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Choosing a career is difficult. ensures you are not alone in this process. Check out previous questions and answers, and if you are still confused, please ask away. For...

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Jessica H. 23 hours ago 14 views

Does your family support your career decision?

I feel like whatever you choose to do in life, your family should always have your back....


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Mochi Y. Jun 10 524 views

What is a perfect career for me?

#career-choice #career #career-path I am a fifth grader going to 6th grade and I don't know what to do. My dad is pressuring me to choose my career and find a colleg, but how do I know what I want to do for...

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Asya M. May 22 83 views

Are there any careers out there that combine speech-language pathology (SLP) and applied behavior analysis (ABA) ?

I’m extremely interested in becoming an SLP out of my interest in improving the communicative/throat-related functional abilities of individuals with special needs, but I also have an interest in helping individuals with special needs have an overall better quality of life through applied...

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Hrucha D. May 17 147 views

Career Options after Graduating?

Hi, I wanted to know what are the possible career options with a Bachelors' Degree in Life Sciences. Thanks in advanced for your help! #science #career #career-choice...


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Isolena U. May 14 193 views
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What kind of careers could i get that allow me to be outside more than in a office?

I like to be outside, I #career-path feel like I'm being trapped in an office...

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Yasmine F. May 07 218 views

How to create a good linkedin profile?

I am a 3rd year science student and am looking to find an internship as a research assistant #internship #research #career-path...


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Arisa Y. Apr 29 251 views

How did you know what you wanted to do for your career?

In what stage of your educational life did you realize what you wanted to do or are passionate about? I feel pressured and stressed about the fact that I don't know what to do because I feel like everyone else does. Are there any suggestions as to what I should do to get a sense of what I like?...

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Amaya C. Apr 18 99 views

Should I change my major from sociology to political science?

I chose sociology because I have an interest in learning about people and the problems we face in the world. I don’t know what I want to pursue career wise but I do know that I want to be able to change lives for the better. I recently have taken a liking to political science and I think it’s...

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Shawn W. Apr 17 74 views

Would you recommend a career in Pathology?

I’m considering going into medicine, but I don’t know what specialty is right for me. I would like a career where I can tackle important problems and make people’s lives better. What do you guys think? Would this be the right specialty? I’m trying to figure out which one is right for me....

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mariana F. Apr 08 152 views

How can I find t jobs and careers are right for me?

I am a very extroverted person who loves meeting, talking-to, and listening to other people and their stories. In the past I have considered majoring in psychology but had trouble finding a fitting career. Though I am good at publically speaking, I thrive more in mathematics then in English....

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What jobs are available if you are majoring in social worker?

I am a high school student not knowing what she wants to become/ major in the future. #social-work #career #social #college...


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Cecilia N. Mar 27 205 views

What’s the best career decision you made?

My best career decision I’ve made was getting involved with elderly people (residents) as a cna....


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Joshua B. Mar 16 128 views

What is the risk factor associated with this line of work?

I'm a male, 19 years old and currently enrolled in Job Corps. I'm trying to gain experience in Facilities Maintenance. I'm interested in becoming a Lineman or Journeyman Electrician. I have a high school diploma. #career-path #job #career #facility #maintenance...