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Career Questions tagged International Affairs

Vidhi K.’s Avatar
Vidhi K. Dec 12, 2020 619 views

I want to work in cybersecurity, which is the best ~ Computer Science or Information Technology? Please help. I am confused

I want to work as a cybersecurity enginner. Which major is better IT or Computer Science.
#international-affairs #computerscience #college #majors #career #informationtechnology #cybersecurity

Shea T.’s Avatar
Shea T. Feb 01, 2020 367 views

What jobs can I get with an international relations degree?

#international-affairs #political-science #polisci

Isabeth M.’s Avatar
Isabeth M. Jul 14, 2019 974 views

How can I get involved in politics as a high school student?

#politics #government #international-affairs #world-politics # #political-science #college #high-school #internship #help #volunteer #college-major

Olivia S.’s Avatar
Olivia S. Jul 23, 2018 497 views

How does studying abroad work? Costs? College credit? Etc.?

#travel #international-affairs

Yomaris E.’s Avatar
Yomaris E. May 24, 2018 451 views

What schools offer study-abroad opportunities for Nursing Students?

#college #study-abroad #nurse #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare



Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Mar 28, 2018 812 views

With all the Tariff being put into place how will this affect trading Internationally?

Currently studying International Business. #international-trade #international-business #international #international-affairs

Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Feb 19, 2018 470 views

How can one get a foot in the door if they want to get into politics?

Minoring in International relations and want to be a U.S. Ambassador one day. #politics #international-affairs #international relations

Mireia R.’s Avatar
Mireia R. Feb 19, 2018 546 views

Do you recommend getting a degree in an international school?

I'm asking because I'm wondering if the U.S. would recognize the degree when I come back. For example, if I went to dental school in Spain would I be able to work as a dentist here? #international #international-affairs #study-abroad #overseas-study #dental-school #dentistry #dentist...

Emma I.’s Avatar
Emma I. Jan 16, 2018 631 views

Political Science or International Relations?

Which should I major in? I am interested in working in foreign policy, but I'm not sure which is the better major to pursue for this. Should I go with the less specific Political Science, so I have a safety net if I don't like foreign policy? Or should I go more specific and really specialize...

Taylor Y.’s Avatar
Taylor Y. Jan 15, 2018 595 views

When thinking of a career path should I have how much debt I will be in after college in mind?

I want to work for a volunteer organization or other low profitable jobs, but I also want to get a college degree. I'm just wondering if it would be smarter/worth it to wait a few years after college before going into a low profitable career because of money? #international-affairs...

jordan C.’s Avatar
jordan C. Sep 28, 2017 473 views

What major or course of study should I follow to become a diplomat?

I want to be diplomat. I am a current high school sophomore and I would like to know what classes I should take to better prepare myself now in high school for that track? In addition, what course of study I should follow in college to prepare myself for that career track? #politics...

Hannah D.’s Avatar
Hannah D. Sep 01, 2017 497 views

Is it common for Anthropology majors to do international travel for their work?

I would love to travel for my career and I think anthropology would fit me well. #travel #anthropology #international-affairs #business

Juan  R.’s Avatar
Juan R. Sep 01, 2017 665 views

What are the best school in the fields of Music and Business?

I'm not sure what i want to do with my life and what i want to major in. I know I want to continue my education after high school but I'm not sure what I want to yet do. #undecided #excitedforthefuture #music-producer #music-production #international-affairs #international-business

Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. May 05, 2017 685 views

What do you need to major in to become a Foreign Service Officer?

Minoring in International relations #international-affairs

Ena W.’s Avatar
Ena W. Mar 20, 2017 611 views

How to find international affairs volunteering?

I don't want to go to abroad just like some international conference in local. #volunteering #international-affairs

Alexander R.’s Avatar
Alexander R. Feb 23, 2017 611 views

what is a day like for a International Affairs major?

