Career Questions tagged Social Activism

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Greta M. Jan 16, 2018 239 views
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Josephine K. Jan 16, 2018 353 views

How can low income students be encouraged to pursue a higher education?

Few people that I have visited living in a low income community have made the excuse that the lack of them being successful is the reason behind how less resourceful their community is. But, In my perspective that reason is invalid because I also live in a low income community. For that...

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Clarissa B. Jan 19, 2018 438 views

How do I apply my passion to my career?

I am a marketing major and I hope to have a career in the advertising or social media field. I am very passionate about human rights, equal opportunities, anti-racism, and women's rights. I would like to know how I can apply these types of themes into my career in a way that I can make a...

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Abby L. Nov 08, 2017 831 views

How to get involved in politics as a high school student?

I'd like to get more involved in the political aspect of life, and particularly science advocacy. What are some things I can do as a student that might make a difference? #politics #advocacy #science #lobbying #social-activism...