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Unal D. Aug 18 102 views

What can I do after graduating with a Masters Degree in Trauma Counseling.

I majored my undergraduate in Psychology and this year I will be graduating with a Masters Degree in Community and Trauma Counseling. I don't have a lot of experience in the field, only did one practicum that was required part of my degree. During my 2nd year, I will be starting a 600+ hour...

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Brianna J. Aug 23, 2018 262 views

Should a social worker get a masters degree?

I am trying to decide whether I should just receive my bachelor's degree in social work or go on to receive my master's degree. #socialwork #social-work...


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S M. Jun 14, 2018 276 views

Pursuing a MSW

I am really interested in pursuing a MSW. I am finishing up a graduate certificate in Sociology, but I don’t have a lot of recent, relevant work experience. I understand that most MSW programs require work (or at least volunteer) experience. What are some good strategies for networking and...

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Renee R. Apr 26, 2018 282 views

Where will I gain the most knowledge, graduate school or working in a profiessional capacity?

I am beginning a Master's in Social Work program this fall as an adult learner. I currently work full-time in a social service agency. Sometimes I wonder if going back to school will be beneficial over the experience I will gain in my current field of work. #gradschool #socialwork...

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MARIO D. Jan 19, 2018 231 views

What do employers in the Social Work field look for in their employees?

I am asking this question because I am graduating soon with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services, and I would like to be the ideal candidate for the positions in my career field of interest. #humanservices #socialwork...


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Nads P. Jan 17, 2018 273 views

How can I guarantee that my passion for social work will help find the right homes for those in need?

I’m a sociology majoring who’s concentrating is focusing on social work because I want to be a social worker. I want to help children and families find the right job and make sure they have a safe place to stay. How is my passion going to guarantee them a home? I want to fight for them, be...

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Sue B. Jan 16, 2018 376 views

What are the two most important things to be aware of as I enter the workforce as a master's level professional?

In two years I will be looking for work with a master's degree. I am wondering how to get the best position possible. In social work there are many opportunities. #socialwork #masters-degree #lcsw...


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Hannah B. Jan 16, 2018 319 views

Is there anyone who likes being a social worker? If so, what about it do you like?

I’m passionate about helping kids overcome obstacles and I’ve had a bit of experience taking care of and being the head organizer of activities for a family whose kids who are pretty messed up because of their parents and who have had a brush with the system. Everyone I’ve talked to who is a...

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Esmeralda M. Sep 01, 2017 445 views

Should I dual major?

I am a social work major and I am indecisive if I should dual major with health management. I want to have a back up plan in case if things don't go as planned in the real world but I don't know if taking more classes to complete the H.M major in the following semesters is a good idea....

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