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Connor M.’s Avatar
Connor M. 10 hours ago 11 views

What can I be doing at 16 to better myself for college or a career?

I am only 16 years old, but I am 2 years off of college and want to start bettering myself so I am not lost when the time comes....


Hakim B.’s Avatar
Hakim B. 8 hours ago 25 views

What are some good websites to advance/strengthen your coding skills.

17 year old junior applying to colleges this year #college #engineering...


Tatiana M.’s Avatar
Tatiana M. 2 days ago 20 views

Is studying abroad is good choice for just anyone?

Hello, i'm a junior and I am not sure where I want to go after HS. I am still debating if college should be an option or not, and I would love to travel, see the world, make a difference. Thank you. #travel #business #art #entrepreneurship...


Jerry O.’s Avatar
Jerry O. 2 days ago 16 views

How can I prepare myself to get sports jobs?

I´m Jerry and I want to do something with sports when I get older. #determined...


Sebastian F.’s Avatar
Sebastian F. 2 days ago 34 views

What Majors should I consider when trying to become an Electrical engineer.

I'm a junior starting to think about my future and what colleges I will apply to and don't actually know the exact steps to take to get where I want to be. So to clear that up a bit I want to know some recommendations for majors for this career path. #electrical-engineer #electrical...

#engineer #career-path

lily L.’s Avatar
lily L. yesterday 17 views

when majoring in business, what are some things that I need to focus on in that major?

business is one of the subjects I want to major, but I don't know what to focus on for that major #major...


Lizbeth M.’s Avatar
Lizbeth M. 2 days ago 47 views

What are your insights on a good business major a student should go for?

Hello! I am currently a junior in high school and I do have a huge interest in the business field but I don't know what to major in. I have been gaining a lot of interest in business administration, finance, and marketing but I really needed some insight from anyone who have studied in the...

#finance #business #majors #marketing

Brisa L.’s Avatar
Brisa L. 2 days ago 35 views

What’s it like owning a business?

I like the idea of fashion and working with hair and nails. I’m just a laid back person and I like to work with things I’m passionate about....


Katarina P.’s Avatar
Katarina P. 9 hours ago 12 views

Is a job in the government easier to achieve then a job in medicine such as nursing.

I´m not sure what career I want to do yet, but I am interested in these but I just don´t know how I would get there. #jobs #government #advocacy #medicine #nurse...


Jerry O.’s Avatar
Jerry O. 2 days ago 12 views
lily L.’s Avatar
lily L. yesterday 13 views

What are some colleges that is good for anyone who wants to major in psychology?

I am a sophomore in high-school that wants to major in psychology, but I don't know what college to go to for that major. #major...


hannah A.’s Avatar
hannah A. 6 hours ago 9 views

good schools for psychology

I am interested in staying in state for school so wondering what schools are good for a psychology field #school...


Chloe L.’s Avatar
Chloe L. yesterday 19 views

What are some good tips for choosing colleges?

I am a sophomore in high school thinking about college. I don't know what I want to major in yet #college...


Daury T.’s Avatar
Daury T. 10 hours ago 8 views

What do you do when you run out of ideas for a design?

I am passionate in graphic design mostly because I think I can better myself in art and I enjoy making designs when I have the time....


Nolan M.’s Avatar
Nolan M. 2 days ago 18 views

What are the best AP courses to take in high school?

I am only in the 10th grade, but I can take AP classes next year. I just want to know the best, and worst, AP courses. #ap...


Kristina G.’s Avatar
Kristina G. yesterday 12 views

What career paths can you take when majoring in psychology?

Hi, i'm a sophomore in high-school and am thinking about majoring in psychology in college! What can I do with a major in psychology? What are the pros and cons to majoring in psychology? #psychology #major...


Brianna G.’s Avatar
Brianna G. 9 hours ago 7 views

Is it better to have one major and two minors or two majors and one minor?

I am a bit unsure on exactly what I want to have as a career so i assume having more options (2 majors) is better than having one. Yet, I can assume that having two majors could be a bit more stressful than having one so I would also have to put that into consideration. #majors #double-major...


Katherine D.’s Avatar
Katherine D. yesterday 12 views

What does it take to have a career in psychology?

I am a Junior in high school and am passionate about working with psychology and helping people. I would love to learn about how much energy it takes to follow through with this type of career. Thanks! #careers #psychology...


lily L.’s Avatar
lily L. yesterday 14 views

will there be internships in colleges?

I will start going to internships in junior year of high school, but I'm curious if there will be any more internships in college....


Connor M.’s Avatar
Connor M. 10 hours ago 13 views

How would you go about finding a career in science after college?

I am getting close to college, and I am not sure what degrees you even need in a certain field to find a career in the sciences....


Yazlynn W.’s Avatar
Yazlynn W. 2 days ago 12 views

How do you become known to the modeling industry if you don't have that big of a platform, things like Instagram .

My name is Yazlynn. I am a 15 year old school girl that enjoys both sports and modeling. When I was younger, a family friend of mine had her own modeling business I joined. We went to small shows almost every weekend and kept up with a specific diet. I loved it because I see myself as a very...

#lesson-planning #business #fashion #arts

Christian E.’s Avatar
Christian E. yesterday 21 views

what kind type of jobs should i look forward to when looking at business and sports industry

i am a junior in high school and am very passionate in sports. am looking for a career around this field. #careers #high-school...


Jileddys B.’s Avatar
Jileddys B. 6 hours ago 12 views

im not sure what career path to go on anymore

i know i'm interested in helping children and maybe running a business or managing one, im just not sure where i would start off or what i would do ? #curious #managing #business #child #social-worker #confused #jobs #education...


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