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Morgan L. Oct 23 33 views

What does a job in agriculture entail?

I'm looking into a job in animal agriculture, but would like to hear from someone in that field what the job is like, what it entails, and what a day in your life is like. How long are you working every day? How expensive is it to care for all the animals? Would it be better to have my own...

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How many years will I have to take in collage to be a Social worker?

My name is Ny'eisha and I'm a freashman in high school and I want to be a Social Worker when i get older. #social-work...


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luis R. Aug 07 183 views

Where can i have my first job?

I have no prior experience with jobs, I am a quick learner, I am responsible and committed, and i'm also very social. #social-work #money #job...


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Ramsey P. Aug 03 203 views

What is it like working in HR?

A was browsing a list of careers on the internet, and I came across Human Resources. It definitely sparked my interest, so I did some more research. I could really see myself going into HR, but i would like a little more information. For example, what does a typical day consist of? Do you make...

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Jessica H. Jul 23 65 views
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Rhina B. Jun 19 207 views

what jobs can i look into with an AA in Behavioral and social science?

Hello, I am a 20-year-old student who just graduated from a community college with an AA in Behavioral and social science, I am on my way to a CSU to obtain a bachelor's in psychology. For the time being, I am trying to find a. job/ internship that can help expand my career path, any...

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oisin D. May 15 319 views

How do I find work in my area?

I am 6’2, 15 years old and a hard worker. I like a challenge and im in need of a job #bluecollar #work #career #sports #social-work...


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Christiam M. May 20 107 views
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Vrinda A. May 16 190 views

I love watching movies and tv shows and I want to do something in this field. But I dont know what to do?

I am a postgraduate student doing marketing. I want to write, but I have never written before, I want to do the marketing work, but I don't have the necessary experience. I want to work with big brands but there is just so much information available over the internet that I don't know where to...

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Sarah C. May 09 147 views

Does Social Work Pay Well?

I'm really interested in social work and I really do enjoy helping people, but I don't know if it fulfills my financial needs. Not for shallow reasons or anything, I just really want my kids to be comfortable, and I want them to have to worry about money or anything. #psychology #social-work...

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Daniel L. May 09 297 views

As am undergrad, I feel the tension between covering breadth and specializing. What are some ways to manage this? :)

Hey there! Daniel here! The fundamental #value of my life is being im service to others. I am interested on working with families, the incarcerated and communities. I also have a keen interest in organizational structure and efficiency. My hope is to make work spaces more empathetic while...

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Andres R. May 06 227 views

What is it like to be a Public Policy analyst?

Hi, I am considering going back to graduate school to get an MPA concentrating in Public Policy, however my connections are limited and I'm not sure who I can talk to other than internet about this issue. #graduate-school #politics...


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Suddam H. Apr 29 131 views

How can I help the societ?

Fluent in Englis, Hindi and Bangla Able to work hard #career #social #social-worker #social-work...


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Hilary C. Apr 22 162 views

How can I build and maintain a career based on both the English and Chinese-speaking world?

Hello! I am from Hong Kong and now study Psychology in the UK. I am interested in a career within healthcare and social welfare. #social-work #psychology #english...


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