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Jessica B. Jan 22, 2018 445 views

How difficult will it be for me to get into blood spatter analysis?

I am currently working on my bachelors in criminal justice with a concentration in crime scene investigation. If I graduate with just this how difficult will it be to go into the field of blood spatter analysis later on? Should I work on getting anything else regarding just the education...

#crime-scene-investigation #criminal-justice #forensics #blood-spatter-analyst

Alsaondor S.’s Avatar
Alsaondor S. Oct 06 21 views
Danny L.’s Avatar
Danny L. Dec 27, 2017 525 views

What software do market analysts use?

Hi everyone, I want to invest my winter break into learning a new skill. What softwares do market research analysts use? I know they would use some VBAs and will vary depending on the firm and market they are in, but what would you recommend me to learn over the next three weeks? What online...

#data-analysis #software #e-learning #computer-software #research #marketing #vba #statistics #market-research #analytics #databases #business-analysis

Tyler L.’s Avatar
Tyler L. Apr 08, 2014 4301 views

What is the best part of being a psychologist?

I want to know why people are psychologists. #psychology...


Emily S.’s Avatar
Emily S. Mar 13, 2018 182 views

What are the differences between education at a public university and a private university, if any?

Many teens struggle to decide between attending a public or a private university. Should one be valued more than the other? If so, why? Personally, I believe it depends on the major one is pursuing. #public #private #university #cost #value...


Emmanuel D.’s Avatar
Emmanuel D. Apr 04, 2018 156 views
Ahlyia L.’s Avatar
Ahlyia L. Aug 27, 2018 528 views

What are ways to increase your changes of being accepted to four year colleges, despite being from a low income area?

Another question I have is how can I stand out to colleges while being from a low income area that, to me, seems to limit my opportunities? I have had personal experiences losing great opportunities due to where I am from. #college #high-school #low-income-area #workforce #steam #stem #science...

#technology #engineering #forensics #astrophysics #space #space-exploration #career #astronomy #planetary-science #advice #medicine #pharmaceuticals #math

Laurel P.’s Avatar
Laurel P. May 23, 2016 707 views

With seemingly a decreasing number of women in the IT Field, besides a related degree, do you recommend a specific minor and/or specialized certifications/qualifications to ensure that I will stand out among other graduates entering the work force?

I will be a female college freshman in the fall. I am majoring in computer information systems and love the ability to organize by creating and using software applications/databases. I also hope to have a lucrative career with flexible hours so that I will have an opportunity to be a great...

#portfolio-management #women #software #director #business #pmo #databases

Leonardo O.’s Avatar
Leonardo O. Jan 23, 2018 261 views

If I'm going into a major that I don't know that I really like, what should I do?

I put the major I would want on my application as Physics but I don't think it'll be the right major for me but I don't know what major is the right one for me. #choosing-major #college-major...


Jackson T.’s Avatar
Jackson T. Feb 14, 2014 5486 views

What are some careers if I'm interested in medicine and technology?

I'm interested in medicine because I want to be able to help people, but I also think technology (like computers) is really fun. I'm wondering what careers use both, so that I can combine these interests. #medicine #computer #healthcare #technology...


Mekhi E.’s Avatar
Mekhi E. Dec 04, 2014 901 views

What majors should someone interested business analysts look into?

I was wondering what kind of courses should someone interested in business analysts take. #business #money #mathematics #money-management...


Evelynn O.’s Avatar
Evelynn O. Aug 29, 2018 144 views

What's the difference between Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Biomechanical Engineering?

I am currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering, however I see these other terms thrown around all the time. I'd like to know if there is a difference or if these terms are simply synonyms. Thanks! #general #anyone #professors #health...


Indra K.’s Avatar
Indra K. Oct 04, 2013 5453 views

How do I know if I have what it takes to be a programmer?

I think maybe I want to be a computer programmer, and make websites. How do I know if I have what it takes to be successful? I really want to know the truth. For example do I need a certain amount of grades? Or is there something I can do to figure out if I am not good enough? Sometimes people...

#technology #job-requirements #programming

Tyler W.’s Avatar
Tyler W. Jan 16, 2018 253 views
Anthony T.’s Avatar
Anthony T. Oct 01, 2013 104027 views

What's the difference between a computer programmer and a software engineer?

Some people say I should be a programmer, but I can't figure out the difference from a software engineer. Please help. #engineer #computer #software...


Jennifer P.’s Avatar
Jennifer P. Apr 08, 2014 1496 views

what are some jobs that computer programmers get offered? how much do they get payed? Is it true that they get a lot of money?

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I was wondering much do computer programmers get make a year. Is this a carrier that as soon as i get out of college i can gets job opportunity that help play off college quickly. #computer #computer-programming #computer-engineer...


Jamir B.’s Avatar
Jamir B. Aug 15 55 views

How do i become a proffesional speaker?


Emmett W.’s Avatar
Emmett W. Dec 22, 2014 1810 views

What is the best path to follow to become a film director?

I am interested in directing movies. I was wondering what the best path to follow was to become a film Director. Is it to go to film school or to begin working in the industry as a screen writer or another job in the film industry? #film...


Jamir B.’s Avatar
Jamir B. Aug 15 27 views

Can we choose to resign from Job Corps?


Jamir B.’s Avatar
Jamir B. Aug 15 18 views
kevin M.’s Avatar
kevin M. Apr 06, 2016 467 views

How does a venture capitalist company originate? Is a large amount of money required to begin a venture capitalist company?

My name is Kevin and I am a sophomore in Boston. I have interest in this profession and I am curious about how to get involved. #investing...


Nimish G.’s Avatar
Nimish G. Jan 20, 2018 189 views

Exciting, High Paying Jobs

Which jobs can be exciting, which really require you to be exposed to new situations and use critical thinking skills? But be high paying as well? #money #high-paying...


Shelyiah P.’s Avatar
Shelyiah P. Apr 08, 2014 860 views

Does sports management make any money?

I'm asking because I'm interested and I don't want to go into a career and have no money. #sports-agent...


Terryn B.’s Avatar
Terryn B. Jan 17, 2018 237 views

How difficult is it to transition from Android to Apple application development?

I have developed several Android and Amazon applications but am interested in releasing on the Apple Store as well. #android #apply #technology #programming #swift...


Khailea F.’s Avatar
Khailea F. Jul 16 67 views

Are there opportunities for a 16 year in the police field like internships or jobs

#internship #police #law-enforcement even something as simple as like maybe organizing papers or helping plan any events the police...

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