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Alexis W.’s Avatar
Alexis W. May 24, 2016 396 views

Is major league softball a growing career path?

Major league softball has 6 teams and I want to know if it's a growing career path #softball #athletics #sports #career...


Samantha N.’s Avatar
Samantha N. Jan 16, 2018 321 views

What is the hardest part about being away from home while in college?

I am considering going out of state for college. #college #college-life...


Amanda N.’s Avatar
Amanda N. Mar 19, 2018 284 views

How do I train myself to meet the physical requirements in the Air Force?

I know that I am not physically ready to be in the Air Force, there is a physical test to pass in order to get in. I want to know what kinds of things I should do to train myself to get better in my physical fitness. #air-force #physical...


Aniya W.’s Avatar
Aniya W. Jun 13 179 views
Christina B.’s Avatar
Christina B. Jun 14 208 views

How should I choose a career that matches my personality?

I love singing and dancing and acting is what I've always wanted to do, but the acting business is hard and i don't know if i would make it. #film-acting #performing-arts #career...


Gwendolyn F.’s Avatar
Gwendolyn F. Sep 02, 2017 419 views

How do I get more information about becoming a Private Investigator/Detective?

I am a Cyber Security Student with Corporate experience in Information Security. I was wondering if the CIA or NSA are the places to look into? #criminal-justice #information-security #cyber-security #citi...


Karima M.’s Avatar
Karima M. Jun 28, 2019 124 views

What is like being a medical assistant?

What are the days like being a medical assistant? Is it challenging? #medicine...


Selin N.’s Avatar
Selin N. May 20 189 views

How do you deicide what major you want to pursue?

Hi, I'm Selin, and I'm a 9th-grade student in high school. I know I have a lot of time, but I want to start looking for a field of study I'd like to pursue. I currently participate in varsity crew but have no interest in a particular field of study yet. If you're like me, how did you end up...

#major #college-major

Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. May 02, 2017 11769 views

Does it matter to employers that you graduate college with honors?

Still in school and want to know whether or not I should make straight A's on everything. #career...


Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Mar 05, 2018 290 views

What are some tips for language learning?

I love to learn languages and often do so by teaching myself. I can speak English and German proficiently, followed by Spanish decently well, and basic sentences in Turkish, Italian, and Russian. What are some tips on learning foreign languages and becoming more fluent? #language #german...

#foreign-languages #languages #spanish #language-skills

Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Mar 09, 2018 282 views
Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Dec 05, 2017 311 views

What are the qualifications you need to run for Supreme Court judge?

Been hearing a lot about the Supreme court lately. Didn't know what they have to do to be appointed. #judges #politics #lawyer #court...


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Jan 23, 2018 346 views

How much is a college degree worth today?

I've always wondered what it was. How it's important to a career. #college...


Sarah W.’s Avatar
Sarah W. Apr 25 67 views

How can I get shadowing opportunities for medical school?

I am a second-year Bioengineering major looking to get more involved in my future career field. #healthcare #medicine...


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Dec 04, 2017 457 views
Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Jan 03, 2018 396 views
Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Dec 04, 2017 380 views
Bella C.’s Avatar
Bella C. May 24, 2016 410 views

Which should you prioritize, college at-home-ness, or tuition cost?

Like your dream, kinda expensive college, or one that's more affordable but you don't feel very t-home at. #college #finance...


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Mar 13, 2018 249 views
Krista B.’s Avatar
Krista B. Jan 19, 2018 279 views

How do I become an executive assistant for celebrities?

I see all these celebs with executive assistants and their assistant's jobs look very interesting to me as a career. ....But how do I get into that business? How degree do I get and how can I network my way to the top dogs? #executiveassistant #celeb #degree #executive-assistant...


Leslie P.’s Avatar
Leslie P. Feb 10 92 views

Is there a website for Anthropology jobs

#career-counseling ...I just graduated with an anthropology degree and I am having difficulty finding a job using my degree. Is there a jobs website that specializes in Anthropology?...

Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. May 09, 2017 541 views
Ryan M.’s Avatar
Ryan M. Oct 30, 2016 538 views

What kind of jobs can one pursue with a degree in cybersecurity, and would a computer science degree open more doors?

My main goal in college is to achieve a master's degree in cybersecurity, however, I'm not sure if computer science would have a broader spectrum of career paths. #computer-science #computer #cyber-security #computer-security...


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