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Career Questions tagged Speech Pathology

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Eshara Jul 28 199 views

Volunteer opportunities in NYC - Speech Pathology

Does anyone know of any places in NYC/BRONX where I can volunteer and gain experience observing Speech Language Pathologists as a Speech student?

I’m trying to apply for grad school and is switching careers. I would love to gain experience and also add to my resume when applying for schools.

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Eshara Jul 11 237 views

What can I expect when becoming a Speech Pathologist? The pros and cons?

I’m currently switching careers into Speech Language Pathology. I’m finishing up my prerequisite courses and is looking to apply for grad school.

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Ilan May 11 277 views

Speech Therapist, English Teacher, Language Lover, Musician Looking For Creative Work

I am a speech-language pathologist in a school setting. I have long term experience with teaching, as well as playing and writing music, and I have a passion for studying foreign languages. Where to I begin to explore careers that make use of a number of these skills and interests rather than...

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Jada Aug 07, 2021 351 views

How do I go forward in my dream of being a real estate agent ?

I’m 18 years old, I’ve always wanted to do real estate because the idea of helping others have always been my dream. #real-estate #speech-pathology #career-paths #history

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Shafal Jul 29, 2021 350 views

To hit a million dollars.

#business #speech-pathology #political-science #real-estate #marketing

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Marie Aug 24, 2020 354 views

what is it like to talk to a deaf person as a speech-language pathologist?

I was learning how to do sign language and i was just wondering how like the deaf and blind person understand it
#supportthedeafandblind #speech-therapy #speech #asl #slp #speech-pathology

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Zamantha Jul 24, 2020 299 views

Graduate school for Speech Language Pathologists

Hi, I am looking for more advice on graduate school for SLP. I was wondering how there are ways to pay for this course of study, as for scholarships and grants offered to pay for most of the tuition. I am located in Chicago, Illinois, so I am not sure if someone would have more information that...

Zamantha’s Avatar
Zamantha Jul 24, 2020 301 views

What is it like being a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist?

Hi, I am trying to gain more insight on the bilingual aspect in the SLP workplace. I am almost certain that I want to be a bilingual SLP and help service my community, but I am not sure how that would look like. If anyone would like to help me and give me some pros and cons of working primarily...

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Mae Ling Apr 28, 2020 551 views

How should I ask to shadow a professional?

I'm looking to shadow an SLP, but I'm unsure about how to approach them. #speech-pathology #job-shadowing #career

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Taryn Mar 24, 2020 365 views

How many years of education does it take for a speech pathologist?

#speech-pathology #school #education

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Taryn Mar 24, 2020 290 views

what are some job opportunities as a speech pathologist?


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Alaina Oct 03, 2019 295 views

As a speech pathologist what type of work do you even do? What does a day in that work force look like?

I never thought of this as a career but it was highly recommended on a test that I took so I would like to get more information. #speech-pathology

Megan’s Avatar
Megan May 06, 2019 455 views

How to prepare for SLP clinical fellowship year interview?

What are some tips for preparing for a Speech-Language Pathology clinical fellowship year interview? #SpeechLanguagePathology #SLP #interviews #SpeechTherapy #speech-pathology #speech #clinical #fellowship

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Oct 17, 2018 821 views

Can you be a licensed Speech Language Pathologist in multiple states?

I am planning to first get a bachelor degree in either communicative disorders or speech language pathology and then pursue a master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. I understand that there is a requirement to pass state licensing in order to practice in California. I wondered if there's...

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Madi Oct 10, 2018 371 views

Should I shadow a speech therapist before I apply to college or are there privacy issues?


Madi’s Avatar
Madi Oct 10, 2018 386 views

What is the best undergrad degree to get to become a speech therapist?

#speech-pathology #psychology #therapy

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Ervana Sep 05, 2018 469 views

What is the most challenging, yet rewarding aspects of becoming a Speech Language Pathologist? At what point did you know that this career was meant to be.

I am a Speech Language Pathology major seeking for advice about the field. #Speech #Language #Speech Therapist #Speech # #speech-pathology

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Hayley Aug 22, 2018 418 views

What are the best classes to take for the speech pathology major

#speech-pathology #pathologist #classes

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Hayley Aug 22, 2018 484 views

What degree should you earn to be most qualified for speech pathology?

speech pathology #speech-language #speech-therapy #speech-pathology

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Sydney Jul 06, 2018 458 views

How important is Speech Pathology/Communication Disorders to the world in general?

Speech Pathology is what I want to be when I go off to college. It helps people with speech impediments such as : lisps, strokes, etc.

#sp #speech-pathology #speech-language #audiologist

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Ally Jun 27, 2018 415 views

How can I gear my speech pathology education to be more specific towards a school system?

#Speech #path #school #speech-pathology #communication #school #education #speech-therapy

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Lindsey Jun 25, 2018 463 views

Is obtaining your undergraduate degree in speech and language pathology required to get your masters and become a speech pathologist?

I am approaching my senior year of college majoring in family studies and human development and I recently discovered my interest in speech and language pathology and I'm interested in getting my masters in order to become a speech and language pathologist but I was wondering if I need to have...

Alishondra’s Avatar
Alishondra May 12, 2018 394 views

How much schooling will I need to be a Speech Pathologist/Therapist?

I need to know how much scholarship money I will need to raise in order to lessen student loan debts.
#speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-language-pathologist #speech-pathology

Alishondra’s Avatar
Alishondra May 12, 2018 428 views

What is the average pay of a Speech Therapist?

I need to know if it will be sufficient enough to support my future family.
#speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-pathology #speech-therapist

Alishondra’s Avatar
Alishondra May 12, 2018 495 views

What is the typical work day of a Speech Therapist working at an elementary school entail?

I am interested in going to college for Speech Pathology and working at a local elementary school. I need to know what a typical day's work will contain
#speech-language-pathology #speech-therapy #speech-pathology #speech-therapist

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Apr 06, 2018 382 views

In a clinical setting, how many patients does a speech therapist treat daily?

I am curious as to know how busy I will be during work hours. I know that reports are to be updated after each appointment. How long does it take to update your patient's documents? #speech-language-pathology #speech-pathology #speech-language-pathologist #speech-language

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Mar 16, 2018 415 views

What are the most difficult challenges in obtaining a degree in Speech and Language Pathology?

I'm planning to major in Communicative Disorders / Speech and Language Pathology. I hear it is pretty difficult to achieve. Is that true? If so, why?

#speech-language-pathology #speech-language-pathologist #speech-pathology #Communication-Disorders #Communicative-Disorders

Lainey’s Avatar
Lainey Jan 16, 2018 547 views

What is the job demand for a speech pathology degree?

If I obtain a degree in speech-language-pathology, what are the job demands for this field of study? #speech-language-pathology #college-jobs #speech-pathology #psychology

Bianca’s Avatar
Bianca Apr 13, 2017 933 views

What is it is like being your own boss?

My ultimate goal is to become a speech therapist and help children in elementary schools work on their speech disorders. One reason I job this job is because many times, speech therapists are self-employed, and this is important to me. What is it like being self-employed? #speech-pathology...

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Bianca Apr 13, 2017 886 views

Where is the typical workplace for a speech pathologist?

I would like to get my masters degree in speech pathology. To my understanding, speech pathologists work in schools, hospitals and other medical offices. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with children. What are my chances of get my job at a school? #speech-pathology #speech...