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Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Jan 27, 2017 453 views

When would be a good to time think about investing?

I'm a sophomore in college and trying to figure out when and how to start investing for my future. #investment-management...


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Shan W. Oct 30, 2019 60 views

I want to Become a pediatrician Doctor

Well I am still in high school & I have 2 more year’s in high school When I’m done with high school I want to become a Doctor but I don’t know if they have school in Jacksonville Fl that help kids with no money for College... #college...


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Karima M. Jun 28, 2019 73 views

What is like being a medical assistant?

What are the days like being a medical assistant? Is it challenging? #medicine...


Kiaran T.’s Avatar
Kiaran T. Mar 14, 2018 145 views

How can I go to college without debt?

Would like to graduate debt free....


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Devetra C. Dec 02, 2017 409 views
Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Jan 25, 2017 363 views
Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. Mar 05, 2018 228 views

What are some tips for language learning?

I love to learn languages and often do so by teaching myself. I can speak English and German proficiently, followed by Spanish decently well, and basic sentences in Turkish, Italian, and Russian. What are some tips on learning foreign languages and becoming more fluent? #language #german...

#language-skills #spanish #foreign-languages #languages

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Samantha N. Jan 16, 2018 202 views

Is becoming a psychiatrist difficult compared to becoming a psychologist?

I am interested in becoming a psychiatrist. #college #psychology...


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Lynn W. Aug 07, 2018 76 views

I will be substitute teaching while attending college in hopes that the school administrators will become familiar with my teaching abilities. Are there any suggestions you could give me to set myself apart?

I’ll be in Elementary Education seeking my degree and want to make the most out of my training. All tips and tricks, mistakes to avoid, and ways to shine will be helpful while I’m subbing in the schools....


Isabell B.’s Avatar
Isabell B. Aug 27, 2018 150 views

Do colleges prefer a student with a chosen major or a student who has chosen ‘exploratory’ as their major?

Choosing a major is sometimes difficult to do when you’re still deciding your career, do colleges prefer an applicant who who has a desired major? #major #choosing-a-major...


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Dec 04, 2017 408 views
Amanda N.’s Avatar
Amanda N. Mar 19, 2018 164 views

What are some majors to do in college to become a flight surgeon?

I want to become a flight surgeon in the Air Force. I need to know what I should study in high school and in college....


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Dec 06, 2017 276 views

How good is it to pay back student loans while still in college?

Wanted to know if it was a good idea to start paying back student debt while still in school or should I wait until I finish? #debt #student-loans #personal-finance #financial-planning #student-loans...


Savannah H.’s Avatar
Savannah H. Mar 25, 2018 209 views

What can I sell in my room to pay for college?

I'm asking because I really need the money for #college and have no other way to get money right now. #financial-planning...


Kenneth C.’s Avatar
Kenneth C. Jan 16, 2018 147 views

I want to go to a college that has good art and good swim. I have been doing research and college tours on my own. I could use some help in this search. Is there a list somewhere that I'm not aware of?

I've joined several websites and email lists in order to compose a list of possible colleges to attend. This is a very important decision, and I'm nervous about the process. I want to swim in college as well as major in art. I was hoping to find a more efficient way to narrow down my choices....


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. May 02, 2017 9758 views

Does it matter to employers that you graduate college with honors?

Still in school and want to know whether or not I should make straight A's on everything. #career...


Isabell B.’s Avatar
Isabell B. Aug 27, 2018 98 views

Do colleges see scholarships the applicant has received?

Do colleges see if the applicant has won any scholarships and could it effect their decision on being accepted? #college-admissions...

Kenneth C.’s Avatar
Kenneth C. Jan 16, 2018 282 views

How difficult will it be to get an athletic scholarship for college?

I've been doing a lot of research about college scholarships in general. I make good grades, and I'm a decent swimmer. There is so much competition out there and that makes me a little nervous about my chances. #college #scholarships #athletics #recruiting #financial-aid...


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Savannah H. Mar 23, 2018 224 views

What should I know before going to out of state college

I'm asking this because im thinking of going to an out of state college when i graduate....


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Mar 11, 2018 324 views
Jennifer K.’s Avatar
Jennifer K. Mar 19, 2018 315 views

How do you know if you're studying the right major?

I have some days where I'm not sure if I'm doing what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm currently a film/tv major and it scares me sometimes when I think about other career paths that would be more profitable. #film #college-major...


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Feb 22, 2018 953 views

How many internships should I do while in college?

My school requires me to do two internships before I graduate. Should I do more than two if it is not for school credit?...


Bella C.’s Avatar
Bella C. May 24, 2016 427 views

How much does the college you go to really impact your journey into a career?

Like how comparable is a Upenn business degree to a FSU business degree?...


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