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Jacksonville, Florida

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Selin N.’s Avatar
Selin N. May 20, 2020 570 views

How do you deicide what major you want to pursue?

Hi, I'm Selin, and I'm a 9th-grade student in high school. I know I have a lot of time, but I want to start looking for a field of study I'd like to pursue. I currently participate in varsity crew but have no interest in a particular field of study yet. If you're like me, how did you end up...

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Mar 05, 2018 561 views

What are some tips for language learning?

I love to learn languages and often do so by teaching myself. I can speak English and German proficiently, followed by Spanish decently well, and basic sentences in Turkish, Italian, and Russian. What are some tips on learning foreign languages and becoming more fluent? #language #german...

Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Mar 13, 2018 438 views
Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. May 09, 2017 814 views
Georgia P.’s Avatar
Georgia P. Sep 17, 2020 465 views

What is some advice to someone who tends to get overwhelmed very easily?

I'm involved in a lot in and outside of school. Sometimes it gets to me and I'll start getting super overwhelmed. It can sometimes affect my motivation levels and confidence levels. #school #entrepreneurship #college

Anna L.’s Avatar
Anna L. May 13, 2016 830 views

Did you always know you wanted to be a surgeon?

I really like the prospect of surgery but am hesitant because I am squeamish. I was wondering if surgeons always knew they wanted to be surgeons or if they grew into it, and gradually the squeamish-ness (for lack of better words) dissipated? #medicine #surgery

Katrina S.’s Avatar
Katrina S. Oct 24, 2016 688 views
Shayla W.’s Avatar
Shayla W. Sep 16, 2020 243 views

How do I search for careers I want?

#welding #nuclearengineer #Navy
I play basketball, hang out with friends on the weekends. I work alot

Krista B.’s Avatar
Krista B. Jan 19, 2018 495 views

How do I become an executive assistant for celebrities?

I see all these celebs with executive assistants and their assistant's jobs look very interesting to me as a career. ....But how do I get into that business? How degree do I get and how can I network my way to the top dogs? #executiveassistant #celeb #degree #executive-assistant #networking

Mary J.’s Avatar
Mary J. Sep 02, 2021 290 views

What entry-level job pays very well?

I am currently in a very tight spot, I barely get any hours from my current job and I only get paid 11 an hour. I am struggling with my bills and I am struggling the most with my small business. I was wondering if anyone knew any entry-level jobs that pay well. #finance #job #business...

Mary J.’s Avatar
Mary J. Dec 16, 2020 504 views

What advice do you have for someone like me? What steps should I take for a better future?

Hi, my name is Mary J, and I am a freshman at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I am in the process of completing my Associate's Degree before attempting a four-year degree. Being the first college student in my family and coming from a different country. I have found it difficult to...

Samantha N.’s Avatar
Samantha N. Jan 16, 2018 576 views
Chase B.’s Avatar
Chase B. Sep 29, 2020 272 views

Best first job for somebody with no volunteering experience?

I am 16 years old, I am a junior in highschool, and I'm trying to find a first job. I love making music. Everything about it is just incredibly alluring to me, I love playing instruments, writing instruments, and learning songs as well as writing them. Are there any jobs I could go into for...

Hailey U.’s Avatar
Hailey U. Sep 16, 2020 344 views

Whats the biggest struggle after graduation?

I am 17 years old and I am a senior in high school and graduating in the spring. I have talked about college options and discussed them briefly with my parents. I just would like to know whats the big step I can take before I graduate. I want to go to college to become a therapist or help...

Allison G.’s Avatar
Allison G. Sep 17, 2021 133 views

Would a minor benefit me if I'm trying to get into Med school?

I want to be a forensic psychiatrist and have to go to medical school for it. I plan on majoring in either biology or biochemistry for my four-year degree. I don't know if a minor would help me find a career if medical school ends up not being available for me. #medical-school #biology

William B.’s Avatar
William B. Sep 16, 2020 486 views

What is the best thing to do if i have no interest in college?

I have no interest in going to college. What would be the best non college career path to take. #career-paths #career-path #careers

Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Jan 28, 2018 390 views
Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. May 18, 2017 1163 views

How can you improve your Public speaking?

Had a public speaking class but still not confident #public-speaking

Kimberly L.’s Avatar
Kimberly L. Nov 01, 2016 592 views

As a scientist, do you see programming becoming accurate to the point that there is no need for humans due to the increased in technology and no jobs for humans that depend on computer error?

I am asking this question because I wish to pursue a career in this area of technology. I want to know there will still be jobs by the time I graduate from college and be needed for my job. #science #computer #programming #scientists

Krista B.’s Avatar
Krista B. Jan 19, 2018 543 views

How do I balance in college?

I want to do so much in college. I need to work, but i also want to really get involved and even join a sorority. Any tips on how to balance all my wants, needs, and classes? #college #sorority #balance #jobs

Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. May 03, 2017 2822 views

How can you learn about the stock market?

Thinking about investing #stock-market #stocks-investing #stock-trading

Gwendolyn F.’s Avatar
Gwendolyn F. Sep 02, 2017 671 views

How do I get more information about becoming a Private Investigator/Detective?

I am a Cyber Security Student with Corporate experience in Information Security. I was wondering if the CIA or NSA are the places to look into? #criminal-justice #information-security #cyber-security #citi #women-in-tech

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