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How can one get a foot in the door if they want to get into politics?

Minoring in International relations and want to be a U.S. Ambassador one day. politics international-affairs international relations

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3 answers

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Ross’s Answer

Find a candidate or cause you support and get involved. I've never seen a campaign or cause that didn't need more volunteers. Once you start volunteering, be willing to do whatever is asked, keep a positive attitude, and be reliable. Never show up late, and make sure you're always where you're expected to be.
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Vardan’s Answer

A quick Google search revealed this:

Here are some helpful tips for how to get into politics.

  1. Volunteer for a Political Campaign. ...
  2. Join the Party. ...
  3. Contribute Money to Political Candidates. ...
  4. Pay Attention to Political News. ...
  5. Start Local and Work Your Way Up. ...
  6. Run For An Elected Office.

Here is the link:

Vardan recommends the following next steps:

I would start with volunteering for a political campaign that is near and dear to your heart and beliefs.
Make sure to read and broaden your worldview and perspective.
Read the road taken by other politicians. I find Barack Obama's story particularly interesting.
Hi Devetra, I live and work in Washington DC (Corporate Finance), but I know a lot of people that intern with their local Congress man/woman or Senator, I will recommend email their office directly and ask for Internships opportunities. Joining a local office for a political party or campaign will look great on your resume and possibly increase the chances of getting an internship. Good luck Jorge Alba-Garcia
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Austin’s Answer

Devetra, great question. I majored in International Affairs in college and wanted to get involved in politics/government ever since I was young. The best way to get involved in politics/government to hopefully one day U.S. Ambassador is to get involved early. Internships with the U.S. government are a fantastic way to get involved early and they are stellar on a resume. I interned with the U.S. Department of State twice (once overseas once in D.C.) and with the U.S. Department of Commerce (once overseas) all as an undergrad student. These experiences were the highlight of my college experience, opened my eyes to the world, and really set me on a path that led to my current career. Tons of opportunities are posted on for college students and its a great place to start your search.

Do you have a particular part of the world that you're interested in? Is there a specific department or agency in the U.S. government that you find interesting? Do you speak a foreign language? Answering these questions could help me refine my advice and help you out more.



Austin recommends the following next steps:

Check out for student internship opportunities