personality type is Advocate (INFJ-T). My traits are Introverted – 79%, Intuitive – 51%, Feeling – 54%, Judging – 53%, Turbulent – 65%. My role is Diplomat and my strategy is Constant Improvement #career #career-path #career-choice...


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Chandini R. Chandini R. Jul 04 82 views

Can you pursue multiple careers?

I'm interested in a variety of potential occupations, but I'm not sure which one to pursue. #career #career-path #career-choice...


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Sierra S. Sierra S. Jun 30 61 views

What careers involve science and history?

I'm in high school and I like science and history. I don't really know what career I want to pursue but I am open to everything and I want to learn more about different careers. #career-path #career-choice #career-paths...


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Clementine M. Clementine M. Jun 18 117 views

I need help! I have tudied and gone to further my studies but I find myself lost with no career aspirations. I dont know what career to follow. I feel I dont know or can identify what my passion is. How can I find a career?

The jobs I have had happen to be in leadership and the opportunities kind of fell on my lap, but also they're short-lived. So I have a cv that sounds impressive,with these job titles but in reality I dont have proper experience. Now looking for work I dont know where to look. I feel lost with...

#career-path #career #job #career-counseling

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Amanda W. Amanda W. Jun 15 126 views

How can I find the most suitable career for me?

I have a general grasp of my interests and hobbies, but I'm not sure how to apply that to helping me choose a career. I want a career that matches my interests as well as my values. #career-path #career-choice #undecided #career-counseling...


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jennifer L. jennifer L. Jun 13 100 views
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Nayeli M. Nayeli M. Jun 10 109 views

What are are some possible careers with a BS in Psychology?

I am currently in college and majoring in Psychology. A lot of people tell me I won't be able to find a job with my degree and it has made me a little bit anxious about what to expect after graduation. I want to know what are some possible careers for me that don't require a Masters degree....

#career-path #career #psychology #college #career-choice

Kendall B.’s Avatar
Kendall B. Kendall B. Jun 08 69 views

Career resources

What are some good free resources to discover what career path you may want to pursue? #career-path #college...


marli E.’s Avatar
marli E. marli E. Jun 07 185 views

I'm not sure what to study at all I'm looking for career advise

I'm very artsy but I wouldn't want to pursue it as a career. I love working around people but not really with them, I like working with my hand and doing practical things but I also like theoretical things and working with a plan... #career-choice #career-path #career...


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Victor D. Victor D. May 28 72 views

How should I choose my career, based if interests or what I believe is possible?

I’m a 11th grade student who cannot find a career path to go down. I want to find a career that’s trade related but at the same time I have interests in being a nurse who can help others out....


Natalie C.’s Avatar
Natalie C. Natalie C. May 20 65 views

How do I make my future possibl

I want to go into the military...


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Emma O. Emma O. May 19 112 views

Career Choice/ Career Path

Hi! I am currently a junior in high school, and I am starting to think about what I want to study in college. At school, I am interested in psychology and music. My hobbies include singing, acting, and reading. I also enjoy being a part of a mental health awareness club called “Mind Matters” at...

#career-path #college #career-choice

Dey'ja M.’s Avatar
Dey'ja M. Dey'ja M. May 07 195 views

What are some common career paths in this fields?

I’am passionate about my work, I am ambitious and driven, I am highly organized #career-path...


Dey'ja M.’s Avatar
Dey'ja M. Dey'ja M. May 07 108 views

If you witnessed a fellow officer committing a crime, what would you do? .

I am always the first person that my friends call because they know I am always there for them. I'am also Motivated/ Ambitious / Leader....


Curtis C.’s Avatar
Curtis C. Curtis C. May 06 98 views

What are your desire outcomes?

Watching videos from experts in YouTube can benefit your career goals #career...


Brandon F.’s Avatar
Brandon F. Brandon F. May 06 135 views

What would a good entry level in Information Technology be?

I'm a senior in high school. I'm trying to decide on the best career path for me. #technology...


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Kayse M. Kayse M. May 05 99 views

What are some suggestion for a BBA?

I want get a Bachelors in Business Administration, would like to know more about it! #businesswoman #career...


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Ken W. Ken W. Apr 19 145 views

What are some sustainable jobs for people with a biology degree?

I am not committed to a specific career but I would like to work with animals, research medicine, or help conserve the planet. What are some careers that fit into these categories in which I can still financially support my family? #career-counseling #career #biology #stem #career-choice...