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Alexandra C. Sep 16 37 views

Is it possible to complete a psychology PhD under a faculty member in a different department?

I'm looking into psychology graduate programs, particularly looking for researchers who study sexuality/relationships. People in this area vary in their actual department - for example, some are in sociology, communications, medicine, social work, etc. which vary pretty drastically from psych...

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Caitlin P. Jul 12, 2018 348 views

What part of your job do you love the most?

I am an incoming freshman (Undeclared) with interests in Civil Engineering, Environmental Policy, Biostatistics, Data Science, Sociology, Public Health, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, Network Administration, and Financial Analyst & Planning. I am exploring different career possibilities...

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Monica A. Jan 16, 2018 276 views

What courses do I exactly need to complete my degree to become a sociologist?

I'm needing to know the answer because I need to plan for my future courses to complete my goal to become a sociologist. #sociology #picking-classes #college...


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Sadrunisa K. Dec 13, 2017 244 views

I currently have my honours degree in Sociology. What additional subjects I should take to pursue juvenile justice?

I currently have my honours degree in Sociology. To be a juvenile justice officer, I do understand that you need a degree in criminology and would like to know what additional subjects I should take to pursue that. I love working with the youth and trying to make a change in society, hence my...

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Cheyenne P. May 17, 2018 237 views

What specific jobs can a degree in sociology be used for?

My major is currently sociology and I absolutely love the subject. However, as I learn more about the major it does not seem to have a very specific job field....


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Kima C. May 17, 2018 234 views

Can i major in more than one thing in college

I want to major in #criminology & #sociology & #physiology & #emt and I want to know how many years estimated will I be in...

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Ivy P. Jan 16, 2018 176 views

What is the average day like for a social researcher or sociologist?

I'm thinking of majoring in sociology in college, but I want to learn more about the field and what the average day in that type of career would be like. #sociology #research #college...


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Pocahontas V. Jan 15, 2018 237 views

What is a Day in the Life like for a social worker?

I am interested in majoring in sociology in college? #sociology...


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Kimetha S. Jan 14, 2018 242 views

What did you do with your Bachelor's degree in social sciences?

I'm a social sciences major who will be graduating in 2019. I'm curious to know how previous graduates have used the knowledge and skills acquired in college. I'm also curious what they opportunities they enjoyed and which were not so satisfying. #social-science #psychology #sociology...

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Tamera P. Mar 27, 2018 285 views

Complimentary major/minor for Sociology major?

I plan to chase after a career in international human rights law, working with NGO's like Amnesty International or the EU court of human rights. With that in mind, I've thought about minors/ double majors in subjects like Spanish or international studies, but am still undecided what subject...

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Kathryn T. Mar 19, 2018 207 views

Is graduate school a necessity now?

I'm finishing up my third year of college, and I'm planning on graduating next year. I'm majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Sociology. I don't know if I should go to graduate school or not? Is it better to have that extra edge when employers are looking at candidates? #publicrelations...

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Riley L. Mar 05, 2018 262 views

How can I pursue a major and academic study that I'm passionate about and be successful?

I currently find myself to be especially interesting in areas of study such as sociology and anthropology, however I worry that majoring in either of those topics would not provide me with a successful future career. So often it seems that the only majors that lead to a successful future is...

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Sabrina K. Feb 09, 2018 204 views

Does knowing psychology or sociology help when teaching?

My goal is to be a teacher but I'm also interested in psychology and sociology and wonder if having a background in those would help me understand my students better. #teaching #psychology-education #sociology...


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Scenarious T. Jan 23, 2018 226 views

What is it like being active in the field of Sociology?

I am a sociology major and love the knowledge that I learn on a daily basis. However, sometimes it is hard to picture myself working in the field. What are some real world applications of this career path? #sociology #career-counseling #career-development #social-work...


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Arianna C. Jan 19, 2018 207 views

Can I actually find the job of my dreams?

I'm really interested in any and all behavioral sciences, like #sociology, particularly #criminal-psychology or #forensic-psychology. I want to study people, how we work, why we do what we do, and everything associated with us. But I don't know if that dream is reachable. It seems so far...

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Michael T. Jan 18, 2018 226 views

Will my dream career (Medical Social Worker) be enough to get me by financially?

Im not doing it for the money, I genuinely want to help others because I car, but will it be enough to get me, and my future family, by? I dont want to live pay check to pay check, but at the same time, i'm not trying to live a fancy, luxurious life. #sociology...


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Nads P. Jan 17, 2018 202 views

How can I guarantee that my passion for social work will help find the right homes for those in need?

I’m a sociology majoring who’s concentrating is focusing on social work because I want to be a social worker. I want to help children and families find the right job and make sure they have a safe place to stay. How is my passion going to guarantee them a home? I want to fight for them, be...

#passion #bravery #children #empowerment #courage #socialwork #sociology

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Hadiyah O. Jan 17, 2018 316 views

How do you get comfortable networking?

I need to get a better job and find my way into a career. I have trouble approaching people and selling myself. #network #job #career #sociology...


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Jennifer S. Jan 16, 2018 249 views

What's a good major to pursue if I want to have a "back up" career?

I want to study psychology, criminology, marketing/accounting, or sociology. Eventually I want to become an FBI Agent. I know there are people who don't stay in the same career all their life or sometimes their careers even fail. What's a good major I can pursue that will guarantee me a job in...

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Kayleen F. Jan 16, 2018 172 views

Sociology Jobs

What jobs can you get with a sociology degree?...


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Jessica J. Dec 26, 2017 503 views

I want to join the BAU that's the only job I'm passionate about. Please help

I really want to get into the BAU and I would take the extra mile to get into it. Ever since I started watching Criminal Minds. I wanted to get a job as a profiler. The only problem is that they take US citizens only. I am an Indian and I know that they don't portray the BAU as the way it is....

#swat #criminal-profiling #psychology-education #behavioral-health #sociology

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Mike S. Jun 01, 2017 1212 views

How should I figure out my major?

I've never known what I wanted to do or pursue career wise. I took psychology and sociology in my first year and a half at college, and I liked them, but I don't know what exactly I want to major in. I wouldn't mind studying more into sociology but I also want a career with a pretty decent...

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Emily D. Oct 20, 2017 604 views