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Career Questions tagged Sociology

Jolee’s Avatar
Jolee Mar 03 63 views

what conflicts should I expect when being a social worker?

Whenever I read articles, and hear things about conflicts that I should expect when I become a social worker, I never get a clear answer or idea of what really occurs within this specific job.

Clover’s Avatar
Clover Dec 13, 2022 185 views

Sociology and Phsicology

I want to find profitable careers in these majors that are not just being a therapist or psychiatrist. I am also wondering if I can have an art career on the side.

Keziah’s Avatar
Keziah Nov 12, 2022 370 views

What jobs or internships should I look for in my last year of my bachelor’s degree in sociology?

I have a little over a year until I get my bachelor’s degree in sociology. I think I will take a year or two off to work then go back to school to get a masters. Until then, what kind of job or internship can I look for that studies social science? I would love to do research that helps impact...

Keziah’s Avatar
Keziah Nov 10, 2022 305 views

What entry-level jobs will lead well into a social science research career?

What entry-level jobs will lead well into social science research jobs? I am finishing up my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and want to know what possible careers I could pursue to do a lot of good in the world. I always say I want to do research to influence public policy but I don't know what...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Nov 02, 2021 445 views

What is sociology like?

I like to help people but I don't want to be a doctor or nurse nor do I trust myself enough. I could help in other ways, I'm not really sure. #sociology #majors #social-worker

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Ari’elle Aug 05, 2021 335 views

How do I figure out which career to choose?

I really enjoy psychology, criminology, and sociology but I'm having a hard time choosing which one I should pursue. #psychology #sociology #criminology

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jun 29, 2021 1092 views

Is a sociology degree helpful for public relations?

Hi, My name is Alyssa. I am a 25-year-old student who is almost ready to transfer to a #communication university to finish my bachelor's. I currently will hold 2 AAs in communication studies and sociology. My goal is to work with the public ultimately. I want to help with charitable campaigns,...

Brody’s Avatar
Brody Jun 08, 2021 455 views

How Should I narrow down what major I would like to go into when I am not sure what to choose.

I am very interested in psychology and communications. I am good with people and do well in sciences classes so I considered being a nurse. I have always been interested in being a detective or analyst, I am just not sure what jobs I would be able to get if I went into Criminal Justice and...

Emel’s Avatar
Emel Mar 02, 2021 544 views

What do you know about the dynamical systems theory?

It seems interesting and I want to study a sociology or astronomy application of it.
#mathematics #sociology #astronomy #astrophysics #cosmology

Mariela’s Avatar
Mariela Nov 10, 2020 458 views

What are the steps into becoming a High School Counselor?

Hello! My name is Mariela and I am currently a second year in college. My declared major as of now Criminology, Law and Society, but I'm planning to transfer under a Sociology major. Before I didn't know what exactly to do with a Sociology degree, and I know I want to do something with kids. I...

Karoline’s Avatar
Karoline Aug 26, 2020 396 views

How much time do students spend studying per week in college?

#psychology #sociology

Sylvia’s Avatar
Sylvia Jul 30, 2020 546 views

What career paths could a major in sociology lead to, and what training do those jobs require?

#JULY20 #sociology #career #college-major #career-choice #careers

Imane’s Avatar
Imane Apr 27, 2020 365 views

How can a college student interested in creative writing/ social justice get some internships/ what are potential internship possibilities?

Hello, I’m a rising sophomore at Lafayette College in Easton Pennsylvania. My majors include Sociology & Women and Gender Sexuality Studies. I am interested in creative writing specifically poetry and social justice. Although I’m not sure how to combine the two or to build my resume in...

Amaya’s Avatar
Amaya Apr 18, 2020 859 views

Should I change my major from sociology to political science?

I chose sociology because I have an interest in learning about people and the problems we face in the world. I don’t know what I want to pursue career wise but I do know that I want to be able to change lives for the better. I recently have taken a liking to political science and I think it’s...

