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Boston, Massachusetts

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Marcos’s Avatar
Marcos Apr 10, 2014 1619 views

Is being a therapist a steady job?

What happens if no one is having problems? Or not enough people at least? #psychology #therapy

Jileddys’s Avatar
Jileddys Feb 26, 2021 364 views

what are the negative and positives of social worker ?

i would like to work with children, i'm just not sure if this is the career path i want to go to without all the information i need to know #career-paths #career-path #social-work #counseling #education #children #child #baby

Humberto’s Avatar
Humberto Jul 11 141 views

Is getting MBA post-grad worth it? Bentley University

I am currently a consulting intern at a Big 4 company and was wondering if getting my MBA degree soon after my Bachelors degree is worth it? I have spoken with so many successful professionals in the firm without one and do not see the ROI being so high. I am currently on an accelerated MBA at...

Maeve’s Avatar
Maeve Dec 03, 2014 2868 views

What are possible careers in public relations and communications?

I am an 11th grader interested in public relations. I like organizing and managing events, and fundraising. The job I am most familiar with in this field is event planning. I think I would be very good at it and I think I would enjoy it too because I like working with people and being able to...

Lanzheng’s Avatar
Lanzheng May 01, 2020 428 views

Where can I find energy related internship?

New graduated Master's student studying energy market, energy efficiency, and data analysis. Where can I find an internship related to what I studied? #internship #summer-jobs #Energy #Renewable Energy #Analyst

Shatasia’s Avatar
Shatasia Oct 08, 2012 2055 views

Do you ever feel like it gets gross when being a nurse?

I dont like germs but, nurses interest me. I want to know if you ignore the germs when being a nurse. Please help! #nurse

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Dec 27, 2017 957 views

What software do market analysts use?

Hi everyone, I want to invest my winter break into learning a new skill. What softwares do market research analysts use? I know they would use some VBAs and will vary depending on the firm and market they are in, but what would you recommend me to learn over the next three weeks? What online...

Mekhi’s Avatar
Mekhi Dec 04, 2014 2838 views

What are some of the major topics covered during an average economics course in college?

I am asking this question because I have an interest in business/economics and wanted to know more about what was covered in a economics class. #money #money-management #bussiness #stock-market #macro-economics

Rianne’s Avatar
Rianne Apr 08, 2014 909 views

What are some high school courses required for someone majoring in Art&Humanities and Psychology?

I am a junior in high school and I am very interested in what kind of classes are needed for my passion #college #art #school #therapy #humanities

Christell’s Avatar
Christell Feb 26, 2021 222 views

is cosmetology wider than skin and hair ?

#hair-stylist #cosmetology #cosmetics

Racheal’s Avatar
Racheal Mar 18, 2018 485 views

Is a career in meteorology worth it?

#meteorology #career-counseling #post-college

Mike Henderson’s Avatar
Mike Feb 29, 2012 3744 views

How do you manage getting your work done in a short amount of time?

Answers would help i don't have a enough time to finish and I'm a slow typer why cant we work on paper. #college #management #work

RJ’s Avatar
RJ Dec 04, 2014 1198 views

What type of work goes on behind the scenes of a broadcast?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School interested in broadcast journalism and sports writing, and was curious to know what goes on behind the scenes at a studio #journalism #director #producer #sports-journalism #broadcaster

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Feb 25, 2021 309 views

How do I know if a career is meant for me?

Im very independent but can work in groups. I like to help people but don't like sitting at a desk all day. #career #career-choice #career-counseling #career-path #career-options

Paige’s Avatar
Paige Apr 08, 2014 34854 views

How many years and what classes do i have to take to be a successful neuroscientist ?

I'm a junior in high school and i'm really interested in neuroscience , but i don't know what i'd actually have to study and how long it would take to finish school or how many degrees i need #neuroscience #neurology #neurosurgeon

Denzel’s Avatar
Denzel Apr 04, 2018 694 views

What are the best places to put my coding skills to good use?

As a programmer, I want to put some of my skills to use, such as possibly working for different companies and labs. What are good places to apply at?

#technology #jobs #summer-jobs #coding #programming

SarahMiller ’s Avatar
SarahMiller Nov 09, 2011 3285 views

What is it like to be a politician?

I really like talking to people. My mom has told me that I should come a politician. But, I don't know what politicians do. Do politicians get to talk a lot? What is it like to be a politician? I now realize this is perhaps too general of a question, so perhaps what I want to ask is 1) In the...

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Jul 01 164 views

Internships for High Schoolers in Boston area?

What are some good business related internships or work opportunities for high schoolers in the Boston area?

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Jun 22 177 views

What databases provide the best up-to-date salary information about Big 4 and banking salaries?

What databases provide the best up-to-date salary information about Big 4 and banking salaries? Glassdoor is often from 2+ years ago.

Diara’s Avatar
Diara May 18, 2016 630 views

How to find enough scholarships to cover tuition?

I'd love to find scholarships #money #scholarships #tuition #college #college-admissions

Garrett’s Avatar
Garrett Mar 29, 2020 777 views

When you were a kid what did you want to be when you became an adult?

what did u want to be when you grow up ??? #any #degree #educator #criminal-justice #college

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jul 25, 2018 439 views

What is the easiest way to alleviate student loans?

I am wondering what tips would be useful to know before I enter collage so I can pay off the loan before interest starts building. #financial-planning #loans #finance #student-loans

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Jan 17, 2018 1172 views

How do I grow my self confidence in order to talk to new people?

College is all about starting a new chapter in your life. You may go off to a different state or even internationally in order to get your education. Inevitably, this means leaving behind old friends in high school. As a shy person I was wondering how one may go about building up some self...

Trang’s Avatar
Trang Aug 23 106 views

Is kennel attendant related to Biology Major?


I graduated within Biology major and now im looking for job that related to my major. I wonder if Kennel Attendant is related to Biology major if I want to pursue high education in Master's or Veteranian school?

Sherrece’s Avatar
Sherrece Apr 08, 2014 999 views

What does it take to be a massage therapist?

I'm looking to become a masseuse. #physical-therapist

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Feb 10, 2014 48267 views

What programming language should I try to learn first?

I am just learning to program in high school, but I am already learning HTML and CSS and Javascript. What should my next programming language be? I am going to go to college and I would like to start learning my next language now so I can be ahead of things for college. I know that "it...

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Feb 24, 2021 544 views

Is a MacBook Pro a good computer for graphic design?

I'm a 17 year old student looking to buy a new computer to pursue fashion and graphic design, I currently use adobe photoshop and illustrator and I would want something that would hopefully last till the end of college.

#graphic-design #logo-design

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Aug 27, 2018 1130 views

What is one invaluable lesson you learned at a job or internship?

job #first-job #job #summer-jobs #college-jobs #jobs #internships

Mike Henderson’s Avatar
Mike Apr 27, 2012 1598 views

What is the amount that you should expect to receive if your business is doing well?

Answers are appreciated

*[Admin note: The body of this question does not contain sufficient context for the question. If you add some more context for this question, it may be easier for the professionals to answer! For example: what type of business are you talking about?]* #entrepreneurship

Mariana’s Avatar
Mariana Apr 08, 2014 998 views

What are other careers that incorporate creativity?

I'm high school junior and I enjoy using my creativity, but I'm not sure exactly how this skill can be molded into a career. #career #creative

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