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Career Questions tagged Career Path

Choosing a career is difficult. ensures you are not alone in this process. Check out previous questions and answers, and if you are still confused, please ask away. For...

josie E.’s Avatar
josie E. Oct 08 59 views

What type of things can I do to prepare for a psychology degree?

I'm in highschool, so small things that can help me get a feel for this degree. psychology college career-path...


Kadar E.’s Avatar
Kadar E. Sep 28 82 views

How long does it usually take to move up the corporate ladder and what can you do to move up?

I am very dedicated to having a job that Im interested in as a career and the job that i'm interested in is I.T. career business career-path...


Yazmaine R.’s Avatar
Yazmaine R. Sep 01 119 views

As a genetic counselor what are some things you wish someone told you before pursuing this career?

I'm a high school graduate, graduated this year. I am enrolled in job corps and am doing research on careers that I may want to pursue psychology career career-path . I am interested in becoming a genetic counselor and want to learn as much as possible from someone already in that...

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Edgar G. Aug 18 78 views
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sam P. Aug 11 150 views

The pros and cons of being an underwater welder

I am very interested in joining that field and I want to make sure it is a good career for me. career...


Danah P.’s Avatar
Danah P. Aug 07 127 views

My career goal

My career goal is to finish nursing school work as a nurse for a few years learn how to become a real estate agent and become a real estate agent maybe even do both#hard-working career-path...


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Leandra W. Aug 05 124 views
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Athena R. Aug 05 85 views

What is this about

I’m loving nice like people love school love to work...


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Amanda L. Aug 03 113 views

How do I choose a fulfilling career and/or job?

I'm a recent graduate who is changing my career path and trying to figure out my next steps. career-choice job career career-counseling...


Halaya V.’s Avatar
Halaya V. Aug 03 147 views

I want to get into a career that allows me to travel around the world to learn new things and teach people that there are different ways of doing things then the way that they were taught. Any suggestions on careers?

I know what I want to do but I don’t know what career will suit me in that point, I’ve tried researching and other things but I can’t find anything that stands out to me please help. Thanks travel career-path...


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Mela B. Aug 02 118 views

How should I choose between two career options?

I want to be a therapist, but I am not sure if I want to go as far as being a psychologist or just being a counselor. psychology therapy...


Makayla T.’s Avatar
Makayla T. Jul 26 102 views

Why is it important to set a career goal?

I think it’s important to set a career goal because it keeps you on a path instead of just being lost and confused in your college and adult years. career...


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Ruan A. Jul 24 193 views
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natasha N. Jul 23 240 views

will i be able to become a real estate agent at 17 years old?

im determined to do anything possible for a better life and future and im willing to work really hard to archive that career-path...