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Macie Mar 12 406 views

What subcategories are there under a civil engineering degree?

What jobs can I get with a civil engineering degree? I would love to hear from civil engineers and what their day-to-day looks like! Are there specializations that involve less desk work? I have looked into coastal engineering and am very interested. Thank you for your feedback!

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Macie Mar 12 648 views

What universities in Florida have fully online programs for civil engineering degrees?

I am looking for a university that offers an online degree in civil engineering. It must be located in Florida for scholarship purposes and must be fully online. I appreciate your help!

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Macie Mar 12 437 views

What engineering specialization is the most profitable/interesting?

Hello, I have some questions about Engineering: -What specialization under civil engineering makes the most money? -What specialization under civil engineering involves the least amount of desk work? -What is coastal engineering and what does it involve? -What prerequisites do you need for a...

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Macie Jun 12, 2023 333 views

What do I do if I have to go to school online for my degree, but I don't want to miss out on the college experience?

I have to go to school online to get my degree in speech pathology for personal reasons, but I also want to go to college in person. I was hoping to use college as a way for me to make sure I am independent enough to make it in the real world, but I have to go to school online specifically for...

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Macie May 08, 2023 981 views

How do I become a speech/language pathologist for children?

I am in high school and want to know: - Where can I find a Christian college that offers programs for my major? - What steps do I need to take after college to be able to work or run a clinic? - What specific classes will help me reach my goals? - Do I need Calculus? Will it help with getting...

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Macie Mar 01, 2023 762 views

What dual enrollment and AP courses are beneficial to a career in speech pathology/therapy?

I am going to start dual enrollment courses next year and want to know what classes are best for an aspiring SLP. I am looking to have the least time in college possible.

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Macie Feb 28, 2023 2655 views

What courses should you take if you're interested in pursuing a career as a speech pathologist/therapist?

What are the requirements to get into a school for speech therapy? Also, are there any high school activities that can benefit a college application to a school for speech therapy?