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Claire G. Aug 15 109 views

Hi! I am seeking advice on how to get an internship in the law field, preferably at a law firm or something of that kind?

I am a junior in high school from New Jersey, I am interested in pursuing a career in the legal field. I do Forensics at my school, which is a big commitment, so I am hoping for an internship that is flexible with a high school schedule. Anything helps, and thank you! #internships #law...

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Ray K. Jun 15 187 views

What are some jobs related to social justice?

I've come to realize that my only passion is social justice, especially for lgbtq and poc. I do also have a desire to help people and a knack for writing. However I feel like I would not thrive on one-on-one work like becoming a councelor because it feels too personal and too much pressure,...

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Mikaela Q. Apr 22 126 views

How do I go into a career in political strategy?

I'm a senior in high school interested in politics and political science. #political-science...


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Amaya C. Apr 18 141 views

Should I change my major from sociology to political science?

I chose sociology because I have an interest in learning about people and the problems we face in the world. I don’t know what I want to pursue career wise but I do know that I want to be able to change lives for the better. I recently have taken a liking to political science and I think it’s...

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Amaya C. Apr 14 154 views

How do I get more information about where to acquire political experience.

I’m a college freshmen sociology major that goes to a hbcu and I just recently became fond of political science and government. I would love to acquire more knowledge about the major and where I should start to gain experience in that field. #college-major #political-science #sociology...


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Isabeth M. Apr 13 152 views

How can I get involved in economics and political science? Especially with research. How can I be a leader with these interests?

I’d like to become involved in economics and poli sci and really stand out as a high school student. Are there any recommendations for research or extracurriculars I can start. I have seen people publish books and start organizations and I don’t really have any ideas so far. I am really...

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Brayden V. Nov 14, 2019 158 views

What is it like in the life of a cop?

What happens on a general basis for the life of a cop #law-enforcement...


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Roy C. Oct 03, 2019 163 views
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Ana R. May 29, 2019 312 views

if you have a political science/international relations degree what are the jobs you can do?

to all the political science majors, what are the job opportunities your degree give you? and what are the advantages and disadvantages of your job? thank you:) #political-science #international-relations #degree #college-major...


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Tristan W. Apr 16, 2019 176 views

If my strengths include being a conversationalist and being polite then what types of careers might best fit me?

I am primarily interested in the humanities, e.g., political science, philosophy, and other social sciences. #career-path #political-science...


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Deana A. Dec 18, 2018 240 views

How do I learn about public policy as a social work student?

I'm interested in doing public policy and community organizing in the future, but I'm currently a social work student. There are only 2 classes about policy for social work, and I completed one with not a lot learned. I am pursuing a political science minor, but there are no classes on policy...

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Amberly S. Sep 12, 2018 217 views

Is global warming real?

If climate change is real, how does it affect us daily? #political-science #science #climatechange...


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Zunarah A. Jan 22, 2018 371 views

What careers would be available to an individual interested in neuroscience and political science, two inherently different fields?

I am asking this question because throughout my high school career, I have developed an interest in political science through my involvements at school; however, I am also incredibly fascinated by the nervous system and would love to work in such a versatile field. What would a good middle...

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Manuel H. May 25, 2018 241 views

What internships should I be looking for to build an intriguing law school application?

I just graduated high school, and will be attending Johns Hopkins in the fall hoping to major in International studies. I’ve already had an internship at a law office, where I’m now employed. What type of internships should I be on the look out for in the Baltimore area? I only know of law...

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Deana A. May 24, 2018 313 views

What is it like working in public policy?

I am getting a degree in social work, but my interest lies in the macro side of the profession. I was looking at getting a degree in public policy after I finish undergrad, but I'm not sure what exact jobs there are in public policy. What skills are taught? Would I work for a company or for a...

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Deana A. May 24, 2018 302 views

How to Get Out the Vote?

Have any professionals been involved in civic engagement? I want to get more young people on my college campus involved in voting and the political process, and I would love to draw on you experiences. I'm a member of the College Democrats, Ignite, AAUW, and SGA; all of these organizations are...

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Deana A. May 24, 2018 289 views

What specific skills do I need to be a community organizer?

Right now I am a social work major with a minor in political science at a university in Texas. I want to go into community organizing in the local area, and in the future in other areas. I have a broad idea of what a community organizer does, but I would love to get firsthand information about...

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Youssef A. Jan 17, 2018 410 views

what are jobs if you study political science

jobs available for political science graduate #politics...


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Jordan Michael W. Jan 16, 2018 293 views

Is it a good idea to change college for junior and senior year?

I have an opportunity to work in my field if I am willing to transfer to another school 5 hours away from where I am now. #political-science #college #college-transfer...


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Jordan Michael W. Jan 16, 2018 418 views
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Greta M. Jan 16, 2018 264 views