I am really into majoring in business but I didn't know what to focus on and one of the focuses I was thinking about was International affairs so I was really interested in learning what someone's day would be in focusing in that major. #business #international-affairs

Luka G.’s Avatar
Luka G. Dec 19, 2016 919 views

Is it beneficial to go to university outside of the country if pursuing a major in international affairs?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I was thinking about different colleges and majors. I was wondering if it is beneficial to go to university outside of country if a person wants to major in international affairs. #college #college-major #international #international-affairs

Kira N.’s Avatar
Kira N. Jul 19, 2016 794 views

What can I do to better prepare me for a career in the foreign service?

My dream is to be a foreign service officer for the State Department and I know that you can intern at certain Embassies but I'm not sure what else to do to prepare for a career in government. #internships #government #international-affairs #international-relations #foreign-affairs...

B. Eni O.’s Avatar
B. Eni O. Jun 10, 2016 931 views

What college majors should I apply to in order to be a diplomat?

I want to be a diplomat or even work for the U.N, but I am unsure what I should major in. I am currently leaning towards Economics, Journalism, and probably will go to law school. Any other suggestions? #international-affairs #united-nations #diplomacy

amber P.’s Avatar
amber P. May 26, 2016 757 views

How well will business ethics and international business work together?

I want to be involved with bettering work environments through my international business career. However, I am not quite sure how that will pan out. #business #international-affairs

amber P.’s Avatar
amber P. May 26, 2016 571 views

What are the best courses to take for International Business?

I want to be well educated for my dream job of being involved in International Business. #management #international-affairs

Paige H.’s Avatar
Paige H. May 25, 2016 866 views

What is the best career advice you'd give a student working towards a degree in International Affairs?

I'm currently an International Affairs major and have finished a few classes toward it. I want to pursue a career in teaching English as a Second Language, but am also curious about what types of opportunities having a degree in International Affairs will bring me? I'm also curious on what the...

Maya S.’s Avatar
Maya S. May 24, 2016 777 views

Is it a good idea to work out of the country after college?

I want travel and exploration of other cultures to be part of my career, but I don't know how necessarily easy it would be for me to do that as a broke college student. What are your recommendations? thank you! #travel #financial-aid #international-affairs

Maya S.’s Avatar
Maya S. May 24, 2016 1359 views

What kind of job allows me to travel the world?

I am interested in the international relations/politics/non-profit work area and I was wondering if that type of career path would allow me to travel as an important part of my job. If not, what career would? #travel #international #politics #international-affairs

Marissa M.’s Avatar
Marissa M. May 24, 2016 915 views

What is it like to work in an US embassy?

Are there a lot of jobs requiring language skills? #government #language #federal-government #international-affairs #translation #ngos #us-government #embassy

Saisha M.’s Avatar
Saisha M. May 24, 2016 770 views

I am a rising freshman majoring in International Policy, and I was wondering whether it is wise to keep a backup option considering the job market?

I am just concerned about whether I can have a career aligned with my area of interest or whether I should start planning for otherwise. #resume #majors #government #job-market #international-affairs

Saisha M.’s Avatar
Saisha M. May 24, 2016 924 views

I am a rising college freshman in International Policy; however, I believe that every job requires some sort of technical skills, so I was curious whether it is wise to take a computer science minor or just take a few classes to gain those skills?

I am very concerned about future job opportunities. I am attending Georgetown university in the fall, and I want to maximize my skills for the future job market. #computer-science #government #job-market #international-affairs #technical #foreign-policy

Eleni P.’s Avatar
Eleni P. May 20, 2016 973 views

What kind of careers would allow me to travel internationally on business?

I love to travel, learn new languages, and experience other cultures. I have searched for jobs that would involve regular travel but am having a hard time finding a degree program that would open up such opportunities and allow financial stability. #travel #international #international-affairs...

Yordanos  K.’s Avatar
Yordanos K. May 19, 2016 611 views

Would studying Global Health help me work at the UN?

I'm interested in both medicine and global affairs, and my dream is to work at the UN. Is that possible? #international-affairs #global-health

Moira W.’s Avatar
Moira W. May 19, 2016 558 views

What other career fields are open to someone who is looking for an international career besides foreign service?

I want to travel and help people, but also want a steady career. Looking into the foreign the United States foreign service, besides being a difficult field to get into can involve changing locations every four years and I'm not sure that's something I want. #international-affairs