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Zack A. 3 hours ago 7 views

What is this Website for?

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Sheridan C. 13 hours ago 24 views

Does it really matter what you minor in or just what you major in??

I am a high school senior looking to go to college for elementary education but not sure what to minor in....


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Chloe W. yesterday 24 views
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Brooke J. 23 hours ago 26 views

What age can you start college for Pediatric Oncology?

I want to be a Pediatic Oncologist when I grow up. I want to help little kids because it warms my heart. I also plan on doing CNA in my high school to help with my medical skills in the future. My future is super important too me, none of my family went to college to get a degree in anything so...

#high-school #college #future

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Gianna G. yesterday 19 views

how much money do you need to start a business

I want to own my own business #money for dog...

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Victoria F. yesterday 10 views
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Donnell W. 20 hours ago 59 views

As I get older what are things I can do now to set myself up for the adult life.

I am a 16 year old male that just want to live a good and humble life. #life...


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lolann P. 22 hours ago 13 views

Would a pediatric oncology nurse fit me?

I like kids I enjoy helping others I work well with others I enjoy making people feel good about themselves I strive to make people feel their best when they are at their worst #oncology #pediatric...

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Aniyah R. 23 hours ago 48 views

What are things that look good on College Applications?

My top career choices are the following. 1-Registered Nurse, 2- Physical Therapist, 3-Substance abuse counselor, or 4- HR management. However I do not know which one I will pursue yet. #psychology #healthcare #counselor #career #college #applications...


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Seth S. yesterday 21 views

I am a senior in high school and not sure which collage I should attend.

I really love digital media. I can never stop watching shows and movies. I would love to learn more about a career in the film industry. #film-acting...


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hailey C. 23 hours ago 14 views
Chance D.’s Avatar
Chance D. 20 hours ago 2 views

How hard is it to get into the sneaker industry?

I am into sneakers and sneaker reselling and was wondering how hard is it to come up as an individual buying, trading, and selling sneakers. And what is the process to coming up from sneakers? Is it selling to friends, online, or to shoe stores? And where is the best place to purchase authentic...

#reselling #shoe #sneakers #resellingshoes #sneakerhead

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Meadow G. Sep 16 42 views
Aniyah R.’s Avatar
Aniyah R. yesterday 49 views

Would Nursing be a good Career for me?

My name is Aniyah Ross. I'm a very big people person. When doing a job I love to be around others. Normally I am very kind and understanding. Also I am very hard-working. Normally I learn hands on. I try to learn new things everyday, laugh when I can, and help others laugh to. Since I was...

#job #medicene #career #careeradvice #nursing

Olivia B.’s Avatar
Olivia B. yesterday 24 views

What are the steps to becoming a paralegal?

I'm Liv, I want to become a paralegal and then go to law school to get my degree, pass the bar, and become a lawyer. #lawyer #law #law-school...


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Taylor S. yesterday 39 views

How do I know which career choice is right for me?

Hi, I am in 9th grade, and the reason I asked this question because I have so many options that I like and I just don't know which one to choose. I am a very hands on learner and I do not enjoy just sitting around all day I like to be moving. I really need an answer to this question so I can...


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Ryland R. yesterday 40 views

How do you job search

I’m a hard working person and eager to get work done when needed to...


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timmy S. yesterday 19 views

what is a kind peson

someone who cares and like to help...


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Melissa W. yesterday 14 views

Is it better to work as a nurse practitioner in a hospital or in a clinic?

I'm a junior in high school and want to pursue a career in the medical field. I am good at science and math and love to help people. I am very family oriented and want to have a career that still gives me time to be with friend's and family but at the same time give me the fun and excitement of...

#career-choice #medical #help

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Chase B. yesterday 17 views

Best first job for somebody with no volunteering experience?

I am 16 years old, I am a junior in highschool, and I'm trying to find a first job. I love making music. Everything about it is just incredibly alluring to me, I love playing instruments, writing instruments, and learning songs as well as writing them. Are there any jobs I could go into for...

#jobs #first-job #music #musician

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Tala S. yesterday 16 views

What would be a good college to attend to become a anesthesiologist?

I want to be an Anesthesiologist but i'm not sure what college to attend...


Taylor C.’s Avatar
Taylor C. yesterday 21 views

What college would be best to become a private investigator

I want to be a private investigator or a homicide detective....


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Simeon W. yesterday 19 views

Do you believe in reincarnation

I am very reserved in public. I love to have a good time. I only am loud with my friends. I love to play basketball and I like doing good in anything I do...


Logan A.’s Avatar
Logan A. Sep 16 43 views

How do I get started in Radiology ?

I am a senior in High School and I want to go to college for Radiology....


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