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Apr 14, 2020 459 views

I am extremely interested in Criminal Justice and Sociology, but I don't know if I should double major, or if I should get a master's in one area. What's the most logical and cost effective thing to do?

I have a real passion for sociology and criminal justice. I'm not too sure what I want to do career-wise , but I do know that I want to be involved in helping people (especially children) of racial minorities break free from systemic racism. I am extremely passionate about social change and...

Amaya’s Avatar
Amaya Apr 14, 2020 474 views

How do I get more information about where to acquire political experience.

I’m a college freshmen sociology major that goes to a hbcu and I just recently became fond of political science and government. I would love to acquire more knowledge about the major and where I should start to gain experience in that field. #college-major #political-science #sociology #hbcu

Dejanira’s Avatar
Dejanira Apr 10, 2020 490 views

I am taking sociology in college, what are the different jobs that are available in that field?

I initially wanted to take integrated medicine but they will not transfer my credits from a previous college. So I am attending GCU of which transferred 44 credits. #Sociology is the closest thing at that college that will enable me to help people in a better way.

Kakwi’s Avatar
Kakwi Apr 07, 2020 1107 views

What is the highest paid job ?

A forward thinker who is open to learn and acquire new idea.

#business #any #human-resources #economics #entrepreneur #business-development #business-management #anthropology #sociology #socialthinker #job-search #marketing #money

Keyla’s Avatar
Keyla Feb 14, 2020 438 views

What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field of construction?

#construction #career #sociology

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Sep 16, 2019 591 views

Is it possible to complete a psychology PhD under a faculty member in a different department?

I'm looking into psychology graduate programs, particularly looking for researchers who study sexuality/relationships. People in this area vary in their actual department - for example, some are in sociology, communications, medicine, social work, etc. which vary pretty drastically from psych...

K’s Avatar
K Aug 20, 2019 393 views

What steps should I take if I want to be a criminal intelligence analyst?

I am currently a sophomore in university pursuing a sociology major.
#sociology #criminal-intelligence-analyst #career

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Kate Aug 13, 2019 1134 views

Similarities between sociology and psychology

#psychology #sociology

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Angel May 02, 2019 586 views

Do sociology and classics majors get good jobs with high salaries?

#sociology #vlassic #classics #greek #rome #college #careers #advice #college-major #college #internationalstudent #majors #minors

Angel’s Avatar
Angel May 01, 2019 540 views

Is double majoring in sociology and classics a good idea or will the work load be tough? And will I have a boost when it comes to job? Will the Latin and Greek in classics be hard? And will a double major be expensive for an international student? What are my job options?

#college #college-major #college-minir #advice #sociology #classics #liberalarts #job #collegemajor #internationalstudents

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Claudia Mar 21, 2019 419 views

What are job opportunities for Sociology?

#sociology #socialwork

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Mary Oct 30, 2018 490 views

Would it be better to have a sociology major with a minor in human services or to have a double major both with them both?

I am planning on becoming a social worker in the future!
#college-major #sociology #socialwork

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jul 12, 2018 2079 views

What part of your job do you love the most?

I am an incoming freshman (Undeclared) with interests in Civil Engineering, Environmental Policy, Biostatistics, Data Science, Sociology, Public Health, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, Network Administration, and Financial Analyst & Planning. I am exploring different career possibilities...

Cheyenne’s Avatar
Cheyenne May 17, 2018 572 views

What specific jobs can a degree in sociology be used for?

My major is currently sociology and I absolutely love the subject. However, as I learn more about the major it does not seem to have a very specific job field. #sociology

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Kima May 17, 2018 580 views

Can i major in more than one thing in college

I want to major in #criminology & #sociology & #physiology & #emt and I want to know how many years estimated will I be in college

Tamera’s Avatar
Tamera Mar 27, 2018 748 views

Complimentary major/minor for Sociology major?

I plan to chase after a career in international human rights law, working with NGO's like Amnesty International or the EU court of human rights. With that in mind, I've thought about minors/ double majors in subjects like Spanish or international studies, but am still undecided what subject...