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I am weak in social subjects. How can i understand it better in an easy way?

I want to study about social studies, but i can't understand. #education #social #humanities #social-science

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M. Lavern’s Answer

The key to studying any subject is to starts with creating an outline of what you what to learn .
For example : An outline has a heading and at least five sub headings.
For example: we are studying ; US History-US History is your main heading written on one line. The second line is indented and starts with the letter A. for your first sub headings. We are studying about the 13 colonies . A heading should be 13 colonies. B. Geography. and so on. Read the paragraph page and decided what you what to highlight. Ask yourself the following questions for each paragraph you read. Who are we talking about or what subject_ Us History, What is the most important point about the paragraph I am reading. The 13 colonies. When did it happen ? Where did it and why did happen? Always remember the who, what, when and where went creating an outline. Review aloud and if you remember the answer to these questions about the subject move on to add more onto the outline study. Keep a written study outline guide notes in order that you are assigned with dates so you can study for your final test at the end of the year.