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Mary J.’s Avatar
Mary J. Dec 16, 2020 170 views

What advice do you have for someone like me? What steps should I take for a better future?

Hi, my name is Mary J, and I am a freshman at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I am in the process of completing my Associate's Degree before attempting a four-year degree. Being the first college student in my family and coming from a different country. I have found it difficult to...

#advice #career #school #major

mathew R.’s Avatar
mathew R. Oct 01, 2020 101 views

What is the highest paying job I can get in the US air force that does not require a collage degree.

I am planning on completing JROTC, graduating high school, and joining the us air force, however, I do not want to go through collage. #military...


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Jan 28, 2018 275 views
Mary J.’s Avatar
Mary J. Dec 18, 2020 138 views

How can I find a job where I can start working as soon as possible?

My name is Mary J, it has been months since I've been searching for a job in my area with no success. My credit score is getting low since I'm not able to pay for it and I can't find any side jobs that can keep me going through the next few months. I've tried looking for internships but it has...

#employ #employment #unemployed #jobs

Taylor C.’s Avatar
Taylor C. Sep 29, 2020 65 views

What college would be best to become a private investigator

I want to be a private investigator or a homicide detective....


Mary J.’s Avatar
Mary J. Sep 10, 2020 262 views

What are some ways I can make my resume stand out? What certificates that I can do online that can benefit me on the long run?

I am a full-time college freshman who also works full-time. I want my resume to stand out for other job opportunities. I am interested in business and building different sources of income. #college...


Krista B.’s Avatar
Krista B. Jan 19, 2018 329 views

How do I become an executive assistant for celebrities?

I see all these celebs with executive assistants and their assistant's jobs look very interesting to me as a career. ....But how do I get into that business? How degree do I get and how can I network my way to the top dogs? #executiveassistant #celeb #degree #executive-assistant...


Isabell B.’s Avatar
Isabell B. Aug 27, 2018 221 views

Do colleges see scholarships the applicant has received?

Do colleges see if the applicant has won any scholarships and could it effect their decision on being accepted? #college-admissions...

Anna L.’s Avatar
Anna L. May 13, 2016 651 views

Did you always know you wanted to be a surgeon?

I really like the prospect of surgery but am hesitant because I am squeamish. I was wondering if surgeons always knew they wanted to be surgeons or if they grew into it, and gradually the squeamish-ness (for lack of better words) dissipated? #medicine...


Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Dec 08, 2017 439 views

Where are some places you can work in Global Marketing in the tech sector?

I just interned at a Law group who did intellectual properties for different tech companies. #technology #global-marketing #global-operations...


Alyssa S.’s Avatar
Alyssa S. Sep 16, 2020 159 views
Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Jan 21, 2018 194 views

If you are an American citizen wishing to work in another country what is the process to do so?

Wanting to one day work in another country while still being an American citizen....


Chloe W.’s Avatar
Chloe W. Sep 29, 2020 77 views
Devetra C.’s Avatar
Devetra C. Feb 19, 2018 298 views
John G.’s Avatar
John G. Sep 16, 2020 74 views

What are a few of jobs that you can have with a Major,Bachelors and doctoral in history

I am 18 years old and live in Yulee but I go to west Nassau. I also go to AFJROTC an West Nassau High School...


Olivia B.’s Avatar
Olivia B. Sep 29, 2020 104 views

What are the steps to becoming a paralegal?

I'm Liv, I want to become a paralegal and then go to law school to get my degree, pass the bar, and become a lawyer. #lawyer #law #law-school...


Lane O.’s Avatar
Lane O. Sep 16, 2020 108 views

What careers could I do that apply with music production and using technology to help me?

Hello my name is Lane I have always liked music and technology and I am wondering where I could get started in the work field for the topics of music and music production and using tech to help me do my job. #music #music-production...


Bryce S.’s Avatar
Bryce S. Sep 30, 2020 189 views
Devin R.’s Avatar
Devin R. Sep 16, 2020 99 views

What's a great way to not forgetting things?

Write it down on a piece of paper (OR just type it on a digital #creative-writing...

Sheridan C.’s Avatar
Sheridan C. Sep 30, 2020 128 views

Does it really matter what you minor in or just what you major in??

I am a high school senior looking to go to college for elementary education but not sure what to minor in....


Donnell W.’s Avatar
Donnell W. Sep 29, 2020 234 views

As I get older what are things I can do now to set myself up for the adult life.

I am a 16 year old male that just want to live a good and humble life. #life...


Hally B.’s Avatar
Hally B. Sep 30, 2020 82 views
Bailey S.’s Avatar
Bailey S. Sep 16, 2020 112 views
Tala S.’s Avatar
Tala S. Sep 29, 2020 74 views

What would be a good college to attend to become a anesthesiologist?

I want to be an Anesthesiologist but i'm not sure what college to attend...


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