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Marylou Devery

Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Lafayette, Indiana
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Amanda Aug 05, 2021 696 views

How can I advance my career in higher education?

#education #teaching #career-choice

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shaymaa Jul 28, 2021 772 views

what is your setting goal?

I'm 18 and a college student I want to be a pharmacist and graduate with a bachelors degree. I am very sensitive at times but will do my best to go very far in life. #college #financial-planning #education #college-admissions #pharmacy

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Rael Aug 06, 2021 440 views

How can I find out what I want to do with my life?

I wanna help people. I like being outdoors and moving around. #career

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Danica Aug 06, 2021 503 views

Any tips on staying motivated in times of giving up?

I would like to become a family and marriage counselor, but the years of schooling( 7-9 yrs) required is very demotivating. Any tips on staying motivated in times of giving up? #mentalchallenge #imtired #psychology

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Victoria Apr 13, 2016 2227 views

What are the struggles and challenges of being an elementary school teacher?

I am a sophomore at Boston Collegiate Charter School, and I am considering becoming a teacher. I know it might be hard, and I was wondering what are the biggest struggles that I will face. #teacher #education #children #elementary

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m May 13, 2016 1209 views

I am weak in social subjects. How can i understand it better in an easy way?

I want to study about social studies, but i can't understand. #education #social #humanities #social-science

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Kaiya May 21, 2021 606 views

what is the hardest part about early childhood learning?

#childhood=learning #education

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MaraCodman1 Sep 07, 2012 10878 views

What types of classes can you take for forensic science?

i am a sophomore in high school, and when I graduate I want to work in forensic field. #law #education #college-majors

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Nadia Oct 19, 2020 400 views

What methods to help kids work best and most od the time?


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Amareyon Aug 01, 2021 452 views

How to get better recognition for public influencer

I would like to help kids in the city of Detroit with things like education, sports and support on anything they need #community# #education #teaching #sports