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Career Questions tagged Veterinary Medicine

Sarah F.’s Avatar
Sarah F. Jun 06 55 views

What is it like to be a veterinarian? What are some things that you wish that you knew before applying to vet school?

What is it like to be a veterinarian? What are some things that you wish that you knew before applying to vet school?

Victoria G.’s Avatar
Victoria G. May 18 66 views

Vet College

Is it better to go to a college that has a pre-vet/ vet program or go to a regular college for your undergraduate degree?

liliana G.’s Avatar
liliana G. Apr 08 92 views

What are some college classes that you need to take to become a veterinarian?

I want to know specifically if you need to take like any science classes, if so which ones.

Stella M.’s Avatar
Stella M. Apr 05 74 views

How do Veternarians practice to not hurt animals in college?

I was wondering how Veterinarians get time to have practice in college to not hurt any animals what do they use to practice on and at what point in their college career?

ted L.’s Avatar
ted L. Mar 20 184 views

How do you become a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)?

I'm studying 10th std. I'm just searching for info on how to become a doctor. and I am interested in becoming a veterinary doctor or bds doctor. I'm little bit confused. I love pets

Chloe A.’s Avatar
Chloe A. Feb 25 126 views

What are the best classes to take in college when pursuing vet school/ a veterinary occupation?

#veterinary #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #animal-health

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Chloe A. Feb 25 96 views

What is it like being an ophthalmology veterinarian?

#veterinary #animal-health #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian

kaylee R.’s Avatar
kaylee R. Feb 22 118 views

what is it like to be a large animal veterinarian?

i am a sophomore in high school, and i want to know more about different careers
#veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #veterinary

Perla S.’s Avatar
Perla S. Oct 26, 2021 145 views

Any times you felt like becoming a vet was becoming difficult for you?

#veterinary #animal-health #veterinary-technician #veterinary-medicine

Alyssa P.’s Avatar
Alyssa P. Oct 08, 2021 166 views

What are the best college classes to take to be a vet tech or something with animals?

#veterinarian #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #animals

Hailey M.’s Avatar
Hailey M. Oct 07, 2021 190 views

What Are Good College's For Starting Early and Majoring in Veterinarian Medicines?

I'm a 12th grade student looking for affordable college, hoping to start early in majoring in my Veterinarian Medicines so I don't have to go a full 8 years and start early instead to get it done with. I'm finished high school in January so where do I start in order to get experience as well....

Lacy H.’s Avatar
Lacy H. Sep 23, 2021 172 views

Do I need special clothes?

#animals #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine

Marie M.’s Avatar
Marie M. Aug 25, 2021 263 views

Master in Primatology

I studied Agro- and Biotechnology (Animal Care) & I would love to study Primatology. I've been looking at Masters' degrees online but they often already require a Masters' degree before I can start... Can anyone help? #degree #animals #master #primatology #veterinary-medicine

K B.’s Avatar
K B. Aug 22, 2021 334 views

What do i need to do in university to become a vet?

I'm homeschooling, so i'll be done with school a lot earlier than the rest of my age group. I want to become a vet, but i have no clue how to become one. I know i need a bachelor's, but i don't know how to get it or how long it will take and i'm looking for a few loopholes, so that i don't need...

Raiven M.’s Avatar
Raiven M. Aug 05, 2021 335 views

What challenges will I face in veterinary school?

When I get older I want to become a veterinarian. #veterinarian #animals #animal-health #vet #veterinary-medicine #veterinary

carelle S.’s Avatar
carelle S. Aug 05, 2021 223 views

Should i study animals all my life?

#veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #science

Fatima P.’s Avatar
Fatima P. Jul 31, 2021 207 views

I want to become a veterinarian and I would like to know, what could I do in the medical field with animals if I only like math?

#veterinary-medicine #animals

De'Lana H.’s Avatar
De'Lana H. Jul 26, 2021 254 views

Who is your favorite author?

I would love to become a published writer or a veterinarian. #animals #writing #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #poetry #writer #creative#creater#criticalthinking#author

Johnathan R.’s Avatar
Johnathan R. Jul 09, 2021 228 views

How hard is is to start a business?

I would love to be a veterinarian one day and start my own business that lets me make medicines for domesticated pets. #Animals #Business #Medicine #vet #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian

Samira N.’s Avatar
Samira N. Jun 19, 2021 444 views

Jobs that deal with helping Animals

So I just finished my sophmore year of Highschool and I'm trying to figure out what I'm passionate about. Something that I've thought about is rescuing/healing animals. I don't know many jobs that's deal with that cause I'm pretty clueless when it comes to all that right now but I wanted to ask...

Nicole B.’s Avatar
Nicole B. Jun 17, 2021 298 views

What do i need to do to become a veterinarian

I am currently in high school and i aspire to become a vet. I enjoy learning about science and getting involved in volunteering opportunities. I want to gain experiences in animal clinics as well but dont know where to start.
#science #veterinary-medicine

Denishia L.’s Avatar
Denishia L. Jun 15, 2021 226 views

What can I do to pursue a career as both a journalist and veterinarian?

I love animals and have always been interested in pursuing a career that involved caring for them since I was young, but as I began getting older I found interest in writing which made me want to be come a journalist. Now I'm stuck in trying to pursue both careers as I am currently going to...

amalia M.’s Avatar
amalia M. Jun 09, 2021 311 views

how do i decide on what i want to do?

im a 16 year old girl who loves animals but also loves to do hair as well. I wanted to a vet ands start my own clinic but i also would like to be a professional hairstylist #veterinary-medicine #job #veterinarian

Melissa P.’s Avatar
Melissa P. Mar 17, 2021 386 views

I am a 9th grader and I am interested in becoming a vet, I have a question for that, If you are a veterinarian is there anything you dislike/ like the least about your job?

#veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #job #career

Ashly G.’s Avatar
Ashly G. Feb 23, 2021 487 views

What should I major in if I want to become a veterinarian? (What classes do I need to take to help me become a veterinarian?)

I like animals. I want to help them. I'm aware I'll see some crazy things like blood and broken bones. But I want to help animals. #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #student #graduate

Samariyah L.’s Avatar
Samariyah L. Feb 01, 2021 376 views

What's the best college to become a vet?

#veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #animal-health

Ashlynn W.’s Avatar
Ashlynn W. Dec 21, 2020 310 views

Which colleges should I apply to if I am wanting to be a veterinarian?

Which colleges have good schooling for future veterinarians? My uncle went to Utah State University and then went to a vet school in Colorado. He is a veterinarian now and that is what I want to be. Which colleges should I apply to in order to get a good education to become a veterinarian?...

Alexa V.’s Avatar
Alexa V. Dec 21, 2020 422 views

What are the best vet schools in the U.S.?

I am a sophomore in high school in Utah. I have been interested in becoming a veterinarian for a while now. I am wanting to know what schools offer the best vet program? #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #vetschool

Brooklynn M.’s Avatar
Brooklynn M. Dec 21, 2020 177 views

How do you choose what area of Veterinarian science to choose?

I am a sophomore in Box Elder County, Utah. I love animals and have been around them my whole life. I am a proud member of my county's 4-H and FFA. My dream job started in 5th grade and still hasn't changed. I would love to be a Veterinarian. I hope that I can find something with animals that I...

Kendyl H.’s Avatar
Kendyl H. Dec 21, 2020 214 views

Is there any veterinary clinics in Cedar City, UT that are hiring?

I am a student and love working with animals. I want to train to be a very while I do preliminary college work. #student #vet # college #work #workingstudent #veterinary-medicine #veterinarian