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Career Questions tagged International Student

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Alexa Nov 08 77 views

Where should I start when searching for universities abroad?

Where should I start when searching for universities abroad? #Fall22

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Luca Massimo Aug 03 281 views

How can I best find architecture photography clients when starting my business?

I've developed a nice portfolio of architecture photography throughout the last 3 years and am working on my online presentation currently. I've had my first client shootings and am looking to find more clients to get started and turn my sidehustle into my dreamjob.

Srishti’s Avatar
Srishti Apr 02, 2021 266 views

What kinds of jobs can I apply for in the US as an international student with a Biochemistry/Biotechnology bachelors degree , especially if I want to work for laboratory experience and then apply for graduate school?

#international-student #biochemistry #biotechnology #job

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Ta'Vonya Feb 25, 2021 661 views

What are some scholarships for international students in high school?

#high-school #high-school-students #scholarships #international-student #college #science #STEM

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Tasneem Dec 21, 2020 520 views

Employment in College

What are good jobs to work at while being a student at college? Also, when do you recommend a student to begin working while studying?

#student-employment #international-student

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Babita Jul 22, 2020 625 views

My question is how do I find tech companies who are hiring non-residents?

My major is computer science and I’m an international student. After graduation we can apply to work for a year as a part of practical training. But I’m worried about my career after that because my one work permit will expire and can’t be renewed since I’m a non-resident of US. I have to find...

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Paulina Vanessa May 12, 2018 621 views

How can international students deal with cultural shock?

I am an international student who plans to study a bachelor's degree at the United States. I have heard that many other international students have had troubles when facing cultural shock. Therefore, I would like to know how can it be handled effectively. #college #college-advice...

Paulina Vanessa’s Avatar
Paulina Vanessa May 12, 2018 467 views

Which is the most challenging part of studying an undergraduate degree on education at the United States?

I am an international student who's dream is to study education at the United States, and I would like to know more about the challenges students can face while studying a degree on education so I can compare the differences among studying at my country and studying at the United States....

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Jing Feb 09, 2018 463 views

24-year-old adults want to re-enter university

Hello, I am a Chinese student. I did not go to college because of the entrance failure. After several years, I did not have a clear goal of life. But people always grow and realize, and I think now I know very well how I want to be educated and want to be a good person. May I ask what kind of...

Kim’s Avatar
Kim Jan 22, 2018 441 views

What do you need to apply to schools outside of your country?

I want to consider going to school outside the country just to do a little exploring and I want to see new places. #livelife #study-abroad #international-student #college-applications

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Chun Mar 11, 2017 1040 views

How can an international student study medicine in Canada?

I am an international student who is now studying in Montreal. I want to be a doctor. But I've heart that Canada doesn't allow international student to study clinical medicine unless he becomes a permanent resident of Canada. Is that true? If it is true, what should I do? #college #doctor...

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Ena Feb 26, 2017 737 views

How to get work permit in US?

I am international student in Canada. My study permit can be employed by local companies. I want to have a internship in US. Will it possible? #international-student