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As A Social Worker What Are The Different Career Options?

I want to know if it's possible to be a family therapist as a social worker? social-work family-therapy

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2 answers

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Jared’s, Team Answer


Yes you can definitely spend time helping families as a social worker. Will it be family therapy? It sort of depends on what you mean by therapy. As a social worker your goal is to help your clients overcome challenges they face in their lives. If you work with families then you may end up helping them with a wide variety of problems. What kinds of problems? Well, just about as many types of problems as there are! This can be a really rewarding, but also very demanding profession. It sounds like you've got a a great rationale: you want to help families! If this is something you feel strongly about, think about why you're passionate about it and cultivate that excitement. Being a social worker is an incredibly noble thing to do, and it's going to take all of your energy and enthusiasm to be good at it!

Here are some of the contexts in which you could be a social worker:

- at a social service agency

- in hospice and palliative care

- in schools

- in colleges and universities

- in government agencies

- in health clinics & outpatient health care settings

- in hospitals and medical centers

- in private practice

- in mental health facilities

- in psychiatric hospitals

You could end up having a bunch of different roles: case worker / case manager, program coordinators, probation officers, etc. Also: the National Association of Social Workers (not sure if it's officially a union, but conceptually it is a union) has some really good career resources on their website as well including things like salaries and so on. Ask more questions about social work here and we can help surface all of this great information and share it here with your peers who are interested in social work!

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Yolonda’s Answer

Yes, you can become a licensed clinician (LCSW) in a child and family guidance setting or hospital.