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Career Questions tagged Social Science

Keziah’s Avatar
Keziah Nov 12, 2022 364 views

What jobs or internships should I look for in my last year of my bachelor’s degree in sociology?

I have a little over a year until I get my bachelor’s degree in sociology. I think I will take a year or two off to work then go back to school to get a masters. Until then, what kind of job or internship can I look for that studies social science? I would love to do research that helps impact...

Gargi’s Avatar
Gargi Mar 25, 2021 248 views

I wish to do a ba llb(5years) . I need ba in criminology .Is that possible?? Can we choose in which subject we need ba??

Now i m going to finish my highersecondary education in social science(humanities) #social-science

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 20, 2018 604 views

Is anthropology a good major?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

David’s Avatar
David Jan 23, 2018 789 views

Is it best to chase after your dream or financial stability?

Everyone has that one thing they love to do, but know they probably won't make a lot of money from it though. Is it best to put stability over fun and passion? #philosophy #social-science-phd #social-science #social-sciences #career-counseling #career-choice #finance #business-finance...

Kimetha’s Avatar
Kimetha Jan 14, 2018 596 views

What did you do with your Bachelor's degree in social sciences?

I'm a social sciences major who will be graduating in 2019. I'm curious to know how previous graduates have used the knowledge and skills acquired in college. I'm also curious what they opportunities they enjoyed and which were not so satisfying. #social-science #psychology #sociology...

Mounia’s Avatar
Mounia Feb 08, 2017 824 views

What is the best path to become a counselor if I am obtaining my Bachelor of Social Science?

I am currently in school to obtain my Bachelor of Social Science. I am wondering if it is possible to become a Licensed Professional Counselor with a degree that isn't in Psychology or Sociology or should I consider changing my degree? #psychology #career-counseling #career-path #counseling...

brenda’s Avatar
brenda May 26, 2016 609 views

What school has the best social sciences programs?

I am interested in studying social sciences and doing that as a career. #college #college-selection #admissions #social-science

m’s Avatar
m May 13, 2016 980 views

I am weak in social subjects. How can i understand it better in an easy way?

I want to study about social studies, but i can't understand. #education #social #humanities #social-science

Lindsey’s Avatar
Lindsey May 13, 2016 1029 views

What jobs can I get with an International Affairs BA?

I know the 'big' job is diplomat/ambassador, but that's hard to get, so what else is there? #international #international-affairs #international-relations #social-sciences #social-science

Yaminah’s Avatar
Yaminah Feb 18, 2015 1885 views

Besides a psychologist, what other career options are there for someone interested in social sciences like psychology, anthropology, sociology, etc.?

I'm a junior who's leaning towards going to college to major in a social science like psychology. However, I don't know what other career options there are for those interested in those types of sciences. #psychology #careers #sociology #anthropology #social-science

Ricardy’s Avatar
Ricardy Apr 07, 2014 793 views

What qualifications does a diplomat need?

I know that diplomats get to travel a lot because they often need to discuss things with other countries. #social-science