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Career Questions tagged Family Therapy

carter’s Avatar
carter Aug 31, 2020 297 views

how many years does it take to be a therapist

#therapist #family-therapy #therapy

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Jessica Jul 20, 2020 234 views

What are some challenges being a physical therapist?


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Kristi Aug 01, 2018 639 views

What is a sure way to get clients for a clinical counseling professional?

#clients #therapists #therapy #social-work #family-therapy

Clifford Khent’s Avatar
Clifford Khent Mar 06, 2018 578 views

What exactly do Marriage and Family Therapists do?

I was looking into pursuing this field of study for grad school as well. But can anyone who's already in the program/or beginning their graduate studies in the program share their thoughts? #family-therapy #individual-and-family-services #counseling-psychology #therapist #psychology

Deidra’s Avatar
Deidra Jan 17, 2018 521 views

Is there any advice that I can receive before I enter into my desired career of Marriage and family therapy?

I currently feel certain that this is the career I want to go into, but I would appreciate some advice or suggestions on steps that I can take in order to prepare myself for this profession (aside from just going to my college course/curriculum). #marriage-therapist #marriage-counselor...

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Oct 12, 2017 1631 views

What are the true differences between licensed therapists or counselors, such as; LMFT, LCSW, LCP?

I have recently done some research on this topic since it is where I would like my educational plans to go towards.

#clinical-psychology #psychology #lmft #lcp #lcsw #therapy #family-therapy #counseling #mental-health #mental-health-counseling #mental-health-support

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 31, 2017 781 views

How would a college graduate go about finding a job in clinical psychology?

I'm graduating soon and want to know what first or next steps I can take to get closer to being a marriage and family counselor. #clinical-psychology #counseling-psychology #family-therapy #marriage-therapist #marriage-counselor #marriage-family-counselor

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Mar 30, 2017 6495 views

What are the average working hours of a counselor? Does it depend on the type or individual? Is there a cut off time?

I want to say that it would be like a 9-5 job because a counselor has to have his/her own time for their life right? I also feel like sometimes clients are in placed in tough positions and see the counselor/ therapist as their only place of comfort. #counselor #therapist #family-therapy...

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Mar 27, 2017 826 views

What qualities best work with being a marriage and family counselor?

I am not that great at giving people advice but I have a really strong passion for wanting to help marriages or families in trouble. I'd like to do whatever I can ( ethically) to assist these individuals, couples, and any others to be fulfilling but right now I'm just not strong in that area....

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 02, 2017 788 views

Does your personal life affect if you can be a Marriage counsellor or Family counsellor?

I'm interested in marriage/family counselling. I'm just wondering how important the quality of your own relationships are if you're helping others with their relationships? #psychology #therapy #clinical-psychology #family-therapy #personality #marriage-therapist

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Feb 02, 2017 707 views

How much of an income difference is there between a Master's in Psychology and a Ph D in Psychology?

I'm taking a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and considering graduate school. I'm wondering how much more money someone with a Ph D would make vs. someone with a Masters working as a counsellor/therapist? #psychology #therapy #phd #masters-degree #therapists #family-therapy...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 16, 2017 793 views

How do I get experience towards being a Therapist/counseling with only a BA in Psychology?!

I'm saving money for graduate school, I'm about to get my BA this 2017 Spring and I can't find any experience towards my field of study being a licensed professional counselor. #therapy #therapists #counseling-psychology #mental-health-counseling #family-therapy

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 28, 2016 1495 views

How do you set goals to accomplish a long term goal?

I am asking to here other professionals options, I don't want to be closed to learning something new. #entrepreneurship #social-work #law-enforcement #japan #therapists #family-therapy #real-estate-agent

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah Mar 02, 2015 1917 views

Who are the largest employers for marriage and family therapist?

my school teacher wants us to do this project on careers #therapists #family-therapy #marriage-therapist #marriage-counselor #marriage

Mariah’s Avatar
Mariah Mar 02, 2015 1389 views

What training is needed to become a Marriage and Family Therapist?

its for my schoool project #counseling #therapist #family-therapy #marriage-counselor #family-counseling

TalayaJ_af13’s Avatar
TalayaJ_af13 Mar 28, 2013 1563 views

As A Social Worker What Are The Different Career Options?

I want to know if it's possible to be a family therapist as a social worker? #social-work #family-therapy