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Maria E. Dec 03, 2020 70 views

What is a psych NP in charge of?

I really want to be an NP. I want to know more in-depth about what is their daily day like. #psychology #therapist #family #brain...


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valerie D. Nov 13, 2020 41 views

What job i need to work on for me

moving jobs, teaching jobs, dance career jobs #worker,...


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Bryan S. Oct 27, 2020 55 views

How much family time does a Lawyer get to spend with their family?

I still want to find time to spend with my family....


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Emri R. Oct 19, 2020 41 views
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Bre'Kina T. Aug 24, 2020 77 views

How many year's do you have to stay in college for OBGYN?

I'm 17 High school i'm in the 11th grade . i have 4 siblings . My favorite color is black and gold. #family...


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Austin M. Jul 20, 2020 98 views
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Jennifer M. Oct 12, 2018 401 views

My family & friends

I will be a undergraduate next fall. I am hoping to attend one of the best schools that I personally believe has a great Nursing program for me. However, it is no where near home. I have always dreamed of a movie like college experience. I want to become much more independent and all, but My...

#college2023 #nursing #family

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William H. Aug 05, 2018 278 views

What other jobs can you do with a medical doctorate degree?

I do plan on practicing medicine, but I want to know what other options are at my disposal in case that I do not want to do so anymore. #medicine #nutrition #wellbeing #opportunities...


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Mohammad K. Aug 01, 2018 242 views
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Sadie K. Jul 08, 2018 414 views

How do I chose what university to attend?

How do I decide between following my dreams of studying on the east coast, or staying on the west coast with my family?...


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sarah L. May 22, 2018 311 views

Surviving school away from home

I am excited about leaving home and pursuing my education... What tips do you have to help me be successful when I am on my own? Sarah #family...


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Shayna S. May 05, 2018 365 views

As a full-time pharmacist, will it be possible to balance work, a family, and an healthy lifestyle?

In the future, I want to have a career that I love. However, I also want to have a #family, eat #healthy, stay #active, and get enough sleep. Does working as a #pharmacist deter the possibility of balancing work, family, and personal health? #pharmacy #work-life-balance...


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Mahpara F. Apr 27, 2018 364 views

Will my parents be happy with the choices i'm making for my future?

Ever since dad has passed and mom has lost her voice since his loss , there has only been silence among them. I have no idea where my future is going or where it will be. All I want to know is if they will be happy. Thats all....


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Kisan C. Jan 17, 2018 521 views
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Camille N. Jan 17, 2018 393 views
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Rebekah W. Apr 21, 2018 339 views

How difficult is it to balance being an #occupational therapist and a #mother?

I try to achieve the best in all that I do. I desire to be an #occupational therapist but I also want a #family to cherish. I would like to hear #advice on how I can chase down a #career but also #support and be involved with my...

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bryant B. Jan 16, 2018 305 views

What are some important tips for starting a family early in your career?

If you would like to start a family but are fairly new in your career, what would be some actions take to ensure you would be able to accomplish both without affecting each other. Also, how do you decide on where to live with the new family. #family #career #work-life-balance...


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Patricia S. Jan 16, 2018 275 views

Are there good science schools with family living?

I am a full time student and a single mom. My college is about 45 minutes away and I am struggling trying to find time for everything and still making sure I am with my kids everyday. I am living in a pretty toxic environment and need a place that has family living. Most colleges don't unless I...

#college #housing #parenting #wildlife-biology #family

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Tony S. Jan 12, 2018 263 views

Is it true that when you become a doctor, you have limited time with your family? If so, how much time do you have to spend with your family?

My family has always encouraged the fact that I want to become a doctor, although they tell me that because of this I´ll have less time to spend time with my family. I'm willing to sacrifice this if it will save others, but have always been curious if it were true. #doctor #medicine #family...


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Julia S. Mar 25, 2018 1180 views

Are there jobs in the Hospitality Management field that don't require working weekends?

I have worked in the Hospitality field for many years. However, the majority of my time worked has taken place on the weekends. I know that I want to have a family, and I don't want to be working on weekends. #family #hospitality #hospitality-management #undecided #need-this-scholarship #broke...

#help #independently-funding-my-education